IKEA launches modular speaker line - watch out Wilson, Magico...

Have you heard the speakers side by side against Tad? How would you know how good they are unless you have at least heard them?
Are you perhaps making the mistake of equating price with performance? Thats a common audiophile fallacy. 
Hey, it's got lights. How bad can it be? 
I wonder how Ricola sounds on it.

All the best,Nonoise
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Boom box of old all lights no sound.
From what I read, it may appeal to the younger generation but it will most likely sound like crap. Think B&O.  
"From what I read, it may appeal to the younger generation..."
If "Teenage engineering" name is anything to go by, these speakers may, in fact, be made for the generation that matters.

Surprisingly, that generation does not find Wilson, Magico, or whatever else, speakers that impressive.
Seems like LEGO should have somehow been involved in the design . . .
*L*  Every corporation should be allow a faux pas' ....
...remember the Pontiac Aztec?  The 'New Coke"?
All the movies that hit the screen....and slid off like the bs it was?

It'll find it's way into tweener bedrooms probably....

"Oh, isn't this Cute!"

It will until Markey starts playing death metal on it....*L* ;)
 Magico are all marketing hype. They pay for good reviews but are ho hum in performance. Who’s to say IKEA can’t beat them?  Let’s hear a true unbiased review comparing them to IKEA. 
If from Ikea, you probably have to assemble all the boxes, glue in the paper cones and wind all the voice coils. 
Magico and Wilson do all the hard work for you for just a few dollars more.
I heard they come with wall anchors and straps so you can attach them to the wall. So they don't fall over on anyone. 
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Who’s to say IKEA can’t beat them?  Let’s hear a true unbiased review comparing them to IKEA

You are right. Some people may prefer the ikea speaker. A common complaint even with high end speaker is that its too bright. So whos to say the ikea would not be more appealing to those people? And its a fraction of the cost. 

I have heard Bose and sonos speakers as well as the KEF ref 1. 
The kef sounded horrible and was several thousand dollars. 

The kef sounded horrible and was several thousand dollars.
And, that is your opinion only, not a fact.
"Opinion is the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding."
And, that is your opinion only, not a fact.
There are no facts with speakers. Its mostly word of mouth, hearsay and what the reviewers tell us. 
How about listening to them for one's self, after all, you are the end user.
If the kef speakers had perfect measurements, does that mean you would like them. Or, you being a specs. guy, do excellent specs., mean you must like them?
I have a friend who's a federal agent. He says his agency has been investigating Ikea for years, but they're having a difficult time putting a case together...
If it gets more people listening to a stereo system I would consider it a win win situation because eventually some of them are going to wonder what else is out there and is it better. That’s how a lot of us started out. 

"There are no facts with speakers. Its mostly word of mouth, hearsay and what the reviewers tell us."
"Mostly" means "not all of it".

There are facts with speakers.
"Hey, Kids!  Play This on your new Ikea Stereo!" 

(Better yet....play it on the HT....*L*)


Replace the numbers on the blackboard with the corresponding letters of the alphabet.....

...an early 'easter egg'....;)
IKEA with teenage engineering?
Is Greta Thunberg sticking her nose into the audio world now? 
This is great for my daughter to play my Abba album. 
IKEA sound system, good one. Anyone know if you'll have to put them together yourself??
Hey, if the speakers are too bright all you have to do is lower the wattage of the bulbs.
TDAF (teen daughter acceptance factor) of the chart. She will stream Billie Eilish. I will use vinyl of Saturday Night Fever album. Who needs a disco ball !?!? DISCO FOREVER🤩
May not be appropriate for Miles.😭 unless you wear sunglasses.😎
At least Greta knows what’s important!
What is Scary   These people are dead serious 
Serious Dead People.
Dead Serious People.
People Serious Dead.

"Peepulll....People who knead peepullll....awre thee luuckiest peepulll...
...Innntha whirlllduh....*BANG!*

"...the body was found perforated by the shards of an IKEA music unit purchased by the victim.  It had been attached to his 500 watt amplifier in an apparent protest that backfired.  A neighbor commented:
"Dereck really took just the existence of it as a weird Nordic plot to further degenerate the musical appreciation of the public at large.  That's why he was videoing the whole affair....a shame, really.."
Police are investigating the disappearance of the media that recorded the whole event.  Rumors are rampant that copies are being distributed amongst  the 'audiophile community'...."

...wanna dub? ;)
Please note:
The above does not promote any hostile and/or implied means nor desire to encourage explosive means or methodologies towards other AG posters, real or implied.
Is is a work of fantasy.
Much like the impressions achieved by various audio 'tweaks'.
....am I in for it now.....*L*
They are using balsa wood midrange units. Perfect piston.