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This is what confuses me about chord is the inconsistency.  I love my hugo and the daveis awesome.  It doesnt seem like the cheaper models have the same sonic signature?  
Ever Damage A Stylus Using Cleaning Brush?
From: Andy@ Needle Clinic <needleclinic@gmail.com> He has saved many of us who's stylus is not removeable.  Good pricing, great communications and the fastest turnaround anywhere.  
Favorite religious song
Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen  
Woofer pulsating with no volume , Oscillation issue?
Have you tried switching speakers?  Could be a bad wire from shipping.  
Best Way to Split Amplifier Output Frequencies to Main Speakers and Subwoofer
Yes, but the REL doesn't have a crossover to keep bass from the mains.  Keeping the amp from having to replicate low bass may help with headroom???  
Best Way to Split Amplifier Output Frequencies to Main Speakers and Subwoofer
Is your sub powered?  Many subs have a crossover built in.  It might be cheaper for you to buy a new sub.  Part-express sells subwoofer crossover in a variety of price ranges.  
usb, spdif, or usb to spdif converter
I've got a music fidelity sitting here doing nothing if you want a fabulous deal on a USB SPDIF converter.  This is the 24/96 version.  
Tube integrated and DAC for office system
John, I've been using a 60 year old Masterwork (by Pilot) integrated with a Chord Hugo and Merrill Zigmahornets for many years.  Smaller output tubes like EL84s seem to hit the sweet spot for me.  You could consider Pilot, Scott, Heath or more.  T... 
Question on Denon DL-103 retipping options and preferences
I was scared to death about sending my Clearaudio to Andy.  After his amazing service, I would send him another without hesitation.  Andy likes to discuss what he is doing and won't just take your money unless he is sure he will help.  I did upgra... 
What audio expos are worth going to?
The Capital Audiofest is still on for 2021!With all of the moving parts in our industry, CAF is still moving forward and will continue to keep you up to date!COVID-19 Update: The State of Maryland is fully open but requires that ALL participants... 
Good Audio Shops!
Saturday Audio in Chicago.Echo hifi in Portland 
An ideal (minimal) 2.1 setup
What amp/processor?  Or, are you just using the digital out from the tv?  Also, with only 2 channel it will make a difference regarding speaker placement.  You need the speakers tighter to the screen for movies but probably pulled out into the roo... 
Listen room Insulation only
Don't use fiberglass.  Roxul is awesome stuff.  I totally agree with artemus and cover the walls with Tyvek.  Not only will it stop fibres, it will keep everything cleaner and look finished.  You do realize the sound will really bleed outside...? 
Help with multi-room streaming with Bluesound
I think Guy has the impedance backwards.  You will be halving the impedance and can cook your amp.  It all depends on  parallel vs series.I currently have a Node 2i into an amp.  The outputs of the amp go to a Niles impedance matching unit which a... 
How to make an older stereo receiver bluetooth compatible?
Audioengine makes some really nice little units.  The quality is decent.  I've got a spare if interested.  I moved up and got a bluesound node.  The audioengine is so simple to find from your phone and a basic cable connects it to your receiver.