Austrailian rock and roll

The recent "Obscure bands" discussion inspired me to bring up another sub-genre because many of the responses mentioned a few of these groups. Who are your favorite Australian rock and roll bands? Let's be specific and mention favorite individual albums.
A few bands from down under:
Crowded House
the Church
Hoodoo Gurus
Hunters and Collectors (Mark Seymour solo works)

My favorites from this group are the Hoodoo's first 2 albums "Stoneage Romeos" and "Mars Needs Guitars"
I also really enjoy Hunters and Collectors "Human Frailty and "Under One Roof". Gotta love a band with a full time French horn player that still shakes the rafters. Every now and then it is fun to crank it up a little. The Aussies know how to rock.
Flash and the Pan. Fronted by George Young, who is the older brother of Malcolm and Angus Young. They had a unique New Wave sound and the lyrics are more towards social and political commentary, as compared to the banal lyrics of AC/DC.
I saw Wolfmother in concert recently. Great show.
Specifically so far......
Divinyls, S/T...... I touch myself :)
Jet, Get born
Billy Thorpe, Children of the sun 
Tame Impala
Midnight Oil
The Church

the scientists
the new christs
lime spiders
dm3/the stems (great power pop)
would like to see a nz thread, as well...
Not a "band", per se, but a terrific performer, Mia Dyson. I have two of her releases, "Parking Lots" and "Struck Down", both excellent music.
I like Australian one-man band Tommy Emanuel
Gong has Australian origin band leader Daevid Allen, Not sure if you can call this band Australian...

I would throw New Zealand in there as well. Love Tommy Emmanuel and want to check out some of these other people.
My favorite ’folk rock’ band from Australia would have to be Angus & Julia Stone...The album 'Down the Way' is a good place to start.
Love Flash and the Pan.  I highly recommend their self-titled first album and Lights in the Night.  Definitely a sound that few others, if any, had, especially the barrel-rolling piano and organ.

Tommy Emmanuel is a guitar wizard and puts on a great live show.

Great suggestions of bands I'm unfamiliar with on this thread. 

I would add the Little River Band.  I listened to their 2-disc greatest hits compilation recently and was impressed with the creativity, musicianship and production.  Worth a listen, if you have the impression they were nothing but a bland soft-rock band.

How about Dead Can Dance -- partially Brittish/Australian mainly because of different origins of soloists with outstanding and powerful voices.

The Cat Empire
Check out their great and varied catalogue....😎

Did we forget the Beegees?
Born in Britain but grew up and formed their band in Queensland after emigrating to Australia.
Sailed to Britain after recording Spicks and Specks (which went to No 1 whilst they were afloat) and hooked up with another Aussie entrepreneur Robert Stigwood.
The they say is history.
And how about the Easybeats.....

Easy Beats had a big hit with Friday on My Mind.
Hoodoo Gurus. Dead Ringer Band (Kasey Chambers' family's Band---her dad, brother, and herself).
INXS? Their first album is pretty darned good, and they had a lot of hits after that...

Oh, and The Saints - classic 70s punk.
No love for Split Enz?  The Finn brothers had a gig before Crowded House.
Courtney Barnett is the best new artist out of Australia that I've heard in years. She's kinda exploding within alt/college radio and similar channels. Her 2 most recent albums are both worth checking out. The last one made many best of '15 lists. Cheers,
AC/DC and rest are ok...but to me best Aussie band by far is "The Cruel Sea"....their "This is not the way home" & "Honeymoon is Over" albums are masterpieces of Indie Rock music...also nice recorded...
Who could forget Men at Work?
Men at work...... Rock and roll? 
Thanks for the ideas. There are some really interesting groups here. I forgot to mention one artist who is an acquired taste for some people, but is a true original- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. He has very dark lyrics, but I like his baritone voice. "Die Lazarus Die"  and "Murder Ballads" are both worth checking out. An off the run offering from Nick Cave is the soundtrack to the movie "Lawless" which is about Depression era bootleggers in KY. The album features Mark Lanegan from the Screaming Trees on a few songs as well as bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley and Emmylou Harris. They all get together and perform a great version of Lou Reed's "White Light/White Heat" which serves as background music for the bootleggers driving their Model T's trying to escape from the revenuers. 
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05-20-2016 1:22pm
"Men at work...... Rock and roll?"

Men at Work had a big hit, Who Can it Be Now. Now, I wouldn't say it's hard rock but it probably is classified as rock and roll. Maybe pop rock would be more accurate. Or Southern rock.  Get it? Southern rock.

Men at work.....pop, pop rock or Reggae. IMHO

Maxnewid i agree...Cave is a God and category for it self...his every album is worth to check out...although not exactly pure rock...
Men At Work... an underrated band! "Business As Usual" sounds fantastic! "Down By The Sea" ... a great song! I try to infuse this lp into my normal listening.

geoffkait:, I'd suggest you re-listen, with an open mind.

How it will be classified is of no importance, IMO. Just re-listen!
Men At Work
When I was a musician, I worked on the remix of "Live it Up" by Mental as Anything, a pretty hot Aussie band way back when.  They used the song in the background of a Crocodile Dundee movie during a party scene.  
forgot my faves, you am i--one of the best band in the world. they sound like what the kinks or the who would sound like today if they hadn't lost their senses of humor.
Yeah, +1 for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds! Nocturama & The Boatman's Call are both standout LPs for me. Cheers,
So many great aussie bands/artists, and many already listed.

A few I like that are currently getting around:

Robert Forster (ex Go Betweens)
Halfway (sort of country-ish rock)
The Drones
Shining Bird
Ed Kuepper

soundfan, our tastes are aligned. gobetweens/ed kuepper are on my all-time list; unfortunately much of their best stuff (before hollywood, electrical storm, rooms of the magnificent) aren't on spotify, but totally worth having. i hadn't heard shining bird or halfway but will do so.
might as well add eternally yours by the saints (ed kuepper's ex) and the late grant mclennan's solo stuff
Master's Apprentice / great rock band,their self titled album and A Toast to Panama Red are brilliant.
Zo Zo Zep / another band from down under that had a local following.
Raindog got it right, The Cruel Sea IMO, is the best I ever heard.

I bought the two he mentioned as soon as they were released in 91 and 93.
Oops I meant Jo Jo Zep.
The Cruel Sea "The Honeymoon is Over"

Paul Kelly

Jeff Lang