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Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin II
An original Bob Ludwig pressing ia the way to go. A promo or radio copy is advantageous to ensure it is from the original master by Ludwig. The Ludwig original master was dumbed down by Atlantic Records. 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
I'm gifted vinyl all the time because people know I'm a collector and I take them and go through them.A friend of mine whose mother passed gave me two boxes from which I found original pressings in mint shape  catalog ofPeter,Paul and MaryWillie N... 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
Cataloging? I go by genre, then alphabetically by last name in group or artist. For order  when released, if I dont know I google their discography. 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
I live in a record store period,started collecting in the 60's. I stopped counting when I went over 15,000 and 3 weeks ago I was buying something at Bob's market in Santa Monica and while paying the cashier I looked over to the spot where I bought... 
Besides Aja and zeppelin pressings, what others are demo level recordings?
Anything by Supertramp,original pressings. 
Considering a new SACD Player
Look around for a Modwright tube modified Sony cd player. I have a 999es that gives my Oracle Delphi VI / Graham Phantom II Supreme/ Sumiko Talisman Virtuoso DTI a run for its money.At this stage of the game it comes down to the recorded source to... 
The "1st Pressing" LP Hysteria- Is the terminology wrong?
The "1st Pressing" LP Hysteria- Is the terminology wrong?
I remember reading an article on Led Zep 2 where it pointed out that classical recordings were pressed first in the am when the vinyl vat had  a purer mix then rnr recordings that were done in the afternoon.  Led Zep 2 changed that,it was the firs... 
Fine trumpet , alto sax recordings?
Here's a couple for Trumpet. Both are disciples of Miles,his influence is all over their style.Nils Petter Molvear. Try Streamer or Baboon MoonTomasz Stanko.  Try From the Green Hill  
CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl
Without going though all the posts,imo it's the source material used and how well it was recorded. 
Whest Titan phonostage
I've owned a Titan Pro for 4 years and sent it in for an upgrade a year ago. It replicates great timbre,great separation of instruments,controlled upper extension and a very wide soundstage. That being said I think all things in my analog front en... 
Fine trumpet , alto sax recordings?
Music,Moonlight and Memories by the Jackie Gleason Orchestra is Bachelor or cocktail jazz  which features probably the sweetest sounding,mellow trumpet played by ex hard bopper Bobby Hackett you can imagine. Hackett wrote most of Gleason's materia... 
Vinyl reissue labels to avoid?
I own a few Jazz Wax recordings and find them very good. Their Coltrane Lush Life has great separation between instruments and vinyl was quite. No problem here with their catalog 
Phil Collins Remasters
But Seriously original pressing on vinyl is in my top ten sounding recordings in my collection.If you have a Columbia Record Club pressing of No Jacket Required replace it with an Original Pressing and be prepared to be blown away. Like night and ...