Any suggestions for DIN-XLR interconnects?

Aside from the Chord, and Nordost Blue Heaven, any suggestions for available cables that are DIN - XLR terminated, that would do justice to a Naim CD5 to Mark Levinson Reference 32 set-up? Rest of system is Purist Audio Dominus from pre-amp to Krell KMA 160s and Synergistic Research Reference X2 speaker cables to Wilson Watt Puppies.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Are you aware that Purist Audio Dominus is available DIN-XLR by special order?

I love Purist so that would be my first suggestion. I am assuming you favor Purist since you already own it.
Also Naim can terminate any pair of IC's to a DIN termination for your CD5. I do not know what they charge though. I believe they can also upgrade your player to have RCA jacks instead of DIN. I have found them to be very responsive to emails and calls. I have a pair of Kimber's Silver Streaks terminated by Naim for my CD5 at work. I purchased these from an A'gon member in Canada. One other thing you may want to check if the CD5 is new to you: if it is a used CD5 check to see which PIC (chip) it is running. The earlier versions with the older chip (P501) will not play certain copyright protected disks. There is a simple procedure to check which chip your unit has which is outlined on the Naim site. If you do have the older one, Naim offers an upgrade kit which you should be able to get from your dealer for about $75. It is pretty simple to install - if you can add RAM to your computer you can certainly switch the PIC on the CD5. If you just bought the unit new, it likely has the newer chip (P109) in it already so you don't have to worry - the newer chip plays all CP cd's I've encountered flawlessly. It is a great redbook player! Enjoy.

There is plenty of information on the copyright protection issue (as it applies to Naim players) and PIC replacement on the Naim forum thread here. This is the UK site. The gentlemen I contacted at Naim USA was Malcolm in customer service. He was very helpful.

Thank you, Albertporter and Jax2. Very helpful comments. Strange that Purist wasnt suggested by the excellent Cable Company, who sold me my first pair of Purist Maximus Speaker cables in the 90s and made me a big Purist fan. I will certainly pursue this. Any experience with Silver Audio
Appassionata? By the way, currently Synergistic Research have undertaken to terminate the Reference Fx in DIN for this purpose, but I haven't had confirmation.