Oppo 95 with DVDO iScan Duo

To avoid using an HDMI switch I'd like to take the HDMI output of my Oppo 95 through my DVDO iScan Duo to my Cary Cinema 11a. The video from the Cary goes directly to a Sony VPL-50 projecting onto a 100" screen. Are there any known problems with such a link? The iScan Duo is currently handling only output from a DirecTV HD-DVR.

IIRC, the iScan Duo can pass DSD audio, although I use balanced analog stereo and 7.1 analog audio from the Oppo to Cary inputs set to bypass.
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I connect all my sources through my iScan Duo and have no problems with either of my display devices. As a matter of fact the iScan also has Lip sync to 200MS. When my Meridian will not correct the lip sync through the direct digital audio input from any of my devices I switch to the iScan input and adjust. Works great. It even cleans up computer images & videos, not perfect but much better than the original images.
When I connected the Oppo 95 to the iScan Duo, video and audio of the HD-DVR crashed and neither video nor audio came up for the Oppo. I powered down and disconnected everything, reset the iScan menu, and reconnected the HD-DVR, and that restored video and audio for the HD-DVR. Emboldened, I connected the Oppo, and again that crashed everything. I'm at a loss.

I had a similar problem trying to sinc my 95 to my iScan. Every time I connected to my iScan it shutdown.
Try output 2 and if it works call Oppo for a RMA to get it output 1 repaired
I tried the Oppo Video 2 without success for either audio or video. I have been successful in getting audio and video from HD-DVR, but if I switch to the Oppo, I usually can't get back to HD-DVR without turning everything off. I'll contact Oppo after I've exhausted every connection permutation. Their support is great. DVDO's support is nonexistent. I have an Edge and iScan Duo, but I would not buy another DVDO product.

Thanks to Dan Wemmer of Cary who suggested I should try a monitor with a shorter HDMI cable because the cable to the projector might be too long without an HDMI extender, and to Oppo support who suggested video resets for the BDP-95, A/V from both the HD-DVR and BDP-95 are up and running, and the iScan Duo now switches to the active input. I ordered an HDMI-HDMI extender from Lumagen.

I have yet to receive anything from DVDO except a preprepared email promising contact from tech staff.

Hevac1 asks, "What SW version do you have in the iScan BTW."

I don't know, but I've been thinking about trying to do an update. The problem is should I run into a glitch in a download, past experience suggests DVDO support will not be available to help.

In support of Dan Wemmer's (Cary) hypothesis of an HDCP handshake issue with longer HDMI cable, A/V was fine with short cable to monitor, but same setup failed with cable to ceiling mounted projector. Lumagen extender is scheduled for delivery the 30th. Until then, I'll try to shorten the cable and connect to the projector from the Cary 11a rather than the iScan Duo.

With my iScan duo the HDMI input cables are all 6'. I have 2 Oppo's the 83 & the 95, computer and dish network. On the output I have a 50' to a JVC projector and a 25' to a Panasonic GT monitor. All works well together here.

I don't have an explanation for the problems I'm having. There are only two reversions to the setup that worked flawlessly for several years that I haven't tried: (1) disconnecting the Sony from HDMI-1 of the Cary and reconnecting the Oppo 95, and (2) replacing the 1.5 m AQ Carbon HDMI cable with 1.5 m AQ Cinnamon. I had woriied that I may have damaged something by switching HDMI cable around while the components were in standby, but all seemed well when the output of the iScan Duo was connected by short cable to the monitor. I'm frustrated.

I know how frustrating it can be as I went through most of what you are running into also. I do remember have issues when I first purchased the iScan but the sw upgrade took care of some of my issues. I also had to reset my unit a few time because of setting things up on the outputs incorrectly. So try to reset your iScan back to factory default then go from there, as this will reset any settings you may have done wrong or forgot you did in the first place. I am in Mass BTW where are you located? I think if you cycle power the front display will show SW version or just bring it up info on your screen. I will look at mine to find the version I have.
I am in Mass BTW where are you located?
Montecito, adjacent to Santa Barbara, CA
I did the resets Oppo suggested, but it wasn't until I installed the Lumagen HDMI extender as Dan Wemmer of Cary had suggested that video through the iSan Duo from both the HD-DVR and Oppo 95 came up on the projector. Must have been an issue with the HDCP handshake as Dan suggested. Thanks Dan.