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Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19
Theaudiotweak, Thank you for your updates.Let's hope the news will be encouraging.  
Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19
bkeske, Thank you."Seriously, are ‘we’ really going to turn a thread about concern for Peter Ledermann, the man and respected creator of incredible audio equipment, into a mud slinging contest?There must be better forums for that type of tripe." 
Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19
Prayers for his recovery.He's an innovative genius and a great guy! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Steely Dan - AjaAC/DC - Back in BlackRolling Stones - Tattoo YouDonald Fagan - Morph the Cat 
Cartridge for my friend
264Win, I’m retiring soon as well! (Hint, hint)What a great gift and gesture!I’ve got an MP-200 and like it a lot, but that Garrott p77i has some great reviews.  
Stereophile's 2021 products of the year
George, this is where your link takes me:This discussion has been removedOne of our moderators or admins have removed this discussion.Feel free to contact support if you think this was done in error. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Andra Day: The United States vs. Billie Holiday (Motion Picture Soundtrack) Atlanta Rhythm Section: Champagne JamTalking Heads:  Stop Making Sense Stravinsky Firebird 1919 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra CD 1978 Robert Shaw Chorus 
SoundSmith cartridges how good?
I got a smmc2 from SS a few years back.The stylus guard was not attached quite straight, making the stylus appear to be at an angle (although it was not) I emailed them and Peter was all over it, issuing a pickup for it and returning a perfect car... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Really enjoying Cal Tjader ‎– HuracánCrystal Clear Records - Direct to Disk1978 
"Real" streamer vs. Bluetooth adapter--what's the advantage?
COY21's first post and Sfar's posts nail it.Not all, but many other posts contain incorrect assumptions.The Node 2i does all the streaming directly from the source via ethernet or wifi.Your phone only serves as a full featured remote.No, wifi and ... 
New Zu Audio Soul Supreme Speakers
Those screws look like the silver lube-coated decking screws from the hardware store. In the non-counter-sunk holes they really stand out, like cheap, mismatched substitutes.The Zu site shows stainless or satin chrome, allen-head cap screws.It doe... 
Full circle and thinking about speakers
I just re-read your original post.Maggies are great at medium to higher volumes, but at low levels they can be pretty disappointing.  Those panels need a little juice to rise and shine. 
Full circle and thinking about speakers
You would definitely want a subwoofer with any remotely affordable Magnepan. The LRS, LRS, being the smallest is no exception.Maggies are great speakers. I’m on my 3rd set. In any price range thet are stand-outs.But... you’ll need a good high-curr... 
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Welcome back,The Node 2i  is a great value for streaming and I think you'll like it.I have used one for a little over a year and the convenience factor has increased the ratio of streaming and decreased my CD and vinyl time.When/if the upgrade bug... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
@buckhorn_cortez. "Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop (the first digitally recorded album which came out on CD and not on vinyl)"Half was the first digitally recorded album. However it was released on vinyl on 1979 (When I bought it), a yea...