Equipment purchase that made you want to get off the Merry Go Round (good or Bad)

So, I just auditioned another pair of speakers after reading the reviews and getting caught up in the hype. 
I won't name any specifics since I'd rather not start that type of debate.
Anyway, I was excited to get them but once I hooked them up ran them for a week my impression of the sound was these aren't for me. Nothing new here we have all done this a some point in our quest for great audio. 
However this time I had the strong feeling that I am staying put for a long while unless something breaks. 

Have you ever reach the conclusion that you are done for a while either because you maybe found the missing puzzle and achieved the sound you are looking for or in my case over-reached and bought something you didn't need falling prey to the hype of reviews,  
Yep.  When I bought my Silverline Bolero speakers I closed the book on that pursuit.  Left some otherwise fine speakers in the dust. :-)
"I am staying put for a long while unless something breaks."

Welcome to the club. I've been on the wagon for many years now.  Just replace  one consumable item-phono cartridge from wear or  unexpected disaster.

I just need 2 things- a working turntable and a good FM tuner. Seeing and hearing  nice unaffordable gear at stores/shows is enough.

Tannoy Canterbury’s.....ended my pursuit and desire for any other speakers out there!!!

Electronics: Accuphase E-650 and EMM Labs DA2 (DAC) 
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Have you ever reach the conclusion that you are done for a while

Yes. Every time. Well I learned long ago there's no greater waste of time and money than to buy stuff just to be buying stuff. So I research the you know what out of it. As a result, pretty much everything I buy is the last one for a good long while. Ten, 15 years.  

But realize, there's a lot of components in a system. And the system itself, the whole thing, is never done. But that doesn't make it a merry-go-round. Only you can do that. To yourself. Its your choice. So.... don't.
Magnepan 3.7i speakers with a Pass 250.8 amp and Pass XP10 pre is keeping me mighty happy.
“When I bought my Silverline Bolero speakers I closed the book on that pursuit.”

 I loved my Bolero speakers and every time Newbee mentions them I feel a tug at my heartstrings. Great final speaker. 
I typically only purchase audio stuff out of a need for a particular sound that I like, I dont know how to explain it other then it has to sound "right" for me. I am sure that everyone has a different "right" sound they are chasing otherwise we wouldnt be spending money on this hobby. I also wanna say that to spend the minimum amount possible and still achieve the results your looking for is quite a feat. Spending $$ comes from a love of music that started at a very young age with my father having a fairly decent system and playing it loudly on weekend mornings.

Over the years I had obtained different pieces of gear and I put together some dam good sounding systems.......THE BAD: I had a pair of Mirage M3 speakers ($3000 1989) and after having those for 10 years I grew tired of the giant monolithic look and downsized to a pair of EPOS ES 22’s ($2500) then because I was unhappy I purchased 2 more($1500 got a deal)!! Having four speakers was a improvement but not the "right" sound, I know just shoot me. THE GOOD: It REALLY started for me around the year 2002 when I purchased a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.0 floor standing speakers ($5000), then around 2008 I  bought a real sweet amplifier and traded my MC7200 for a McIntosh MC352 Double balanced push pull stereo amp ($4500). The quest for a great sounding Pre Amp led me to the Manley Labs Jumbo Shrimp tubed line stage $2100 (2015). My quest for the ultimate turntable led me too the JA Michell Gyro SE $3800 (2017) after having Thornes and Project high end tables, the Gyro SE has the "right" sound for me. I also added a Manley labs Chinook Phonostage $1700 and a Dynavector 20X2L $995 around 2014. All of these upgrades brought me to the "right " sound I have today and for the last 3-4 years I have been very content with my system and I have been listening!

P.S. Components I didnt keep or replaced included a Project Xtension 10 ,Clear Audio Maestro V2 ebony MM , Rega P3, Dynavector 10X5 HOMC, Grado Sonata Reference MI, BAT VK 32se pre amp, Modwright SWL 9.0 linestage (excellent pre),McIntosh MC7200, McIntosh C41, McIntosh MC7300, C32 pre amp, McIntosh MC2255, Mirage M3 spks, Epos ES 22 spks.

This only took 15-20

Matt M
Bought my receiver in 1981. First and last. Speakers in 1989; 2nd and last. TT in 1984, 2nd and last. Cartridges....I have 90 carts. But I rotate the 20 I like best.
In the same way I breakdown my stock portfolio I went back and ran a Financial plan on my quest for sound. Results were that I have made some good buy and some bad buys. Like stocks I move on from bad buys and hopefully learn from it. Trouble is there is always another Apple hopeful coming to market that we belly up to the hype from the analysts and can’t miss out on. This platform is just like stock analysts with recommendations and we take the bait. Then throw in new technologies and the game never ends.
I just did this...sold me Tekton moabs and 4-10 subs for sick deal on speakers I never thought I could afford. Mcintosh XRT30s...I was disappointed. So, sold those and I’m back in line waiting for my new Tekton’s. I’m done for a long while! Only bright side is that I actually made a little money. I’d still rather just go back in time and put it all back.

Good luck with your return to the Tekton's.

As Joni Mitchell sang
" Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone"
I don't understand the post.

First you say the speakers you bought "aren't for you".

Then you say    "I am staying put for a long while unless something breaks."

So what does that mean? You are keeping the speakers you don't like? Or you are keeping your old speakers? 


I sold my speakers and bought my dream Speakers. I was disappointed in my dream speakers so I found somebody else that had the same dream and sold them to them. Now I am back in line waiting to buy the new speakers from the manufacture that I had originally
“So what does that mean? You are keeping the speakers you don't like? Or you are keeping your old speakers? “

Sent the speakers back that I auditioned, decided that my current setup is just fine.
Staying put with what I have (old speakers / current speakers). 
I’ve not made any major component purchases in 5 years. No plans to make any major purchases either until my phono cartridge finally throws in the towel. It’s an old Linn Arkiv B which my dealer inspected and listened to over the summer and said it’s still making music!