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The stereo sounds fine, music is great, but Jeff Bezos came back to earth.
Is this an Acid Party?.. or are certain members drinking Clorox again! 
Recommended cheaper vintage SS Integrated Amps?
I worked selling audio equipment retail from 75-77. The Kenwood KA-3500 & 5500 were very sweet sounding pieces. We carried all three brands, and the Kenwood integrated amps were a stand-out! 
Help selecting a power cord.
Start with a quality hospital grade or better wall outlet, followed by power distribution (Furutech eTP-66). No need in the beginning to purchase a power conditioner. Allow yourself the ability to evaluate the sound of the power cords you are cons... 
Love for Spatial Audio Sapphire M5s
There is a new model coming out soon.. it is the M4. I believe it is priced between the M3 and the M5 and uses 2-12" woofers instead of 15'. Clayton Shaw is a great guy and a joy to talk with. 
Your tube preamp and ss amp thread
Pass XA25 with Linear Tube Audio MZ2. I’ve enjoyed this combo more than the Supratek. 
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
"Something" by the Beatles 
Cat Scratch Fever?
My Shunyata's are on the way, from the lending library! Kinda of excited for the comparisons. 
Cat Scratch Fever?
dletch...I'm still chuckling... you're right, who could expect logic from people who spend $1000.00 on power cords."That's funny right there" 
Cat Scratch Fever?
This is Forum is like “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”Drinking Bleach, Nuking Hurricanes, Wind Mill Cancer and George and the boys taking over the airports in 1776.It will be nice when the anti-intellectualism movement fades a bit. 
Got a Node 2i, what's next?
My suggestion would be the Denefrips Ares ll. Buy a Shunyata Venom digital cable for your Node 2i, you’ll thank me! 
This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree
Next thread.... Silver or Black Components, which sound better? 
If the Shunyata Black Mamba is snake oil, then put me down for 55 gallons!
Have you heard any of their  other power cords for comparison? 
Recommendations for a modestly-priced audio system?
Used KEF LS50 wireless or new LSX 
Pass XP12. Tame, Anemic?
Caglioti-I have the XA-25 paired with the LTA-MZ2. It's a wonderful combination, eventually would like to move up to a the MZ3 or the big boy model.I wish I could say I have paired with some Klipsch products to see how it sounds, but I haven't don... 
Raise your acoustic panels or die
Erik-Congrats on your panels!Looks like another episode of Jerry Springer has broken out!