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MQA is for chumps
I had Tidal for 1 year and then subscribed to Qobuz as well. Both subscription at thier premier levels. Within 90 days I cancelled Tidal.I’m very happy with Qobuz sound quality. 
Abyss AB 1266 Phi vs Focal Utopia
Pretty much every reviewer mentions just how well built the Focals are. Also the Abyss 1266 is indeed quite a bit more difficult to drive than the Focals. It's something regularly discussed on Abyss threads. Focals are 104 dB efficiency and the Ab... 
Nordost Blue Heaven vs Heimdahl 2 vs Harmonic Technologies Para S - II
I have TYR 2 XLR's and Valhalla 2 speaker cable.One of the misconceptions about the 2nd generation Nordost cables are that they are silver. They are not. They are sliver over a copper core. I find them to be just on the warm side of neutral with a... 
Are the really pricey HT Pre Amps worth it?
I also upgraded from the 8802a to the Lyngdorf MP 60. What you get for home theater is significantly improved room correction. From bottom to top the sound field is much more cohesive, better integrated and detailed. Palpably so for Home Theater. ... 
Cardas Clear and Nordost Try 2 Speaker Cables
I currently have Tyr 2 XLR's in my system. Upgraded from Clear Day silver XLR's. Tyr 2 added weight and musicality to my 2 channel system, but made an even bigger impact in 5.1. To my ears Tyr 2 made a surprising difference to overall movie enjoym... 
Cables for Leben/Devore- Nordost?
I have Tyr 2 XLR's (5.1 channel system) and Valhalla 2 speaker and reference jumpers (front left/right). Nordost is amazing. Definitely my cup of Tea. Pure, musically satisfying with a delightfully layered and detailed musical presentation. Since ... 
Speaker cabels for dark sounding speakers?
Nordost is amazing cable, but contrary to how 2 posters described it, definitely not "zippy city".I upgraded from Clear Day silver XLR's to Nordost Tyr 2 about a year ago and one of the changes was a much weightier mid range. Excellent cables, mus... 
Upgrading my Sovtek 6922 vacuum tubes
1974 6N23P Reflector Silver shields.1975 6N23P Reflector Grey shields 
Subwoofer advice sought
As an owner of a REL S5 SHO I think REL's are amazing subs for 2 channel. Just make sure you match the right REL to your Totems. If your Totems go down to 28 hz as another member posted here, then you probably need to go up the REL ladder a bit. A... 
audiophiles who are just getting the itch to upgrade
Your 6922 and 5U4G rectifier and output tubes are your 2 of you weakest links.I’d start there. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Sweet spot 10 feet from speakers.High 60’s with peaks low 70’s-75 listening volume. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
dpac996584 posts04-16-2020 7:57amsounds like a good idea WCSS; Zoom is a great online "venue" that handles multiple channels very well; Better than Google Meet on the audio side;Zoom was hacked. There are lots of accounts at risk and there was eve... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@whitecamaross That would be pretty cool.Why don't you ask who would be in??? 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@whitecamaross Once quarantine is over’ish we are probably gonna do some stuff here in So-Cal with Ron who’s on the thread. We talked about it a little before the lockdown. We’ll set up a meet somewhere here in So-Cal.