I hope you all can imagine me shrieking magicos like a little kid who was given a gift he thought was unattainable...but without the squeaky voice....and of course they were not a gift, although certainly a fair deal. maybe i am not as happy as that little kid but its pretty cool. i figure if you get the a line at 35 I can scrape my way to the s line by 40 and be set to make some really stupid decisions later on...which is great.

the only problem in paradise is that I literally just got spendor 9.2s and i spared no expense on the line..they have this unique mix of accuracy, fun, and a response to electronics that has surprised me. So i must keep both of course...

i got the magico beginners kit, a3s, and they will be going in a medium room that is likely a touch small for them. they are replacing 226bes that worked perfectly in the space. id be interested in any dream lines that consider my space but pretend budget isnt an issue.

define medium room, length + width+ height and include furnishings, hardwood or carpet. ht or stereo, components.
What did you think the A3 did better than the 226bes? I have only heard the 328be and they were very good (even better with a good sub). I assume the 226be are pretty solid minus the sub bass. 
@steve59 20 x 20 with 15 foot ceilings...have a sectional and large chair in there with a bunch of canvas' on the wall...carpet and a thick rug.

right now there is a hegel hd30 to a c49 pre amp. i have a ton of dac choices but will stick with the that pre amp. im going to update power but i do have that "class g" arcam in there which i am excited to get rid of...
Congratulations on your new toy. I hope you get many years of musical pleasure from them. 
@james633 the 226bes are great as well as the 328s. i am trying them in my office which is awesome but they are quite close to kind of hard to compare with full range magicos though. they do just about everything at least a little better in my opinion...

I bought a pair of revel salons from a gent on the better side of town with a room similar to your dimensions and since then he went thru the salon 2's and a couple others but I think he's settled in with the paradigm persona 9h, he's had them longer than anything else he's used in that room. I liked it so much I bought the persona 7f even though I now have more speakers than listening rooms. 
If I could risk the expense of matching components to low efficiency speakers the top of my list, forget list I would already own the Vienna acoustics 'The Music'. 
No pics here you can upload them someplace and paste a link. Or better yet make a virtual system here.
@dbefus85 Would love to hear your comparison between the Spendor D9.9s and the Magicos, when you get a chance!
I have had a pair of Magico A3s since their introduction. I love them. They transmit what the feeding DACs and amps give them without coloration. With the proper equipment they can produce a very nice soundstage with width, depth and imaging. Dynamically they can be great, as well. Also at 4ohms and 88dB they can be driven well by a variety of amps. My First Watt M2 and SIT-3 drive them with no issues. Low watt tube amps (yes tube watts are “more powerful” than ss watts) drive them equally well. They are just great. Also, I put mine on Isoacoustic Gaia I pods. At 100lbs per speaker tower and on hardwood floors, I think they provide more stability and provide the Isoacoustic sonic benefits. Enjoy!
Would love to hear your comparison between the Spendor D9.9s and the Magicos, when you get a chance!
I'd be surprised if the Spendors don't kick some A3 butt.

will do. i am tempted to jump right in as I recently was trying to decide between the 2....but I will give the a3s some time to try and prove @noromance wrong...

i didn't think i would end up with both and i must admit that i do feel like i've overindulged. i guess i will just have to live with it..

@jjss49 thanks for calling me high class! it shows that you didnt read a word of my original post...but i appreciate it! =)
Magico A3 one of the ugliest looking speakers on the market, the monitor audio Platinum 200 G2 not only looks a million times better it sounds a lot better too.
our main our main room is big, open, and high vaulted ceilings.    My little towers fill the room very nicely!

  Congrats, amazing speakers (both pair)!
ur lucky.  Enjoy. Review after a while and let us know what you think and the differences. Thanks
Not my cup of tea, but enjoy none the less! I'd much rather own a beautiful pair of Tannoys.
Congratulations! I've had mine since December. A buddy who has S7's came over a couple of times and said since the first time he was over he can hear they are still breaking in. I guess it's hard for me to notice since I listen to them most days. Gorgeous looking speaker in person, I don't think pictures do them justice and as far as the sonics go, no other brand I've heard comes close! I've played around with listening to them with several different amps: Yamaha A-S3000, NAD 304, Prima Luna Dialogue One integrated and added a DYNA PAS-3X tube preamp to the SS amps. The Yamaha and PAS-3X are my current main set up which sounds awesome. The Prima Luna sounded tremendous except there wasn't enough power. The goal is Prima Luna EVO 400 pre and mono's! 
Wow, nice; enjoy!   It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on how these two speakers compare.   I sold my gen 1 Magico S1s for gen 1 D9s and have been very happy, but the Magicos were impressive and I imagine the A3s is a more similar speaker to compare with the D9 than the S1 was.
I am very interested in your thoughts between the two. I am in fact contemplating a pair of 9.2’s and waiting today for availability. Also looking at B&W 804D3, Sonus Faber Olympica III’s and several others. 
I'll join the chorus in regard to the Magico and Spendor comparison. 
Very intrigued due to different design concepts and philosophical positioning of 2 highly respected brands. No doubt that each has their individual strengths. 


 I have also been contemplating getting Magico (as well as Tannoys, Tektons ++ ) and would be very happy to hear your thoughts as they break in.

All the best.

the knock on the original spendor d7 and d9 designed and voiced by terry miles was that the excitable, edgy treble got in the way of the overall quality/balance/goodness of the speaker, especially with solid state amplification ...  the improvement in the d9.2 was revoicing the tweeter... if they got it more 'right' this time around the 9.2 should be outstanding!
Drew, I love my A3’s, having gotten them not too long after they came out and fortunately prior to the price rise. They do take a while to burn in, but you should start noticing a difference in short order.

I put the Isoacoustic Gaia feet on mine too and noticed they noticeably tightened the bass response and increased separation. To be fair I put Isoacoustic feet on all the other components at the same time, so the improvement was likely cumulative. I was pleasantly surprised any tweak could make a difference like that.

I hope you enjoy your Magico A3’s. They are a great and stylish looking speaker too  especially with the grill on, as part, not the focus of, a rooms decor,. They will reproduce amazingly with great detail whatever signal you feed them. Enjoy.


So i must keep both of course...
You lucky $%#^&#*& !!!
I like the look of them (A3), no nonsense clean and purposeful.
I went to check out your system page, and I saw a sailing photo, I presume of you? Fun looking sloop if that’s yours? I sailed a sloop with two others across the Sth. China Sea. Once, just once.
Fortunately, I was ignorant of what the water spouts could do to us, as beautiful as they were. One of the blokes put a flying fish under me as I slept and I thought I’d killed it, until after months he finally told me he’d done it and it was already dead.

As other have asked, please post your impressions, and if time permits a system page with the A3s.

i am not sure which picture you are referring 2 or even that i had a systems page but i assure you i am no captain. i will follow up though, as ive been listening to the A3s for pretty much a day straight...plopped my desk right in front them basically.

....and i know im a @#$%. i used to hate me...when i had some black device connected to bose 301s that were completely falling apart....but at least im not the guy with 200k system that uses it for an hr of opera on thursday nights. opera guys are the worst....
@vuch - it was your profile I was blathering on about, it's your sloop photo.

@dbefus85 - Oops I hadn't even been drinking, I swear!
I'll get myself some humble pie for desert tonight, right? Well at least you're polite mate.

I'm not going to deny that in my classical music, buried in folders on my server I don't have opera, it's not generally my go to though. $200K system, opera or not, I'd probably listen :-P

Wait, are you using your desk to prop yourself up in case you fall asleep?


please know that i am completely joking around...i've always thought the hifi world could benefit from a sense of humor but i realize how easy it is to misinterpret written communication.

the knock on "opera guys" wasnt directed at the genre...  ive met just a few audio enthusiasts (i refuse to repeat how we are normally referred 2) that have these impressive systems but listen to them very little....perhaps "godfather wannabees" is a better term? except w/o the mafia of course. its just that this breed of audio nerd ive met (2 people) listen to opera only...if i was going to go after a genre it would be country of course!

i will compare the 2 speakers as it really is a great comparison of 2 very different designs at similar price points...however i have an issue with my left hand (notice that i dont hit shift in these post) and am a one-handed typer right now. getting pretty good right!?...actually now that i look at the time, nevermind.

oh the desk!...yup! (im such as shift liar!), you called that one.
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