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Responses from soundfan

Metrum Musette or Schitt Gungnir Multibit?
Another plug for the Ares. A heck of a lot of Dac for the dollar. Love mine. 
Austrailian rock and roll
So many great aussie bands/artists, and many already listed.A few I like that are currently getting around:Robert Forster (ex Go Betweens)Halfway (sort of country-ish rock)The DronesShining BirdEd Kuepper 
Stylus for Audio Technica AT 15EA Cartridge
Thanks for the responses.In fact I ended up purchasing an AT-20SLa Cartridge instead of an AT-15. Apparently it still has it's original stylus fitted, so want to buy a back up or replacement, depending on it's condition when I receive it.So I gues... 
What is the Phono stage you have finished with?
Audio Icon PS3.An excellent tubed phono pre. Doesn't seem to get much attention outside of the UK for some reason. 
Searching For Sugar Man
I've been following his career since the late 70's.Cold Fact was quite a big selling album here in Australia. 
What is the Phono stage you have finished with?
I have owned a few, upgraded from the Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena to the Icon Audio PS3 MM MC tubed pre.Loving it too. 
When a Reviewer "likes" something
I never take magazine reviews with anything more than a pinch of salt.On the other hand, it's user reviews of a product which interest me, and it's those I try to take on board when evaluating a potential purchase. 
Fosgate Signature Phono Pre question
Thanks Lostbears.I assume you are happy with yours? I have read some good user reviews, although most users seem to have to roll tubes to maximise it's potential. Nothing wrong with that mind you. I have since found out that I can buy a unit with... 
AR the Turntable - worth it?
I owned a Merrill modded AR -The Turntable, and thought it was a great deck. I had excellent results with a rewired RB300 tonerarm, but recall having to troll the net for a 50hz spindle to be able to play the table at correct speed here in Australia. 
Direct drive vs belt vs rim vs idler arm
For what its worth I rate the Idlers as my favourite.I too have owned belt,dd and idler, and as good as my last dd sounded (slate plinthed Technics SP 10 MKII), it just wasn't as musical as a modded Lenco 75 I now use. 
Garrott P87 MC cartridge- specs anyone?
I have contacted Garrott, but they haven't bothered replying.No worry, I made contact with an former employee of the company who was quite helpful. 
Which LPs are on your permanent rotation?
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust. I have an original RCA pressing that sounds glorious and it's on the platter at least once a fortnight.Miles Davis: Live Evil Japanese pressingDire Straits: self titledI play vinyl every day, but the above are constant... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Miles Davis: Live EvilWhat a great album, and the japanese pressing is brilliant. 
Nirvana pressings
I've heard the Simply Vinyl version of Nevermind, and own a dutch original pressing of same album, and the original pressing is superior by a fair way. 
The many musical faces of Mr. Miles Davis?
My fave Miles is his work with the 2 great quintets he had.I'm leaning towards the prestige albums as my fave output from him, but can't get into Bitches Brew. I find it all over the shop and much prefer A Tribute To Jack Johnson to that work.Chris