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Wanting to test my system's (and room) ability to recreate bells - any suggestions?
Although not bells but xylophone  has the simalar note hang and decay. Try Bobby Hutcherson,Milt Jackson or  Lionel Hampton.The song Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower has bells in the opening. 
Looking for new to me Jazz music
Johnny Hodges can swing, give his two outings with Duke Ellington a listen,Side by Side and Back to Back.Blue Mitchell is a soulful jazz trumpeter,  give him a listen. Buy Blue Mitchell THE COMPLETE ALBUM COLLECTION1958-1963 a four disc set. Not a... 
Record Store Day---Drop 1 (2020)
Picked up Blood Flowers by The Cure and donated 800 dollars to President Trumps re election effort. 
Any ECM fans here?
Big ECM fan, own a few of their box sets like John Abercrombie and Charles Lloyd. I have discovered so many artists on their label. 
Replacement tubes for 5687
A year a tube is manufactured has an influence on sound to. TungSol 5687 from the 1950's is a whole different animal. It's what I use in my Modwright / Sony 9000es cd player. 
Adcom GFP 750 preamp problem
Get a room johnjohn. 
Cat Stevens.... Great Artist or Wacko?
Well his political views must have modified for the state dept. to re issue him a working VISA as he is touring in America. I enjoy Tea and Teaser but he lost me after that although I have played one of his recent works lately Roadsinger and enjoy... 
Your vote for greatest (covers) album
Faithful by Todd Rundgren 
1st press vinyl vs new vinyl something is terribly wrong here
06-26-2020 1:34amYes qdrone, it's how the original performance is doctored by fools who don't know what they're doing. In the old days musicians played into a couple of microphones recording direct to hi-speed 1 inch reel to reel. This recording... 
I wish these albums were available on vinyl
Venus Isles / Eric JohnsonNever released on vinyl although the cd sounds awesome. 
1st press vinyl vs new vinyl something is terribly wrong here
I used to be in the analog camp vs. digital but not anymore. It's how the source recording material is done now ah days. 
1st press vinyl vs new vinyl something is terribly wrong here
I have digital recordings that sound better than their analog counterparts. It's how the original source was recorded. My Iggy Pop cd of Brick by Brick blows away my analog vinyl copy. I have 45,000 invested in my analog front end but my cd player... 
1st press vinyl vs new vinyl something is terribly wrong here
Depends on the source material used in the re master process,always has. Besides the strides in the digital recordings these days if done right are as good as analog recordings imo. 
Pick my album
Depression River / Leeroy StaggersIf you like Steve Earle... 
What/who do you listen to that you feel is a bit of an unknown?
Ex Wall of Voodoo front man Stan Ridgway's solo work.