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Tekton versus Klipsch
I don’t think you can go wrong with the speakers from either company but I would try to audition before buying. For Tekton speakers this might be an issue as they are dealer direct. I would consider doing another posting to see if anyone near you ... 
I cover my Cary 211 FE amps primarily for protection from my cats but my VPI rim drive TNT turntable I cover to keep the dust off. All covers were made by Stereo Squares. 
True or False?
I concur with Artemis-5. I went through the same progression that he did. As my system got better and more resolving my listening skills also improved . My appreciation for music was always there but as I continually upgraded my system;I heard mor... 
2019 300B tubes that are worth the money?
I am using the Psvane Acme Supreme 300B tubes in my Cary Audio Founders Edition 211 FE amps and they are biased to 100ma. They are the best sounding 300B tubes I have used to date. Prior to those, I was using a couple different pairs of the more e... 
What’s your obstacles on the way of listening
My wife running the vacuum cleaner.  
What are Your Favorite Tweeters?
Chickadees as nothing seems to bother them.  
EXTRA! EXTRA!! Millercarbon Proven Wrong!!! Read all about it! EXTRA! EXTRA!!
+1 for MC who is willing to admit he was wrong about DIY. I might not always agree with what he has to say but at least he is willing to try and listen unlike too many folks who just have closed minds. 
Surge protectors and power conditioners - Good idea or bad?
It is wise to have a whole house surge protector. Power conditioners are a big variable and their effectiveness depends upon the incoming power supply and the type of conditioner  being used. If you can borrow one or two and try them to se if they... 
I must be old
I don’t know what your vinyl rig consists of but the better the gear the less noise you will get. Sweetvinyl  has equipment that addresses the click and pop  issue if you want to eliminate it. 
What phono preamp are you using?
I have a Soundsmith the Voice cartridge and a PS Audio Stellar phono preamp and the turntable is a VPI rim drive HRX. 
Now they're planning the crime of the century
Breakfast in America is also a great album. Supertramp  was a very musically sophisticated rock n roll band. Some of their compositions were quite complex for the time but even today the songs grab your attention. Both albums are so compelling tha... 
Borrowing equipment from dealers
For high end dealers it depends on where you live. When I lived in the metro Boston area there were several dealers I could borrow gear from. Now that I live in Maine it is a very different story. Working with a good dealer is great because they h... 
My system....what and how will cabling impact?
I am going to give you some additional advice that is very contrary to convention. Since you have already eliminated the cheap factory power cords I would try some speaker cables first . Find  a pair you like and then get the interconnects from th... 
Where does it end?
If you are the inquisitive type it will never end as long as discretionary income permits. On the other hand if you reach a point where you can’t believe how good your stereo sounds, leave it alone. 
My system....what and how will cabling impact?
You have a nice system and you will get a ton of recommendations from people who would love to spend your money. If you have a brick and mortar within a decent drive work with them : not call the Cable Company. Use your ears. I have borrowed from ...