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Austrailian rock and roll
The Cruel Sea "The Honeymoon is Over" 
Canadian rock and roll
Tea Party 
DIY Stereo Rack
If you want an alternative to using exposed threaded rods as the posts, try t slot aluminum extrusions. You can put the threaded rod through that and sandwich the top and bottom shelves together. If additional shelves are needed, there are accesso... 
Classic rock: best remasters
Lowrider, I have not compared KC's Court or Poseidon to earlier versions, but the 40th Anniversary Series are 2009 and 2010 remasters. As you explained, there great, everything you said is exactly how they are. Disk 2 on both is a dvd 2004 master ... 
What happened to Audio Aero?
Audiotomb, I am using the Philips VAM1202 with no problems. There is plenty of them on the bay for under $50. 
What happened to Audio Aero?
Considering the age and the ease of replacing the laser assembly, can't complain. Yes, with a few mods, the player still works and sounds great, for about 5 to 6 years, then new laser assembly. 
What happened to Audio Aero?
I still have the Capitole MKI cdp and has been pretty much trouble free. I had to replace the laser assembly a couple of times and a few mods and everything is good.Had a few of there amps which sounded fantastic with the cdp. Currently have the C... 
Best live albums from 1970's college days
Crack the Sky - Live Sky. 
Anyone still using a Rives Parc
Polk, you can also try out the Granite Audio Ultimate Low Bass Test CD from Music Direct. A very useful tool in finding room resonances (rattles) and room nodes in and outside of the room. I have never used a Parc, but in your case, I would get th... 
Monitors that compete with quality floorstanders??
You might be able to find a used pair of Wilson Benesch Arcs close to that price you are looking to spend. 
Great Trumpet Players and Albums - recommendations
Mark Isham - Blue Sun. 
Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status
The system has not been used since I got the MPCs back for some other repair mods going on. Hopefully in the next week or two I'll have everything up and running. As of now I am commenting on the service and the cost of the mod comparing to gettin... 
Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status
Michael S service is beyond A+. I sent both my SR MPCs out on a Wednesday and had them back by the following Tuesday. I had them both upgraded and the fuse repaired for less than the cost of purchasing a replacement for the one that was burned out... 
Need Advice on Subwoofer Selection
I'm using a pair of MJ Acoustics ref200 with synergistic ref speakon and subwoofer rca cables with WB Arcs with very good results. It also has a remote control with four presets which simplifies adjustments when needed. You can also use the speako... 
Do I have a "balance" problem?
Just suggesting, but would a volt meter reading at the amps binding post determine the accuracy of the amps output. If it is the same, great, if not, then that could be a problem.