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Turntable Isolation
Knownothing, I haven't played with the Mapleshade system.  I'm sure it's in the same price realm as a Townsend but a lot bulkier and way flashier looking.  Those cork & rubber blocks are ok but most of mine sit unused. Mijostyn-Hanging a tabl... 
Feedback Issue
Try moving the table?  I would probably lift the ground (3 prong to 2 prong adaptor).  Tables pick up hum so easily.    
Turntable Isolation
Travisg, You will enjoy the Townsend.  I have a bunch of those cork/rubber blocks.  They are OK...but in a different league.  And I also have the maglev platter on my table and it's all on a Salamander rack.  A bit of overkill. Happy Listening  
Limiting a full range driver
I have been running full range for many years.  Don't limit the lower crossover at all.  You will get a much better blend and it will be more seamless running full range.  That is the idea of a single driver??? The sub can compliment the system a... 
Turntable Isolation
I have a Townsend under my Sota and nothing can make it skip.  Expensive solution though.  
Question about setting up multi-zone with traditional amps
Having owned clubs, you want to go MONO.  No one is ever in the sweet spot so it always sounds off balance or muddy. Also, you are best off with a lot of smaller speakers.  If you went with just a couple of large speakers some people will get blow... 
Klipsch Cornwall IVs KC62 and yamaha AS2200 setup questions
1-Why cross over at all?  The Cornwalls are known for great bass.  Go full range to the speakers.  Run from the Yamaha direct to the speakers. 2-Try without the sub and see if you are happy.  I would be. 3-Pre-out on the amp should control sub v... 
This is what confuses me about chord is the inconsistency.  I love my hugo and the daveis awesome.  It doesnt seem like the cheaper models have the same sonic signature?  
Ever Damage A Stylus Using Cleaning Brush?
From: Andy@ Needle Clinic <[email protected]> He has saved many of us who's stylus is not removeable.  Good pricing, great communications and the fastest turnaround anywhere.  
Favorite religious song
Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen  
Woofer pulsating with no volume , Oscillation issue?
Have you tried switching speakers?  Could be a bad wire from shipping.  
Best Way to Split Amplifier Output Frequencies to Main Speakers and Subwoofer
Yes, but the REL doesn't have a crossover to keep bass from the mains.  Keeping the amp from having to replicate low bass may help with headroom???  
Best Way to Split Amplifier Output Frequencies to Main Speakers and Subwoofer
Is your sub powered?  Many subs have a crossover built in.  It might be cheaper for you to buy a new sub.  Part-express sells subwoofer crossover in a variety of price ranges.  
usb, spdif, or usb to spdif converter
I've got a music fidelity sitting here doing nothing if you want a fabulous deal on a USB SPDIF converter.  This is the 24/96 version.  
Tube integrated and DAC for office system
John, I've been using a 60 year old Masterwork (by Pilot) integrated with a Chord Hugo and Merrill Zigmahornets for many years.  Smaller output tubes like EL84s seem to hit the sweet spot for me.  You could consider Pilot, Scott, Heath or more.  T...