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Technics moving all turntable production to Malaysia
I hate to hear this. It seems the next generation 4runner from Toyota (currently made in Japan) will either be made in The US or Mexico. If it's Mexico I am out. I use to travel back and forth to Juarez and Saltillo to visit manufacturing plants f... 
"Amplifier Noise Floor" and hum acceptable?
OK Try this.....this worked for me..I have no reason why. I tried dehummers and I have a power conditioner. Still slight hum was there.Take the faceplate off and remove completely the screws holding the outlet to the box. Then pull the outlet out ... 
Built a DIY butcher block and iron pipe rack over the weekend
Very Nice.  
Mac in a Jeep?
I wonder if it will be a true MC or "MC tuned". I had a 99 Corvette and two mid-2000’s Cadillac and the speakers (which were active) were the only thing, Bose. The head unit was just a normal AC Delco stock unit with Bose emblem. (I use to manage ... 
A good idea when buying on line
I'd be tickled to death as a seller for speakers. It's worth the drive just not having to pack and ship 
This new McIntosh integrated looks like a winner
Keep us updated on the 352. What speakers will you be pairing the unit with? 
This place does "freight"https://www.pakmail.com/ 
Just like above, do not let UPS store pack large items. UPS store is used to packing everyday smaller items. I shipped an 88 key midi keyboard thru the UPS store and the item was basically destroyed. I had to fight UPS insurance because they said ... 
Do we really need anything greater than 24/96? Opinions?
Here's a question.....If one were to make one final version of a master tape and store away that Master for many years. What method would capture everything the tape had to offer so future engineers could use that new source as the master?1. Digit... 
Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?
I’m in the same position as you (I’m a commercial photographer) with thousands of copyrighted images and hundreds of copyrighted musical scores from my composition days close to 20 years ago. Taking the post down is fine.I sent a message to Steve ... 
Grant Fidelity parts ways with Psvane
MY BHK Pre came with PSVane 12au7 from the factory. Not bad sounding. However, Gold Lions sound much more full imo 
Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?
I just had my posting privileges suspended after many years (since 2004 I believe). I am a commercial photographer and maybe adding "transfer your photo/slides to digital service" to find a use for a high volume photo scanner and keep my assistant... 
Anyone tried Benchmark cables?
I wonder who assembles cables for Benchmark? I would assume. if they assembled themselves, they would mention that. 
ZU Audio Omen Defs upgraded drivers
Good Idea, I will give ZU a call.  
Oppo BDP-103...still relevant?
Like above, I use mine as my main CD player (feeding my DAC) and ripping my entire SACD collection, and then play the ripped files via Roon to my DAC. If you have no SACD's and looking for a movie player, just purchase an entry-level new Blue Ray ...