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Power Cables - Stock vs. Budget
I recently made vh audio flavor 1 and it is a really great sounding cable to ears/ system.It replaced a more expensive option.Diy affords you to add your own ac/iec connectors?...aprox $180.00 after.  
Power cords or power conditioner
Had the same cables also for 15 yrs...good pairing.It took days/to a week for my zavfinos to really start to  open up (bought used).Same with my venhaus.Dont over stuff your room...leave some liveliness imho.  
Power cords or power conditioner
I have had some expensive audience and shunyatas.I remember my first run with a simple hydra 4.It was like ok this is something i can get use to...it still remains the simple effective box after all these years of not having one and installing one... 
Power cords or power conditioner
wd1099...i read a story at galen carol audio about everything matters.Getting my stands right,speakers balanced and spikes anchored was huge fwiw.Was ready to give up on my speakers...it wasnt them.  
Boominess is to my experience a sign that it needs more burnin.  
Power cords or power conditioner
My money is on a exhaustive speaker setup/sitting.Nail that and the rest is the easy part.Should be able to achieve some level of what your desiring.I went through this last 2 week’s,I havent had a power conditioner for years.Cd and amp straight t... 
Just chiming in on my initial impressions of the prima speaker cable.As posted these were bought used but very nice condition/xllnt.The 9 awg really make the most of modwright and atc 19's.Still am getting things settled as i redid the jumpers (sp... 
Got the primas this morning...Quality is outstanding.Really nice build.Packaging + and just a well thought out product.They sound good being that they sat for a couples months.Warming them up.Already sound nice and that occ texture/timber coming t... 
Will do lalitk...see them fri-sat.Excited to get these.  
Chris Sommovigo has passed away
Wow...thats hard.Prayers to family and rip to chris...dedicated to our hobby.Certainly wont be forgotten.  
Scored some prima speaker cables today...hole in head filled for a little while.My wife will be happy bout that too.On the other hand looking forward to getting them finally.  
"Please allow atleast 250-300 hours of break-in your system." Agree with lalitk...at least.I will eventually get prima’s.  
Cables recommendation
dweller just make sure ic’s occ...couldnt agree more...ah hell,Everything occ...even jumpers.  
After the thrill is gone
I think that so many people dont give the speaker best setup to get most out of speaker.That happened to me,was ready to move on to next speaker...wasnt until i got off my arse and did what i should have done in first place.Great imaging/timber an... 
ATC SCM 40 question
Get those herbies sliders and you can setup ..shove them out of the way when done.