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Roon Support, or lack thereof
I’ve got a new view on Roon, it sucks! I can’t figure out how to get it to stop dumping music that I don’t want into my library. Every week I have to go through and delete all the junk it drops in there. It’s not even stuff you would think I’d lik... 
All New Furutech PROJECT V1 Power Cable The New KING Of Power Cables ?!
This is the dumbest most ignorant crap I’ve ever seen on this website. I can’t believe that people by this crap  
Why is used audio equipment so undesirable?
I’ve always made money or broke even on anything McIntosh  
Rose RS250 or Lumin U1 Mini?
Rose150 is awesome, I’ve owned both. LUMIN was very sterile to me  
Best room EQ?
For an audiophile…. Do whatever works for you! If you want room correction, old school equalizer, whatever works for you. No speaker is perfect no room is perfect no human being is perfect. Make whatever adjustments it takes to make it sound the w... 
10k Towers with biggest soundstage?
I’ve been working on this for over 2 years. Www.blueprintacoustic.com the system works with individual modules, lots of choices….you can even change the system down the road. Check out the CONFIGURATOR. You can build matching subs too.   
Best Home HIFi you’ve listened to
I’ve purchased call used Macintosh from this website. Not only did I pay around 60% of retail many of the things have gone up in value. It’s awesome music and money in the bank that you get a listen to. I know there are more eclectic brands out th... 
Those that upgraded from Tekton
Thank you thank you thank you. Spent the last few years working on it very hard.  
No frills speaker manufacturers
Try the CONFIGURATOR    www.blueprintAcoustic.com  
Anybody use a tube preamp with their home theater system?
Try McIntosh c-8…4 tubes. HT passthru  
Large room with low budget for speakers
Have you tried this ? We can put something together for you that will shake the entire house. Try the CONFIGURATOR    www.blueprintacoustic.com  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Fleetwood Mac rumors   
How Electricity Actually Works
You’re not imagining it  
Do you build anything for your high fidelity system? If so, what do you make?
Thank you much steakster!  
Do you build anything for your high fidelity system? If so, what do you make?
    Hey guys, What a great thread! I’m not sure if I’m breaking any rules but I would personally like to share some thing with everyone that I’ve been working on for the past 2 1/2 years.This thread seems like the perfect opportunity.   Some ...