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the nordost blue heaven power cord
It made a difference in my system.  I have heard a lot of a/b comparisons and for the money the Blue Heaven is well worth it. 
Netflix audio quality playback does not compare to DVD or Blu-ray disks!
As a treat VUDU is amazing quality and you just pay as you use. 
Magnavox PP EL84 Amp question
Why screw them in?  I use isoblocks all the time.  They never move.  Enjoy the amp-amazing, smooth sound that will last decades more. 
Speakers for restaurant
EV 40 are great.  They are internally fused to keep people from blowing them.  Personally, I hate hot spots for sound.  Anyone sitting under the single large Mackie or JBL will go deaf while others barely hear them.  I like to put them all around.... 
Help finding me an amp for my Revel Ultima Salon 2s
I love Class A amps.  Sounds like you do as well.  However, they are not my amp of choice for the Revels.  You need BIG power.  Try something with at least 200 wpc, personally I would either double that or biamp.  Bryston??? 
Advice on compensating for hearing loss
My 84 year old dad said headphones make it much clearer.  However, he hates wearing them.  He just blasts the Zvox sound base.Have you tried the mono switch on your arcam?  That should help until you find a  matching center. 
Tidal, Deezer
to answer some of the questions:Metadata-who cares.  I'm listening, not lookingWhy download/offline-I travel a heck of a lot.  Can't get data at 30k feet or when driving in the back country.  Also, my turntable doesn't work in my car.Quality-it's ... 
Anyone listening to the multichannel SACD’s ?
I was listening to Norah Jones then Steely Dan while packing up my table to send in for upgrades.  Multi channel quality is amazing.  Some of the mixes can be really annoying when they move things too much.Tubular Bells to me is the reference stan... 
Have you tried using the volume on the Dave and skipping the pre?  It's an amazing piece of equipment and should do well. 
Asking for help - Please! How to play CD's in car with no CD player!
Most cars with thumbs drives can be really difficult.  For some reason car audio is not up to the task.  I would suggest trying it.MP3's take up very little room.  I would think that if you use even media player you could fit a ton of music into 8... 
300b tubes burn in time?
Maybe it wasn't your output tubes that needed replaced?  Have you checked the gain or other tubes?  A worn out 12 series will make the 300b sound flat.  These shouldn't need burn in at all.Also, have you checked your bias? 
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
Chord Hugo.  Absolutely nothing in common with the Mojo sonically. 
odyssey kismet monpblock
You need to listen before buying.  Well built, distinctive sound, good factory service.  To me, completely opposite sound from my Mac amp, much brighter sound. 
Am I deaf?
You aren't deaf.  I have a Hugo and love it much more than the DAC in my Oppo.  However, I've heard the 2Qute and Mojo and don't necessarily care for their sound.  It is much different than the Hugo.  The 105 does have a pretty good DAC.  My Hugo ... 
So now that Tidal MQA can be decoded on my Android....
My OTG goes from my phone to my DAC.  Works fine