Interconnects for Bryston Power & Pre Amp

I am setting up a system that includes a Bryston 4BST amp with a Bryston B25 pre amp. I will be driving Wharfedale Evo 30's with this system. I will be using a Marantz CD player. I also have a Musical Fidelity tube buffer that I will try with the system. I will keep the tube buffer if there is a noticeable positive difference.

I need to obtain interconnects for the system. My plan is to use a balanced connection between the pre and power amp and RCA interconnects between the cd and the tube buffer. I have been looking at the Signal Cable products due to the positive reviews and the moderate price.

Does anyone have suggestions using the Signal Cable in this system or do you have any other suggestions. Please keep in mind I have a moderate budget for the interconnects at this time.

Thanks for your help.
Go with Signal on your budget,good luck,Bob
Hi, I'm useing the Bryston 4BST and the BP20, but also use a Music Reference tube preamp. From the 4Bst to the BP20 use Audioquest diamond 3 XLR and to the Music Reference use Audioquest diamond RCAs so can switch them as I have my system split, this works well. I use Franks signal ac cables, but the biggest improvement is on the M.R tube preamp. I hear the Bryston cables are good and resonable, you may want to check them out. I am useing electrostatics and they just love that 4BST. Hope this of help.
I use AZ Matrix II between the Bryston 4Bst and Cary SLP98L with great results.
I have the 4B-SST and the BP-26 with the Dac option. I have tried Monster RCA's, Analysis Plus Solo Crystals RCA's, Nordost Wyreworld Dreamcaster XLR's, and Wireworld Eclipse 5 XLR IC's. I could not hear a great difference between the Nordost which I own and the Wireworld which I tested. However, the Wireworld was new, and I did not have the time to break it in. I found a good deal on Wireworld Polaris 5 XLR's, and I will use these between amp and pre-amp, and between pre-amp and cd player. I would strongly recommend you stick to your plan to use an XLR connection hear. Try to find the best deal you can, before you buy with either new or used IC's, speaker cables or power cords. I would not recommend you spend a fortune on your wires. Put your money in a better cd player, a second digital pre-amp, or speakers. Hope this helps.
Hello, GHW. Welcome to the 'goN BTW. I am a Bryston owner myself and did some IC fiddling some time back. All low priced stuff. No Valhalla's here!

Signal cable is pretty good. A'gon member Drubrew's stuff is good too. It's made from DH Labs bulk stock I believe. I finally settled on Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway III's. It just works with Bryston Gear. Balanced usually under 300.00.

I strongly recommend them.

I've got a Bryston 4NRB and BP-20. For years, I used a pair of Audioquest Ruby XLRs for connectivity. About 6 months ago, I switched over to a pair of Kimber Hero XLRs and am very pleased with the smooth neutral sound of the Kimbers, especially for the price. They have nice synergy in my system and only run about $150 for a 1M pair.

I recommend either Harmonic / Tech Pro Silway 111's or if
budget permits go to H/T Magic interconnects. H/T Pro 9 speaker cables really finish my Bryston 4bsst Bp25 system off well.

Dave D. Toronto Canada