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what's your opinion on the magazine 'stereo review'??
I enjoyed Stereo Review and High Fidelity. I also enjoy Stereophile and Absolute Sound but I don't believe much they say.Here's a free magazine from Germany I like: 
Subwoofer insight.
The SVS 16s are much better than the RELs for half the money. 
Power Amplifier Longevity
If you do get an older amp be sure you can find service manuals and schematics for it. Most everything is repairable with some exceptions. But it is much harder without a schematic. 
IKEA launches modular speaker line - watch out Wilson, Magico...
Best bass in Earth! Bass that just smells right...
To really set up your subs to their utmost ability without cancellation you need Mini-DSP. It may be fiddly at first but it is acclaimed as one of the best and least expensive solutions available. 
CD Player vs. music streaming
I enjoy CDs myself but I like to put my music on my computer using JRiver. I also store much of my music in FLAC format onto usb thumb drives. I can put hundreds of albums on a single drive and play them back in the car and I can plug them into my... 
SACD or not
SACD can be great but BluRay audio is better I believe, if done well. 
Can you put a Krell in an apartment?
Can you bridge them and run 2?? No. 
Has anyone seen this? A really beautiful turntable
I have a magnefloat turntable. It's a Teac TN-400. 
$27,500 for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
The best color for ugly equipment is black because it hides better. 
Can you put a Krell in an apartment?
There's no big deal about 20 amp. It's used often, especially in kitchens.  
Information for Joule Electra LA100 Mark III 
Which Preamp - Modwright or Joule-Electra? 
Audio Research VT100 MK1 and LS15 HELP!!!
Did you make sure your Sony is set to correctly mix down to stereo in it's menu and not set for surround with bass sent to a sub. 
Help on ancient Audionics CC-2s
I have two. I may sell them. I'm sure they could use some work.