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Buy a $40,000 10 year old amp for $4,000 or new amp for same money?
I think the gist of the Op’s Question was wondering if a super high priced 10 year old amp that is now more affordable a better option than a current new amp at the 10 year old’s current used price. I would say it depends on the amp and condition.... 
Not certain that would want to purchase a product that lets something like the issue above get out the door. Looks like it’s Lumin for me 
Paul McGowan's (PS Audio) autobiography -- "99% True" now available for $4.99 on Kindle
PSAudio is a top rate company 
Lumin vs Auralic
Myself, I already have a preamp, so the Streamer/Dac would be set to fixed volume or turned up all the way.  
Lumin vs Auralic
A couple of things 1. Dave and Troy, did you compare the NAD to the D2?2. I learned that with the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, the MQA filters must be turned on and off manually. I’m not certain how that effects sound of non MQA content. The filters do ... 
'Unlistenable' early digital recordings?
I recently purchased a Torus power conditioner. And I am now using ZU event power cables. The sound seems to come from a much deeper - blacker place. I think mostly because of noise reduction. There is so much noise around us due to technology, wi... 
How much does volume matter when breaking in amps and cables?
I think some fail to return equipment they don’t like, hoping for the glorious moment that mesmerizing sound takes over their rooms. By the time they figure it’s not going to happen, the return period has passed 
Difference between Bluesound Node 2i and Cambridge CXN v2
When I had the Node 2 I used two outputs. One into my Dac and then one analog out from the Node. If I needed to play MQA from Tidal, I could just switch the input on my Preamp. All the node's outputs are active all the time, which makes the Node q... 
TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?
Thanks for info. Doc you use the 505 with Roon? If so any issues? 
TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?
I would like to see a comparison of the Teac vs Lumin D2.  
How much does volume matter when breaking in amps and cables?
I agree. Just like leaving an amp on 24/7 vs listening right after a cold start-up. You just know when you listen. 
How much does volume matter when breaking in amps and cables?
Millrcarbon. Funny you mention engine break in I managed a plant for Delphi back in the day. The saying was “break it in how you are going to drive it”. If something fails pushing the car a bit hard in the first few miles, it’s not the rpm’s it’s ... 
Spade vs bare wire
Funny, if you look at many threads here with same question from 10 or so years ago, bananas were the worst choice. I’m sure quality of connectors has improved quite a bit.  
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
You may want to give Iconoclast cables a demo.  
Lumin D2
Great to hear you like your D2. I’m currently saving for the T2.