Hidiamond vs Hifidelity interconnects

Anyone have direct experience comparing the 2 brands?
These 2 brands are the most talked about cables on Audiogon. Yet it seems no one has directly compared the 2 brands!!!
Well in my case I am using balanced cables and the hifidelity only comes in rca.After being so impressed with power HIDiamond power cords I wanted to use the rest of the line. Also the cost of these two lines is expensive to just compare since there are no trial periods.
Cables are very subjective. If you read through the 2 latest threads on these 2 brands, both mention the other and there is a lot of comparing and contrasting.

For my system, I found the High Fidelity speaker cables and rca's work the best (highest level) whereas the balanced Hi Diamond and power cords work the best (also highest level). I get better sound out of the High Fidelity rca's than the Hi Diamond 3 XLRs. The difference is greatest at the highest level in my system - its not even close. Characteristics such as speed, openness, clarity, micro and macro details and a "you are there" palpability are important to me and that is where the High Fidelity's excel. Just my opinion.
I have not heard the Hidiamond ic's, but do have both the Hidiamond 8 and High Fidelity Enhanced speaker cables. As I touched on in the HF thread, although my system was very satifying musically, interest in the HF cable was piqued by the number of comments in mag reviews, Audiogon threads, and a conversation with Rick Schultz, especially in creating a full loom. Interconnects are CT-1's, power cords HD 3's. The HD cable has approx. 200 hours on them, not yet fully broken in per the distributor. He suggests 100's, and possibly 1000 hours before they perform at their best.
The HF's have less than 60 hours, also well below the recommended break-in, but I am compelled to offer some noticeable observations. Break-in of both cables has been slow-going, and therefore, unpleasant. I run a tube amp necessitating shut down at end of listening sessions. Limited to three to five hours each evening, obtaining 500 hundred hours will take well over 4 months.
The Hidiamonds' stand-out, I believe, is in the density of mid to deep bass, making the music very involving. I notice no lack of detail or body. Listening is never fatiguing.
As pleasing as the HD's are the High Fidelity's, I find, offer a clearer, more open presentation. I don't know if it is due to less distortion, but the immediacy, timbre, instrument location, decay, depth and width of staging and imaging, delineation, bass response; and consequently, a rightness is what I hear. The full loom HF cables, in comparison seem to add nothing to the source material. What the limitations of my analog rig and speakers bring to each recording is transparent in ways I am unaccustomed to. With well recorded pressings, instruments, voices, background sounds, applause are more convincing. The bass is very quick and deep, but not quite as visceral. The bass is far from anemic. I still experience a growl from the woofer, but with less exaggeration. It proposes possible added distortions with my previously owned cables. The ceramic mid-range driver of the Avalon has more often than not left the mid-frequency a bit dry, but this cable offers a very palateable contribution to voices, horns and strings.
I am anticipating the changes yet to come from the HF, and although I am pleasantly impressed with what they are already doing I from time to time yearn for the deep, emotional involvement, which has been slightly thinned out. No fireworks and no artificial tuning. As, Rick has more than once suggested, I need to be patient as the system evolves.
Admittedly, this does not address the ic comparison, but may offer some insight from a fan of both cables.
After swearing I would not be trying anymore cables I did try the High Fidelity RCA interconnects CT1 E and this was my conclusion.

I think sound can be very system dependent and when I compared the High Fidelity cable to the exact same priced HiDiamond cable, the HiDiamond cables were much better in my system. In my system the micro detail was much more life like with a sense of air that is not there with any other cable I have tried. The HiDiamond cables sound more analogue to me, will the HF cables sounded more analytical which for some people that is exactly what they prefer. The great thing is there really is no right or wrong but instead what works best in our own system. The HiDiamond D8 speaker cables give me that last octave and real energy but to be honest I have not ever heard the High Fidelity speaker cables only their RCA interconnects. The game changer for me is when I combined all HiDiamond cables with the HiDiamond P4 power cables which is not available currently by HF. I like that HiDiamond is not testing their technology but rather has perfected their technology. I
think what is most important is that there are now real game changer cable manufacturers available for people that enjoy taking their system
to the next level
Hi Paz307,
I have found the High Fidelity, not so much analytical, as detailed and a bit thin. It's all there...just a little less dense. The body has been getting beefier with time. How long did you trial the HF's?
In reading about these two cable manufacturers, some of the comments were interesting. The HF cable seems to offer more clarity but seems to lack in comparison the emotion. I think I understand this description but I want to clarify by asking does piano, stand-up bass, large drums and horns have the correct tone, bite and what I call wood around the sound? IMO, I prefer the wood around the instruments sound and do not want lose that for what some describe as clarity or what has been described as natural sounding. If the speed of the cable takes that away then IMO the cable has a sound to it. Yes the cable that provides the more wood tone/sound also has a sound, but it is one that I prefer.

So if someone can clarify which of the cables provide the sound that I prefer (maybe you don't prefer) so that I can make my decision about which cable to try first in my system.

Thanks for your replies and Happy Listening.

Any perceived thinness in bass for the HF cables is due to not enough breakin of the cables. the musicality is there in spades, as is the bass, once the cables are properly broken in. It DOES TAKE PATIENCE.

I am inpatient as the next guy, but stuck with it for several hundred hours. My HF cables have really opened up and far surpass what the HD ics and speaker cables were able to bring to my system. The cables are much better than I expected them to be.

One cautionary note - the HF cables are not "tuning devices" - they will very organically reflect your components and bring out their capability better than any other cables I have tried, including HD.
Fplanner2000, have you experienced a loss of gain with the HF? The depth of staging with the HF-E speaker cable is of such that instruments come off quieter, encouraging me to increase the volume. Depending on the source material, occasionally I run out of gain. I did not experience this with the CT-1 ic's.
Also, have you tried the HD speaker cable? Which model and for how long? I was told by the distributor they also take 100's of hours to sound their best.
Fplanner2000, I think there was an initial HF interconnect and I think there have been changes to that design that took the cable from not only improving clarity and speed but to adding more of what I call the wood of instruments sound. SO I would like to know if anyone knows if this is true or what changed from the initial cable launch to the current version.

As far as I know, nothing has changed. Rick has added 3 models of further refinement and performance beyond the original CT-1(Enhanced, Ultimate and Ultimate Reference). In addition, as people are finally starting to listen to Rick and break them in for the duration he recommends, they are achieving much higher performance levels than when they originally put the cables into their systems.

There may or may not have been small running changes over the past several years as production evolved with the highest performance cables, but those would have been barely noticeable, if at all.

If you are talking about his earlier beta test cables, then yes, they have changed considerably for the better since then. That is the purpose of beta testing. Hope this helps.
I am using HF CT-1's. Made a more than noticeable improvement over previously used interconnects. Break-in was also considerably shorter. My biggest concern with the HF speaker cable is the loss of gain. Bass is more than plentiful. Occasionally, with approx. 60 hours of break-in, sound is flat and un-involving. Other times some of the best my system has offered.
I have seen the CT1 in black cardboard boxes and also wooden boxes. What is the current packaging for the CT1?
I would first like to start by saying that my reference for sound is not my home audio system but rather my reference is from playing musical instruments like the acoustic guitar and piano for the past 30 years. I also enjoy small intimate live jazz bands that I try to attend every month in Florida. In my opinion all great singers and musicians have the ability to suck you in to their performances by allowing you to be emotionally connected to them and in my system that is exactly what the HD cables do. The HF cables that I tested were fully broken in and did sound very good on my system but I definitely found that the HF cables lack some emotion compared to HD cables: some people would describe this sound as thin. As I said previously; it is really great to see cables that bring this great hobby to another level and in my system I just prefer the emotion of the HD cables over the HF cables. The break in on my HD cables was also very long but right out
of the box HD cables portray the emotion of the artist and venue. I do not want to say my home system sounds the exact same as a live performance but with the HD cables it is as close as I have heard it and no other cable that I have owned or tried has ever had the ability to do that to my system.
Siddh, I have had the CT-1E speaker cables in my system for about six months now. I must have about six hundred hours on them. I also have a set of CT-1 Jumpers so I can Bi-Wire. They have about three hundred hours.

I used the HiDiamond D7 Speaker Cables. However I used two sets so I could run from the two pairs of outputs on Veritas Mono blocks to the two pairs of inputs on my B&W 802D speakers. In the past on I ran two pairs of speakers instead of one pair and a Jumper it always sounded better with two.

The two pairs of D7 did a wonderful job and was one of the best I have had in my system. But the HFC are better in most ways and no less then equal in others.

I also have had the HD D2 XLR Interconnect and P3 Power cords. At one time I had a full HD loom.

I was not impressed by the D2 or the P3. They are competent, they just do not excel like the D7 did. And I had them in my system for over five hundred hours.

As to your concerns about the base. Wait for it, wait, wait, wait, there it is. It will come but the sound will also evolve over time so be patient.

You will get plenty of real, tight, lifelike sounding base vs an over abundance base, with bloat or loose base.

On some songs when it is in the recording and it calls for that deep moving base it is there in spades, as I feel the floor rumble and my pants legs wiggle.
Hello Hifial...thanks for your input. I am not realizing an issue with bass. I find the HF cables to be extremely reactive to the source material, especially in regard to the bottom end. No exaggeration or bloat. Unlike the Ct-1 ics's, though, the Enhanced speaker cable has brought down my gain by a noticeable and undesirable amount.
Comparisons of the HD 8 speaker cable to the HF is surprising, in that they have many similar attributes. The HF is more refined with better delineation, but the HD is quite good in both these areas. The slam and density, at least so far is more prominent with the HD. This makes listening easier and more relaxing for me with my system.
Maybe, the mix of HF ic's and HF speaker cable is proving to bring out the goods for my tastes.
I have not had anyone respond to the question of drop in gain.
Your post is an example of why you have to try something in your system to really know what you`ll hear. My deep appreciation for the HF CT1 E and U version is due to the emotional involvement they provide in my system, superb! The sense of human soul and flesh on the bone presence is very compelling and I`m completely connected with the music. So for what ever reason there may be, our impressions are different. I`m glad you found a cable that suits your objectives, that`s the bottom line.
Paz307, your statement about "emotionally connected" with the HD cables is one that you and others have used many times on the HD thread. Also the "lifelike" aspect. Those statements and others like them on the HD thread led me to order a fukk loom of HD cables. I had them first burned in on a Cable Cooker and then played several hundred hours of music through them before any evaluation. At one point I had a HFC CT-1 interconnect with two pairs of HD D7 Speaker cables.

Well, I must say I never once experienced what you and others have described with a full loom of HD. Again even after over five hundred hours plus the cable cooker. However I have experienced that with the HFC with a full loom.

Now, I am not saying you have not experienced that in your system. But I have also loaned my HD cables to a few of my fellow Club Members and not one of them were impressed with the HD Cables.

Please keep in mind I have a very resolving and transparent system so I do hear subtle changes.

I am glad you are happy with the HD cables as we each must find what works in our own systems.
Siddh, I never meant that the HD cables are poor when it comes to base, just that many others are and used that as a comparison.

As far as "gain" I am perplexed. I never had a problem with gain at all. You should contact Rick and HFC and talk to him about it. He is very willing to help in anyway he can.

The one thing I have noticed about the HFC Cables is that they lower the noise floor by a huge amount and allows me to turn the volume up to levels I could never do before. Before at those levels there was too much noise along with the music.

Mind you this is with Amps and a DAC that are some of the most noise free around.

Give Rick a call.
Prior to replacing the HD 8 speaker cables with the HF Enhanced Rick forewarned me that due to the reduction in distortion I would need to increase the volume. Unexpectedly, depending on the recording, I occasionally turn up the volume pot a full 4-5 notches. This is a setting I have never pushed my amp to. Undoubtedly, I really enjoy playing loud. I agree with the repeated assessment of the full loom being deeply resolving.
What do you think, though...if I lay the HF back in after 4 days of removal, do I begin from the start?
To all; Most of us know that when you disconnect and reconnect a cable that it needs sometime to "settle" and come back into its own before sounding its best again.
Some need very little time and others much more.

Well the HFC needs way more time then most might realize. The HFC, once disturbed, needs additional time for the Magnetic Conduction to reach the same level as it had before, once it has been disconnected.
Siddh. You do your self a disservice by changing your cables back and forth. You only have about 60 hours on the HFC so after 4 days of removal you have not lost all but I would say a good amount because it was only 60 hours. If it had a couple of hundred then no, it would only need several hours to a day or so for the Magnetic Conduction to be back. Place the HFC in and leave it untouched for over a hundred hours, double if you can. At least then you start to get a feel for that sound of the HFC. Also after the HFC has been connected and then you replace it with the HD, the HD will benefit from the Magnetic Conduction of the HFC for a while. More right away and then it will diminish over a short period of time (hours not minutes).

This just my understanding and experience.
"As far as "gain" I am perplexed. I never had a problem with gain at all. You should contact Rick and HFC and talk to him about it. He is very willing to help in anyway he can.

The one thing I have noticed about the HFC Cables is that they lower the noise floor by a huge amount and allows me to turn the volume up to levels I could never do before. Before at those levels there was too much noise along with the music."

Al, this is EXACTLY my experience.

"Also after the HFC has been connected and then you replace it with the HD, the HD will benefit from the Magnetic Conduction of the HFC for a while. More right away and then it will diminish over a short period of time (hours not minutes).

This just my understanding and experience."

Al, this is ALSO my experience, swapping "other" cables, besides HD.

Magnetism plays a very mysterious role in electronics.
ditto re the gain, the HFC CT1E in fact has upped the volume by nearly a full db in my system. Compared to the HD8 it has definitely more air and resolution, no contras.
Agree with Hifial, the less tampering and moving of the High Fidelity cable the better. This cable doesn't lend itself to swapping in and out for quick comparisons.
I would say after 30 plus years of playing in this great hobby, my system is also very resolving and bordering on live sounding. With my DCS front end and Pass Labs combined I need a very phase coherent cable that has no tendencies at all and that is where all other cables have failed in my system. I also tried the D7 speakers cables and at $1300 for a 2 meter set I thought they were very good sounding but the D8 speaker cables are a complete different level; not sure why. I also run a full loom of HD cables and have P4 power cables throughout the system rather than mixing and matching cables. I did have some of the second tier cables by HD and thought they were very good for the money but the HD top cables are a complete different level than their second tier cables, as I assume this is true with other top cable manufacturers. I am not sure what HFC speaker cables cost but at $2300 the D8 is the best speaker cable I have heard in my system over the last
30 years with a bass energy that takes my speakers down a full octave. The P4 power cables also are the best I have heard and at $1800 they cost almost 1/3 of the cost of my previous power cables. I did find adding the P4 to complete the loom made a huge difference with the overall sound because other power cables that I tried with the HD speaker cables and interconnects were getting exposed. I not saying what you heard in your system was not what you heard but now that I am using the top HD cables and P4 power cables combined, the real emotion is there and with other cables is was only close.
I totally agree that disconnecting any cable can really hurt the sound of that cable for many hours after reconnection and perhaps even more so on the HFC because of their design but I do not understand how any cables hooked up after you take the HF cables off would benefit; could you please explain?
Honest cable swapping between HFC and other brands is difficult - because the magnetic conduction charges the signal path through your components. So putting in brand X after HFC allows it to benefit from a charged signal path that can takes days to wear off.

I have the CT-1E speaker cables, and have also had the normal CT-1 speaker cables along with a heap of other speaker cables such as Tellurium Q. I have not noticed much gain changes at all, so you may have a system/cable mismatch with your amplifier or speakers. You should post what gear you are currently running so people can note this.
What I called "wood" sound others call flesh, emotion, etc. I get that part. I also find it hard to evaluate some opinions since the system is not listed. I can understand some of the comments on how each cable sounds but with regards to bass, that is a tricky one. I have recently changed speakers and each speaker has a different sound and reproduces each frequency range differently. I have read some comments on bass reproduction and I would like to know what speakers you are using because I don't feel that each speaker can really reproduce certain lower mid bass and lower bass frequencies that well. So the comments to me are not that helpful overall in understanding those observations. It also seems that some use cables to correct a system failure such as clarity, depth, dimension, soundstage. In my experience most of that comes from the preamp. My partner and I build are own preamp and I would seriously doubt that what we build anyone else has really experienced. Not to say that your system or preamp isn't doing what you want it to do but in the design, I found it hard to choose the sound for the preamp because each part had an overall change to the sound, similar to how many are describing how each cable changes the sound to their liking. The preamp I build actually has a selector switch so that you can change the sound to one you prefer with your system. I found it hard to build something that was only for my system or my ears or based on the sound that I preferred, like most of the comments above. I have been out of the cable game for some time now as designing the preamp took close to three years and I am still making final adjustments. Getting back to the cable comparisons, I think I understand the differences between the cables, some feel that the HD cable is more emotionally involving, and that is what I felt the HF cable lacked when I heard the original beta test cable I heard. I spoke to Rick about this and he told me that he understood what I was referring to and that he was using a longer burn in on the cables that would eliminate this. I have not had the time to play around with cables but was interested in knowing what everyone was hearing. SO thanks for the comments and keeping the thread informative versus one person bashing the other cable.

Happy Listening.

PS anyone in the NYC area? I would love to hear the cables in your system.
Bigkidz, where in the NYC area are you from? I live not to far from Giants Stadium.

Let me give you some background of my system;

Speakers: B&W 802D

Amps: Veritas Mono Blocks by Merrill Audio

Source: exaSound e20 MK III .082 Clock with a Paul Hynes Power Supply and a dedicated Mac Mini Quad Core-16GB RAM-128GB SSD just for OS-Boot Camped ML and W8/Pure Music, A+ and J River-USB only to DAC-Thunderbolt to external HD for music files

Interconnect and Speaker Cables: High Fidelity Cables CT-1E and a CT-1 Jumper for Bi-Wire

Power Cables: Triode Wire Labs Ten Plus

Vibration Control: Stillpoints Ultra SS under the B&W 802D and Veritas amps, plus a Synergistic Research Tranquility Base with Stillpoints Ultra Mini under everything else resting on the Tranquility Base.

I DO NOT use equipment as tone controls. I strive to find what I call Extended PRAT (PRRAATTTED). Pace, Rhythm, Resolution, Attack, Air, Timing, Tone, Transparency, Extension, and Dynamics.

As I said in a post above, I do not find the HD Cables to be "emotionally involving". Nor did anyone who tried them in any of the Audio Clubs I belong to.

As to your above "What I called "wood" sound others call flesh, emotion, etc."
I have just upgraded my CT-1 to the CT-1E ( it has less then 24 hours of play) and I can already say it is worth the extra money. Right now I am "bopping" to the "Gene Harris Quartet" in DSD and I feel like they are live in my room. That is emotionally connected. And the CT-E is giving it to me in spades right out of the box. I can not wait to hear how much better it will sound as the burn-in proceeds.
Keep in mind I am benefiting from having the CT-1 in my system for so long before the CT-1E.

Hi Paz307. Could you tell me which HFC you had tried in you system and did you try them all at the same time? Also for how long were they in your system without being moved and about how many hours of play time were on them in your system? Your answers would help in answering you.

"I totally agree that disconnecting any cable can really hurt the sound of that cable for many hours after reconnection and perhaps even more so on the HFC because of their design but I do not understand how any cables hooked up after you take the HF cables off would benefit; could you please explain?"

Let me have some time to put my thoughts to words on this. But Rick can do a much better job then I will be able to.

On the HD cables. My disappointment and gripe is that so many on the HD thread here on Audiogon praised the D3 Power Cord using the virtues that you and Bigkidz express for the D4 PC and HD8 SC.
I am glad to hear that the higher end HD cables live up to the praise. But from my experience the mid point to three quarters point in a line should give one most of the bang (85-95%) for the $$$. When I bought the P3 it was at the top to just one below just after that. The D7 is one from the top (though I do like the D7 out of all the other HD I had in my system). The HD interconnect I had D2 XLR was one from the top. So seeing how for the most part all my HD were one from the top in the line I should have had 90%-95% of the top in the line.
By the way the price of $1,800 for a D4 is for a 1 Meter. I think most people would use a 1.5 to 2 MT at $2000-$2200. Not a huge amount but when most of us need several PC it adds up.
I would second Paz307 opinion, having own both Hd xlr 3 ,xlr2, D8 sc, P4,and HF ct1e IC , ct1 sc. Hd top of the line product are far much superior than their lower line , first I bought their p3 pc because reading the thread and found them to be good but not great but when I try one p4, it really something special,I now owned 8 of them .xlr 3 ,D8 also many steps above xlr2 and d7, but xlr2 already better cardas clear in my system. For HF ct1 and ct1e is also a great cable, they are more neutral and yes I always want to increase my volume to hear more and more, while Hd is a little warmer, with more air ,a little less precise (background not as black)but in my system very involving,I would say better wood sound. So it all depend on system and music you listened. In my opinion HF ct1 is much better than Hd xlr2 but HF ct1e is the same level with Hd xlr3 while HD d8 sc better HF ct1sc, but with full system of Hd top of the line including p4 pc ,the search is over for me.
HF interconnects CT1 E was the model I tried and the cable was fully broken in. I would first like to start by saying the HF cable was very good but in my system which can be very detailed to start with, the top HD cables brought out the emotion better than the HF cables. What I really like about this tread is that no one is trashing each other but instead just explaining what the differences were that they heard in their system. I did not try the HF speaker cables because for me the D8 speaker cables are simply stunning in every aspect. I did compare the D8 speaker cables to several other brands of top speaker cables when I first bought them, some costing 2-3 as more and the D8 are the best I have ever heard in my system. It was the combo of the top HD cables that took my system to the next level not just 1 cable. My experience was very similar to Noom, finding that the P4 power cables are simply another level compared to any power cable I have had in
my system and same goes with the D8 speaker cables and XLR3 interconnects but in my opinion this will be system dependent. In my system the best way to describe the difference is that the HF cables lean towards the analytical side and the HD cables lean more toward the analogue side.
Thanks Paz307. Your description is helpful. I will hook up with HiFiAl and see what I hear in my system. I use Audio Tekne interconnects which are Litz design, 500 copper strands. They really dig deep in to the music especially in the mids but lack a little bit in the upper frequencies. The beta HF cables I tested were very good but I thought they lacked that emotion or "wood" as I call it. For example stand up bass just did not have the full sound of the wood of the bass instrument, same with piano. It was more detected in direct comparison of each cable. As I mentioned, I spoke to Rick about this and he advised me that the newer design changed this and it was mostly because of the amount of time to break the cables in and how he cooked them before sending them out or something like that.

Happy Listening!
Bigkidz, I have owned the exact Audio Tekne interconnects that you currently own and you are correct they do lack in the upper frequencies as well as the very last octave. I also felt the same way in regards to your description of the HF cables. Either your ears or system is similar to mine and my suggestion for an emotional experience try HD cables. It doesn't mean HF cables are bad but perhaps just not right for your system.

So can you describe the difference in the AT versus the HD cables? Which model of the HD are you using, what versions did you try? Last what version of the HD ICs would begin to offer better sound compared to the AT ICs?
bigkidz, The AT cables for me were very veiled and I just don't like cables that are rolled off at the top and bottom. In my opinion a much better comparison would be the HD versus the HF cables because they are both excellent cables. When I say I tried some second tier cables by HD I really mean the HD cables that are second from the top. I tried the P3 power cable and could have easily lived with that power cable but at 3 times the money the P4 is the best power cable I have heard and it should be at 3 times the money. The D7 and D8 speaker cables are both excellent but for some reason the D8 speaker cables just take my system to another level. I have had a couple of different RCA interconnects but I am now XLR 3 throughout. For me I hate spending stupid expensive money on cables and I personally think HD cables are great value even on their top models. I cannot give you any recommendation because I have no idea what your system consist of, I only know what I hear in my system.
I would suggest you find what is missing from your system and contact both HD and HF for their recommendation.
Anyone have heard the improved HD digital ref RCA in their system? IME, the HF CT1E digital is a much better fit (better imaging, more airy) than the mid 2013 model of the HD digital ref, it beats also my Tara Labs ISM Onboard Digital 0.8 XLR in terms of resolution. I need another digital RCA for my system and would like to hear other opinions/suggestion before investing more in HF.
Ok some initial impressions of Hidiamond XLR 3.
I also had the High Fidelity CT-1U for about 900 hours before getting HD.

Last 6 months ICs I used by order: HiDiamond 8 RCA > JPS SC3 XLR > Gabriel Gold reflection V2 RCA > High Fidelity CT-1 > CT-1U > Hidiamond 9 RCA > Hidiamond XLR3

My DAC is exactly same as a member Hifial here (exaSound e20 mkIII .082ps clock)
amps: emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks
speakers: Magnepan 3.6R with custom crossover + 2 REL subs in stereo config.

XLR3's sound is very natural and smooth yet very resolving. Probably second most resolving cable I've had so far. First is still the CT-1U.
Harmonically very rich and cable strikes good balance between analytical vs musicality. Mids are quite dense and lush. I can't stop listening to any of the music with a vocal in it.
Sound-stage is very good. Width and depth portrayed very convincingly without hollow spots at 10 and 2oclock position, height pretty good too. Timbre is spot on.
(I played violin, viola and piano for 20 years)
There is one test track I use extensively to check the transient speed.. HiDiamond is slightly slower than High Fidelity CT-1U in this regard. However CT-1U was slightly leaner sounding in my system.
Overall I really like the HD XLR 3! HiDiamond and High Fidelity are both great cable companies. I must've went through at least 20 different IC manufacturers before and they are among the very best.

I am a long time user and admirer of Rick's cables; including several Virtual models to the CT-1 and CT-1E ic's and speaker cable. A friend introduced me to the CT-1 about a year ago. The cables helped transform his system into a musically accurate representation of the venue. I had not ever heard reproduced organ sound this real. I purchased a used pair of CT-1 ic's, which improved my systems overall performance; most notably, bottom end, inner detail and imaging.
My friend's system required balanced ic's, bringing him to try Hidiamond cables. He went for a full loom, including P4 power cables, D3 balanced ic's, and D8 speaker cables.
While his cables were breaking in I auditioned a CT-1E speaker cable. I experienced gain issues, so Rick shipped a high gain version. It worked noticeably better, with great frequency extension, detail, staging, and tonal accuracy, with the quietest background I had heard; but the system lacked impact, density, and most importantly...musical involvement. I still felt wanting.
I eventually went all Hidiamond, except for one CT-1 ic from preamp to amp. It is hard to describe, only to say I have gone weeks without wanting to make any changes. For me that is a revelation. My system has never been more musically involving, with no lack of detail. Front to back, and side to side imaging has created a layered 3D effect producing the illusion of an instrument's full weight and body. The speakers disappear.
I need to emphasize that this is in my system in my room. I do not suggest this cable, or any cable is the be-all-end-all of cabling. From the threads expressing success with High Fidelity one would think no need to look further, but fortunately I did...and so far I am once again caught up in the music.
Siddh, it really a surprise to me ,I thought I'm alone who did that, I also have full loom of high diamond P4 pc, D8 sc, xlr 3, it sound very satisfying,
I also have HF ct1 , ct1 e, ct1 u RCA , and ct1 SC, with full loom it sound very nice too,but I prefer High diamond as they are more involving, but after test and trial, at the end I've all high diamond and one hi fidelity ct1u between my pre to amp , which I thought it was the best sounding for my system, the sound quality is superb .
Hi Noom,
An odd coincidence, the one HF ic amongst a full loom of HD. I am also using P4 power cords, which I think are some of the best cords I have tried; one D9 ic going form turntable to phono; and D8 speaker cable. Lastly, a HF CT-1 ic. Each piece of wire was added individually, bringing more density and body. If I find a great deal on a used pair of 1.5-2 meter pair of rca's in CT-1E or D9, I may go for it. But, as is, extremely satisfying.
Hi Siddh,
Yes, an odd coincidence. For HD P4 power cord, I think you can hardly find better at this price, I've compared it to one which cost 7x more and still
Prefer P4,although the other cable has blacker background ,more focus and deeper stage but after listening for few day, it is not as involving as P4.
I was a cable disbeliever for 20years and now I've to admit that adding good cable sometimes better than changing gears.
Happy listening
So Noom and Siddh, would you say the HF interconnects are standout products compared to their speaker cables? I have heard there is 2 versions of the HF speaker cables. One is high gain, while I suppose the other is low or normal gain.

To max out to HF ultimate reference speaker cables is over 10k the Hidiamond 8 and 9 are more sane prices. I have the HF CT1 speaker cables at the moment, but have not been able to compare with the Hidiamond cable. Upgrading the HF interconnects are a lot more affordable, especially when we are talking about 3 mter speaker cables per side.
I cannot comment on which cable is better. In my system, for whatever reason, the HF ic is working quite well. Rick, prior to my auditioning the speaker cable, suggested the technology of the sc would likely transform my system. It did bring a blackness and clarity I had not previously heard, but as I earlier posted, the feeling of relaxing with the music...allowing my self to indulge in the performance was better realized with the D8.
As far as the ic's go, I have replaced a CT-1 to D9, from phono to tt, with great success. I have nearly 150 hours on it. I will give the cable additional hours and possibly switch back to the CT-1.