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Magnepan 1.7 i - Amp suggestions
I use a pair of Odyssey all in monos.  I tried a couple class D amps and the music was just blah.  A couple other AB units I tried went onto protection mode.  The Odysseys have the current needed to get everything out of the Maggie's.  With a Don ... 
Phono Preamp
Look into Don Sachs custom made pre amps.  One of the best values on the market and it was a great addition to my system. 
Would switching amps make a big difference?
I have the ML 13a's and was using a Prima Luna pre with Macintosh amp.  It was nice but I always felt something was missing.  Went to a Don Sachs all in pre and a pair of Odyssey SS all in monos.  I told both builders what I was using and they twe... 
AMP or Preamp
How about a Don Sachs DS2 pre, with a whole slew of eligible amps? 
looking for a tube preamps that doesn't sound like SS
Call Don Sachs.  He can do his "all in" pre for well under your budget.  I didn't know a pre could make such a difference until I plugged his into my system. 
Amp for nee LRS Maggies
I went through a whole slew of subs trying to match my 1.7i's.  Nothing I tried matched up to the speed of the Maggie's.  Then a dealer in the area suggested a Martin Logan closed 10 inch.  Bang....that was it.  Best part about it?  I only needed ... 
Beginner choosing amp help
The motion 40's are pretty efficient.  The Luxman with 100/150 has plenty of current also.  No issues at all running those ML's. 
Power Amp advice
Two things to help you get the best out of your maggies (from a long time maggie owner).  You need high current, and you need an amp that is stable to 2 ohms.  (Maggies will drift into the 2 ohms area at times.)I own a set of all in Odyssey monos ... 
Amplifier current vrs watts; why is current more important?
As a Magnepan owner I will tell you I went through a couple amps trying to get the best out of them.  Maggie's are notorious for chewing up lesser quality amps and spitting them out.  They literally put one amp of high wattage into protection mode... 
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
Bought a Don Sachs all in preamp a couple years back.  Every component upgrade I've down has been a incremental increase in sound that I wanted to hear.....until I slid the Don Sachs into my system.  It was one of those moments that just had me sm... 
Tight bass sub recommendations
I went through this same scenario a couple years ago trying to find a sub to match up to the 1.7's.  Tried and returned a half dozen recommended subs (most mentioned here).  They all muddied the tone as the resonance of the sub would just last lon... 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
Take a look at Don Sachs pre.  Or better yet, call him.  I've been through a bit of equipment in my time and when I plugged his "all in" custom preamp into my system I knew I had made the right choice.   
When do you turn off the tubes?
I have a tube DAC and a tube pre both with some expensive NOS tubes.  Those components go on for 10 minutes prior and off when I'm done listening......or when my girl gets frisky.  Damn NOS is expensive. 
OMG OMG OMG Harbeth M30.1 INCOMING!!!A Few Questions For Owners
If you're looking for tubes, I heard a pair of Harbeths recently paired with the Bob Carver Crimson 275.  It was very very sweet.  I dont recall the model of the Harbeths, but that 275 runs at 75 watts per channel and will be stable to 2 ohms.  IM... 
Has anyone added a small subwoofer to 2 channel and been thrilled with the result?
Like danatek2 said....I was searching for a relevant sub that would compliment a pair of Maggie 3.7iribbon speakers and tried a half dozen of the more popular (and expensive) offerings.  All sounded muddy and out of sync as the Maggie's are very f...