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100 W Tube Amplifier Malfunctioned
The fair deal is a 50/50 split on the bill.  
Are Shakti Stones effective?
Once you get  them,Then what do you do? Just set them on the metal box of the component? 
What's wrong with my speaker?
Liquid nails 
Is it my amp or my speakers?
Get ROON and use the parametric equalizer and the speaker set up tools to make some adjustments  
Equipment purchase that made you want to get off the Merry Go Round (good or Bad)
I’m not sure how else to explain it 
Equipment purchase that made you want to get off the Merry Go Round (good or Bad)
I sold my speakers and bought my dream Speakers. I was disappointed in my dream speakers so I found somebody else that had the same dream and sold them to them. Now I am back in line waiting to buy the new speakers from the manufacture that I had ... 
Are cable recommendations worth anything?
Months ago I read an article about 2 scientists did a double blind study testing an expensive cable vs a coat hanger. The coat hanger won. That’s where I’m at with cables. 
Equipment purchase that made you want to get off the Merry Go Round (good or Bad)
I just did this...sold me Tekton moabs and 4-10 subs for sick deal on speakers I never thought I could afford. Mcintosh XRT30s...I was disappointed. So, sold those and I’m back in line waiting for my new Tekton’s. I’m done for a long while! Only b... 
Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
Like others have said, Carver. I own one and you can touch the tubes it’s so cool. My new MacIntosh MAC 275 is similar it runs very cool. Make sure that you get generation six 
Tekton Design Moab
When you call just let the phone ring and ring and ring. If Tammy is busy then it rolls over to Eric‘s cell phone. I called her three times today and every time got somebody 
Tekton Design Moab
#speedbumpWhat time are you trying to call them? I talk to Tammy on Monday and Eric on Tuesday. I’m supposed to call Eric back today about my new speakers. You might try calling at a different time. 
Tekton Design Moab
Eric told me they were designed for headbangers. He told me I would hate them. I said I liked the 2 15” woofers and the cabinet size. I asked him if he could put the tweeter array from the Moab in there instead and he said he would. He had to make... 
Tekton Design Moab
Hey MC, what are your thoughts on this speaker from Eric. It’s called the polycell 
Tekton Design Moab
Wow, you were in some tough shape. I was there for many many months. I remember being on a ventilator like it was yesterday, I remember every time I see myself in the mirror because of the hole that’s still in the bottom of my neck where they put ... 
Tekton Design Moab
Hey MC! Glad to hear you didn’t kick the bucket. Sounds like it was pretty close. I kind of wondered because I didn’t see you posting anywhere but I didn’t want to be too nosy, I figured somebody would post some news at some point if you were sick...