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Gryphon Diablo 120, Luxman L-590AXII, Other? For KEF R11
I believe Jay's Audio Lab on youtube did a video on having a pair of Gryphon amps repaired or refurbished. There is no authorized Gryphon dealer in the US so Jay had to spend $2,500 (I think) on overseas shipping alone to Gryphon on top of the rep... 
The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.
@webking185 I agree. I have had the L595ase for a couple of weeks and this thing sounds fantastic!!  
Class A: Accuphase vs Pass Labs house sound?
@lalitk I am using a ZU Audio Event power cord.   https://www.zuaudio.com/power-cable/event-power-ii    
Class A: Accuphase vs Pass Labs house sound?
@lalitk Thanks I could not be happier  
HiFi Rose RS250 or Lumin D2 For Streaming?
Points to ponder . HiFi rose has similar price structure as Lumin. 1.HFR is the audio media darling for the time being due to Heavy advertising 2. HFR has a bunch of goodies like a screen that can play videos and various other music apps 3. So ... 
Zu Def III system upgrades
Zu is no longer selling some upgrade kits due to supplier issues. I wanted to upgrade my Omen Defs, I’m out of luck currently. ZU is having a big Event Cable sale right now   
Class A: Accuphase vs Pass Labs house sound?
I ended up going Luxman. The L-595ase class A anniversary edition      
Awaiting a 1st impression
Here’s the question. Do Primalunas hold their resale above, below or at average? I would have a very hard time spending $7k for a Primaluna product.   
I finally purchased a new Integrated Amp
@jperry thanks. What speakers were you using when you had yours?  
I finally purchased a new Integrated Amp
@liza The 590 was my top Luxman choice before I saw the 595. I'm guessing the jump in sound quality from the 590 to the 595 is probably very small since, I think, are the same except for the build, chassis and some upgraded features/parts. How wou... 
I finally purchased a new Integrated Amp
@larry5729 I run two ZU Audio Omen defs. The tall black things are bass traps. Thanks for the kind words, My room is a mess right now. I'm slowly getting thins back to normal  
I finally purchased a new Integrated Amp
@artemus_5  I have only dealer with them on this purchase. Super nice guy. Their reviews are great and they are authorized service for some brands. I’d write Mike, tell him you heard about them on my video.   
Seller Listing Pet Peeve
I guess if the serial number is missing or etched off, that’s a good reason not to show the rear  
Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
Could Craigslist be a major reason you see fewer online AG listings?    
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
One brand I really never consider is Esoteric