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Made in USA
In the audiophile world, is there really anything made that is pure junk?Sure some things are better than others, however, pretty much everything is of decent quality.  Myself, I tend to look for items that seem to take things up a notch with craf... 
What is the current retail cost of your reference system?
@ghdprentice  I just updated my virtual system :)  
You know when you are dealing with a BS company....
These 7 AWG speaker cables are the only ones you’ll ever need      
What is the current retail cost of your reference system?
Current cost approx $24,500 (retail) For me it's LOTS of money. For audiophiles, I'm sure I have a lower midlevel system  
Did vinyl sales just hit the proverbial brick wall?
Could I make the case that all the "popular" classic records have all been reissued on vinyl (audiophile versions too) and people interested have already purchased them? Thus slower sales of vinyl are the result? Blue Note is now reissuing more ob... 
Mcintosh MC275 alternatives?
No backorders on MC275s if you buy from overseas suppliers LOLOLOL https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804259732450.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.17.4b5f560a5hQxf3&algo_pvid=f6f18372-6ae8-44ff-a03c-d4bc0ee5f068&algo_exp_id=f6f183... 
Made in USA
I’m just a huge fan of Japanese-made products period. I think it stems from my auto plant managing days and visiting Toyota assembly plants. The cultural difference, the level of detail, etc....was so eye-opening to me. I’ve been out of the auto i... 
New SL1210GR enroute. Need cart recommendations
Fremer seemed to like the Elite Concorde in one of his recent Technics reviews  
NEW turntable from Luxman PD-191a, introduced in Japan.
Beautiful TT. Plus, its made in Japan. I wish Luxman would introduce a DD TT  
Counterfeit Chinese Cables
What if it sounded good and very close to the REAL thing? Of course, I would never knowingly buy a direct knockoff.....but I still wonder  
"World's Best Cables" vs Audioquest interconnects
These WBC 7AWG cables look really nice...    
Counterfeit Chinese Cables
Do you say China counterfeits?   https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804892142537.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.5.5b20560aXCks90&algo_pvid=d5d42d72-d27a-4e97-885c-eeba2a0b1e68&algo_exp_id=d5d42d72-d27a-4e97-885c-eeba2a0b1e68-2&pdp_e... 
The revolution has begun!
I love my Class A Luxman. HOWEVER, digital amps are great for listening to the ball game out in the garage  
One turntable with two arms, or two turntables with one each - which would you prefer?
The way I'm going to do it is keep my current 1200GR for 78's and a newer, higher-end table for everyday listening.   
The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.
I can add, the MM phono section sounds fantastic. No downgrade from my older ELAC ppa-2. I hope to try a MC cartridge later on