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Alright, it's too quiet around here. Let's have some fun.
Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress -The Hollies  
PS Audio CD Transport - fun story!
Nice pickup . Fill us in when you do the comparison.  
PS Audio FPGA dac
Yes they are done with the firmware updates although you can continue to download any of the firmware versions from their website .  
Fear Inoculum in Vinyl
It was only released as an expensive vinyl box set. It would be nice if they released the vinyl in a very basic package but the CD was lavishly packaged and they never released a less expensive version so they will unfortunately probably do the sa... 
How can a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC enhance my system?
I have a PS Audio DSD DAC. It plays all the standard digital formats. If your Popcorn unit has a usb output that would make for an easy connection between it and the PS Audio DAC.  
Better sound on rainy days?
FM reception as well as TV reception for those of you who use antennas can be better on rainy or cloudy days because the broadcast signals are being partially contained by the cloud layers that are keeping them from going off into the ionosphere.  
Fear Inoculum in Vinyl
@tallnotshort , mwinkc, geof3, lowrider57 & arro222 your responses are very much appreciated. It is posters like you guys that keep me coming back to this forum.  
Fear Inoculum in Vinyl
I am disappointed in some of the responses to this post. I simply asked if anyone had listened to this great album. If you don’t like vinyl playback that is your problem but that wasn’t what I was looking for in this post. For the vinyl naysayers ... 
Why Do You Post?
+1 for Ozzy. I have gotten some excellent information on these forums and also made good friends. I have noticed with disappointment the last few years the number of trolls and bullies who have made a great hobby into a keyboard confrontation. Thi... 
Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
My biggest complaint is the filters put in place to prevent communication between buyers and sellers. I like to talk to sellers about a piece of gear I am interested in. I also think most buyers are like me. I understand that Audiogon doesn’t want... 
Fear Inoculum in Vinyl
@jackhifiguy you and Mike Fremer can duke it out as to your assertions. My money is on Mike. I have a halfway decent vinyl playback as well as digital and enjoy both mediums. The vinyl version simply sounds better to me.  
Any Decemberists fans out there?
They are one of three rock bands that are still doing original music that I think have been very sadly overlooked. The other two are the Bodeans and the Jayhawks.  
Sonic frontiers
Back in the day Sonic Frontiers made some very good and affordable gear , too bad they decided to get into home theater (Anthem) and discontinue their stereo line. I had a Line 1 and 3 preamps and both were excellent for the money. Their puck shap... 
Can a pair of BAT Rex II (Tube) mono block amplifiers make the Martin Logan Neoliths sing?
Martin Logan Summits we’re the best I had but not the biggest. Prior to the Summit s I had a ML speaker with 12 inch woofers but I cannot remember the model number. The woofers did not mesh well with the panels in my opinion so I sold them and got... 
Can a pair of BAT Rex II (Tube) mono block amplifiers make the Martin Logan Neoliths sing?
Go for it. I have had several pairs of ML speakers over the years. I was powering them with a pair of Krell monos and I didn’t know what I was missing until I borrowed a Cary Audio 120 amp which simply destroyed the Krells. One of my buddies was t...