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One turntable with two arms, or two turntables with one each - which would you prefer?
How about one TT, one tonearm, one cartridge but with two styluses, huh?  bet you never heard of one cartridge with two stylus, one MM and one MC LOL!  
McIntosh Labs delivery issues
roxy54 you don’t have to believe me just ask any of the McIntosh dealer store and they will tell you.  
McIntosh Labs delivery issues
farne230 I was told by a few Mac dealer/store, that if you personally been to any legit store that sells Mac products, doesn’t matter where, then you can purchase or order any Mac product you want from that store that you visited in the past and t... 
McIntosh Labs delivery issues
If you find the McIntosh model you’re looking for in stock somewhere else that’s not in your area, maybe, if you have a friend or relatives that lives near by that Mac dealership, you can ask them to buy it for you. By the way several years ago, I... 
low bass response
Listen to RAP music they usually have good bass. 😀  
American Made Audio Products
Don’t forget McIntosh, they are a good example of “the real McCoy”  
MC901 monoblock tube matching Q
Preferably yes, it’s always good to install a matching tubes. 
Most beautiful turntable under $5k
I like SAM ( Small Audio Manufactre) for the price it’s a lot of Turntable and it looks gorgeous, check it out. https://sam-audio.eu/turntables/    
Lyra Delos or Hana ML
For what it’s worth , I have been using my Lyra Delos for about five years now and I must say “to me” it does sound so great, the details and clarity is superb, it sounds so smooth compare to other cartridge out there that cost two to three times ... 
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
I Added two acoustic panels on the side wall and made a tremendous difference.  
Tube Preamps that work well with SS amps?
Funny, the OP never replied back here since the first post.  
Have you ever been turned off by an Arrogant Dealer? Thoughts
I always have a way of dealing with arrogant and people that thinks their crap don't stink. I will yell at their face right in the store in front of all the customers where the arrogant people will just shut up, surprised and end up listening to y... 
Bought a new McIntosh amp
Some say, “once you go Mac, you’ll never go back” 😊  
Bought a new McIntosh amp
Give it some break-in time, the sound will just get better and better as you use it. It may sound “ok” right now but once it’s broken in, you will say “wow” Also using good quality cables helps too. 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
That’s what I like about McIntosh, not only they look good with the blue meter, but they also sound incredible.