Synergy Between Magicos5 With Pass Labs X350.5

Hello Dear Experts
Has Any of You Experianced Or Heard The Magico S5 Driven With Pass Labs X350.5 Is This Amp Is Powerfull Enough to PUSH the Magico ?
How Was The Sound
I have owned several Pass Labs x 350.5 over the years and I have never ran out of power. The x600.5 mono blocks did sound better the X350.5 should run the Magico speakers just fine.
Try the 350.8 along with the 350.5. The .8 is not that much more than the .5. Around $2k.
thanks a lot but just fine is simply not enough for these prices/Don't you agree?
Yes, but again, listen to the .8 amp before you go for the .5 amp.
HI There
I think for me to try the 8 is too late I own already the pass x350.5
just want to change speakers.
That is why asking all these questions.
Some one told me that the pass is not enough powerfull to produce the magico's bass
becaus it's a seald box it would be more difficult.
what do you think?
thanks ruti
If the bass is not to your liking it won't matter what others think. Yes, a sealed bass system will require more drive from the amp to create the dynamic impact you seem to want.

The Magico is not a very efficient speaker, and there is a world of difference in performance in terms of dynamics in speakers. The Vapor Audio Nimbus White I have reviewed for (not yet published) is 93dB efficiency and 8 Ohms, which is an entirely different ball game in terms of dynamics, especially since it has a 15" bass driver.

It sounds like you selected a speaker based on "pedigree" and expected unlimited performance; that can result in disappointment. But, one learns and moves toward a sound that is thrilling to the ear. It often takes several tries over the years to obtain a combination which is to one's liking.

What Thesoundhouse said is correct; there would be no major mismatch with the Pass amp and Magico, and many would find it lovely. However, it seems you are after a different set of criteria for what is for you good sound. That may take some searching to obtain.

Finally, "just fine," while can be interpreted variously, shows you want a wow experience and this set of gear is not producing it. I believe that shifting to a more powerful amp will not get you to the place you want to go in terms of listening, but that instead you should change speakers. This is no slight to either amp or speakers, but more an attempt to capture what you expect from your system's sound. It seems you want much bigger, fuller bass and more dynamic impact. To get that you would be best served to work with a more efficient speaker (Mind you, not a high efficiency speaker run by lower power, per se, but more efficient).

This situation is a good example of how lovely gear does not always give the listener/owner what they want. Sometimes it takes more searching than we would expect in order to capture what is excellent sound. There is a huge variance in experience/sound quality between systems.
The Pass X350.5 weighs 132 pounds.
That amp is massive.
Its 350 watts.
I would think its has plenty of power for any speakers.
Have you tried another amp on the MagicoS5.
Maybe the Pass just isn't a good match with the Magico.
The only way to find out is to try another amp or monos on the Magicos.
What about speaker placement or room treatments? That could definitely help with the overall sound. In my limited experience room interactions will have a bigger impact on sound than equipment or cables.
Hi Ruti,

I see. Well, in any case the 350.5 should be able to drive the Magicos as Doug99 said. On paper mind you. As far as sound quality, that's a matter of taste of course, so you definitely need to audition. Auditioning in general will really answer your questions.
I've been toying with the idea of changing out my speakers, Paradigm S8s (v3), for Magico S3s or S5s. FWIW, I had a long conversation with a Magico tech guy about a month ago about whether my amp, an ARC Ref 150 (150 wpc), has enough juice for the Magicos. The response was a "qualified" yes. The qualification related to room size. In my case, my finished basement sound room is 15" x 22' x 7'. The rep thought I'd be just fine.

Overture, Magico's East Coast dealer, offered to set me up for an audition using a Ref 150, which I assume they have laying around. If Overture's kind offer was to use my amp ... they can forget it. It's a widow maker trying to move it around.

As I seem to recall from my readings and the conversation I had with Magico, others have commented about the Magico sound is dry. But, FWIW, Magico explained that one reason may be that the S5s, and presumably the S3s, have vanishingly low distortion stats. Plus, the S5's frequency response, impedance curve and phase angle plots are ruler flat. In other words, they don't add anything to the music. I personally have no view because I never listened to them.

I know ... I know, stats are not what make a great speaker. It's how the beasts sound. Gotcha!! Still ... if Overture can set me up for an audition with a Ref 150, I just may take them up on their offer.

Did you get Magico yet??
Haven't had a chance to audition the Magicos yet. Thinking about another angle ... phase coherence. See A'gon thread running titled "Sloped Baffle." Very interesting stuff.

And the answer to the question not asked yet is "No." The Q: Are Magicos phase coherent?

The answer the next question not asked yet is "I don't know." The Q: Is phase coherence important?

Thinking about a not-inexpensive gizmo made by DEQX that allegedly corrects phase incoherence. A major concern for me is that the device is inserted between the preamp and amp. Claims of "gain on the wire" just don't convince me. An artifact is an artifact.
I think the 350.5 will have enough power for the S5. Which speaker you own now?

I owned many different Pass Labs, the powercable makes a huge difference. For example; with the Purist Audio LE powercable I hear details and a superior level in articulation of voices which were not there with the XA100.5 with Purist Aqueous powercables.