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New PrimaLuna versus used Audio Research preamp?
A friend and I compared the Primaluna to the ARC LS-28 at a store last week. The LS-28 was better. The Ref 5SE is supposed to be better than the LS-28.  
Point of diminishing returns for a Network Streamers?
Abery true. But the reviewers love it. And you can use a separate DAC and preamp if you are so inclined.  
Hot Rats
Moving to Montana soon gonna be a mental toss flycoon. Saw Zappa in San Diego in 74 whilst attending naval training. Great show. Saw Dweezil too a few years back.  
Point of diminishing returns for a Network Streamers?
It appears the HiFi Rose is the cat's pajamas and even doubles as a DAC and preamp and has HDMI outs with ARC.  
Why dealers disparage certain products?
It's always been a gripe of mine way back before I sold audio products myself. I always disliked the way salesmen would cut down the competition only to find them selling the offending product a few months later.  
High End Intergraded comparisons, Marantz, McIntosh, Levinson, Luxman....
I would look at Technics or Yamaha.  
Need help choosing a new DAC
I would look at the Holo Audio DACs. They are ladder DACs like the Denafrips but have remote control and displays. They get great reviews.    
Audio Research or Luxman?
Jerry. You will probably need to remove the Luxman volume control from the circuit to get the Chase or any other VC to work.  
Audio Research or Luxman?
Jerry. You would be better off connecting the Chase between the pre out/main in jacks on the Luxman. Elliott. I don't doubt your experience with the Chase, it was along time ago that we sold them and I tried it with an Audio Research tube preamp.... 
Audio Research or Luxman?
elliottbnewcombjr I'll check out the music. Looks interesting.  
Audio Research or Luxman?
elliottbnewcombjr  We used to sell the Chase RLC-1 Remote Line Controller years ago. It was fine for most applications but really weakened the bass especially when using phono. And even more so with a tube preamp.  
Audio Research or Luxman?
Alps is not the only company making volume controls and even if they were, they have modern equivalents. I recently replaced a worn out Spectrol wire wound VC with a Penny and Giles with great success. I would look at the Khozmo line.https://www.k... 
Dustcover Blues
Rumble filter?  
Blue Lights
Blue lights cause cancer I’ve heard.  
PS Audio FR-30 Speaker...
The speakers will be closer to $30.000.