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Kinki EX M1 user comments
maritime51, I would greatly appreciate it if you would refrain from taking the Lord’s name in vane on this forum. I find it offensive and inappropriate. Thank you in advance.Dave. 
Houston, TX
HAS meets once a month:https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/houstonaudio/conversations/messagesDave 
Looming with Synergistic Research
@lwin  These work well:https://m.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-2-Colors-High-quality-2mm-Gold-Mini-Banana-Plug-Male-Audio-Adapter-US/1...Dave 
Hi Fi Tuning Supreme fuse-Burn In?
"I have not tried BLUE..."auxinput, why not change that now. SR Blue fuses on sale right now, buy 2 get one free with 30 day return privilege. I have had many brands of fuses and found the Blue to sonically outperform them all in the most componen... 
Are there really a bad misfits in the hifijungle out there
So you consider Thiels and Apogees monsters, Erik? Feed them properly and behold the magic...The impedance curves are designed not to be deliberately/unnecessarily difficult, but to deliver the sound character, and especially the bass response, th... 
I bet you would like the sound of the Denafrips Pontus ($1600 USD) as well as or better than the Yggdrasil and still have $800 in your pocket. Dave 
REL Subwoofer: Speakon or RCA?
REL SUB-BASS SYSTEMS are not designed for use in applications where the main speakers are externally crossed-over to eliminate lower frequencies from the mains, to substitute for poor bass performance of main speakers, nor to induce terrified resp... 
Need to recap my Classe Audio DR-8 Amps - need suggestions
@georgeab Thanks George. Much appreciated.Dave 
Need to recap my Classe Audio DR-8 Amps - need suggestions
I have two DR-9s and wholeheartedly agree with kacomess that these “authentic” Dave Reich-designed amps are special and worth the trouble to restore/prolong their lives. I bought each from two different sellers. One was box-stock original and one ... 
Any one try the new Synergistic Research BLUE UEF Duplex receptacle?
I see that you are off your meds again.Dave 
Aurender N100H vs N10
I had a similar experience until I moved up to better cords and cables. My point is that improving the inputs and ancillaries will optimize the sound quality from the gear one has now as well as gear upgrades down the road. I think it is a tragedy... 
Aurender N100H vs N10
Hi _ent,Of the power cords I have tried, here is my ranking of sound quality when paired with the N100H:1) Verastarr Statement III Gold/Silver Hybrid HC2) Verastarr Statement II Gold/Silver Hybrid HC3) Verastarr Statement III Silver4) Verastarr St... 
Aurender N100H vs N10
Hi _ent,The OCXO crystal clock in the N10 is probably the biggest sonic upgrade from the N100H.The streamer/renderer/server product segment is starting to improve rapidly in technology, features, interfaces, and simplicity so I am choosing to stic... 
Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat
@davidpritchard, I just installed the SR Blue receptacle in place of the Black and, straight out of the box, I am awestruck at the level of improvement compared to the Black, Teslaplex SE, & all other receptacles I have tried and even relative... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
“Each speaker will get judged in the same raw conditions you see.“Thanks for your candidness, WC. Readers should consider your findings as entertainment value only based on that.Dave