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My Esoteric having issues....what should I do
Having worked on quite a few CD players I have to agree with Islandmandan. Usually cleaning the old grease from the transport guides or rails and replacing it with new helps. You may have to use some contact cleaner on the inside of the open switc... 
Music bleeding at zero volume
Volume controls do wear. I have an older Krell KBL that has the same problem. This is not a definite answer but a possibility.  
Take that to good will
And while you're at it throw out all of that outdated tube stuff with it along with the vinyl and CDs. 
Why is black so popular for components?
I generally dislike black components because it obscures the details of the faceplates.  
Do you use a Subwoofer when listening to stereo?
I use two Velodyne DD-15's with no xover for the mains. I can turn them off with the remote if I want to but usually keep the on. 
Amp repair cost — is this right?
I replaced around 45 caps with Nichicons, a few resistors and two bridge rectifiers in my Threshold T-200 for less than 100.00 in parts from Mouser and Digikey. 
Can I use 24 gauge speaker cable?
Actually you would need a bigger amp because the wire would have so much resistance it would burn up a lot of power and probably get hot. If you could quadruple the wire it would be fine. 
Member Almarg passed away last night
So sad to hear about Almarg's passing. My condolences to his family and his friends.Robert 
What isolation feet under your amp with great result?
I used some empty cat food cans under an amp the other day to raise it up and it sounded quite good. Can't really say if it helped or not. 
Is my Reel to Reel worth anything?
It's no good. Send it to me. Akai made great R2R's. Don't believe otherwise. 
JBL 4367 shoutiness remedies?
I have a pair of 4343's That I acquired a few months back. They had the same problem. Moving them further apart and way into the room alleviated the somewhat irritating glare that was present on some recordings. Toe in is very slight. Here is a gr... 
A Soundsmith Re-tip Believer
I've had quite a few cartridges retipped by van den Hul over the years. He did a great job on my Dynavector Ruby. Since he has retired I would be tempted to use Soundsmith because I hate to throw a good cartridge away. 
End of the World system
I'd just move into the high end store. 
How to remove ground pin on power cable
While it's not likely to get a shock from a sub, if it was grounded, I would try and keep it that way. The ground loop is most likely from cable TV. Unscrew it and see. Find a way to break the ground there. Jensen Transformers is a good solution.h... 
How do I stop the Humming from my LP12?
It should be on the tonearm cable. If not add one the chassis or tonearm. There should be a screw someplace you can loosen and wrap a wire around.