A Word About SkyFi audio Customer Service

I very recently purchased a pair of ProAc Response D2R speakers on Audiogon from SkyFi audio. It was my first purchase from SkyFi and one of the speakers arrived damaged. The speakers were correctly packed in their heavily padded factory carton. But the damage apparently occurred when the heavy copper phase plug on one speaker rattled loose during shipment allowing it to bounce around inside the box leaving a nasty dent. The phase plug has a threaded end that screws onto a post at the center of the midbass driver.

Because the speakers were previously owned I was concerned that reporting damage would be a problem. Many years of experience with buying and selling used equipment has resulted in stressful and contentious exchanges with the other party when a purchase or sale doesn't go as planned.

Working with Elliot and Fernando of SkyFi was entirely the opposite. It could not have been a more amazing and pleasant experience. My report of damage was never questioned by SkyFi, and I was immediately offered a refund. In addition, had the product not been damaged in shipping, it would have arrived exactly as it was described in the listing.

These two gentleman are exceptional, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

You can verify my purchase by viewing SkyFi's member feedback and my audiogon feedback history if you might be suspicious of my post, but I just wanted to make fellow members aware of a very classy and ethical audiogon merchant. I noticed some complaints in prior posts that SkyFi overprices their products. As a shopper maybe class and ethics should be considered in the price that's paid.

I agree, in the quest for extracting the last dollar, value is often ignored. This is wonderful and valuable news about a dealer here on Agon. thanks for the post.
the skyfi guys get a lot of flack on this board, for their seemingly high prices for older, used gear

good to know they are stand up guys, who deliver value commensurate with their pricing when called upon

good for folks around here to know that...
SkyFi banned me for pointing out they were misrepresenting a turntable they had for sale.  I didn’t know it until I tried to purchase something.  While you had a good experience, I did not. 
SkyFi banned me for pointing out they were misrepresenting a turntable they had for sale. I didn’t know it until I tried to purchase something. While you had a good experience, I did not.
That’s interesting. I note that SkyFi has been a member here for decades. It has hundreds and hundreds of transactions here - were any of them yours? They have a 100 percent perfect feedback rating and the one person I know who has done business with them has been very happy.

I agree with many others that SkyFi gear seems pricey, but that alone does not suggest misrepresentation.
Glad they took care of you. They should bend over backwards, because they sure bend you over with their prices............

I bought apparition Marigo digital cable to them. No problem.So far so good.Their pricing is maybe they are collectors items or vintage or rare.

I had never before bought anything from SkyFi.  I only found out when I tried to put in a bid and was told I had been blocked by them.  I wrote a nice note to the owner of SkyFi prior to that explaining he is doing his customers a big disservice by stating the Technics SL1200 MK II he listed was the same EXACT turntable as the new Technics SL1200G, which it definitely is not.  I got a very nasty reply from the owner saying next time he lists something, he will ask me if it is ok first (very sarcastic).  I never replied to him, just thought he was having a bad day.

"I got a very nasty reply from the owner saying next time he lists something, he will ask me if it is ok first..."

You have to admit, that’s very funny! I have sent them many complaints about their prices. I’ve told them that they seem to check the Audiogon Bluebook price, and then double it as a pricing strategy. I have even told them that pieces they are selling are damaged, yet the prices are high. I usually get a reply telling me that business is good for them and I should mind my own business. They have never been rude or sarcastic, they just blow me off. As I have said in a previous post, if I ever see that SkyFi is the seller, I move on. I think it’s encouraging (and surprising) to know that audiojerry (the OP) had a good experience with them.
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To present some facts about the ProAc D2R I purchased from SkyFi:

SkyFi listed the D2R for $2,999.
The sticker price for the D2R is $4,500.
The D2R is a relatively new model from ProAc.
ProAc in general and the D2R in particular is not frequently available on the used market in North America.
SkyFi disclosed the pair came with one cosmetic flaw on the back corner of one speaker and their photos clearly displayed it. Other than that single flaw, they presented as new.
I am familiar with ProAc and had been checking the market for a D2R for some time after reading glowing reviews. When I saw it show up on audiogon from SkyFi, I was happy to have a chance to submit an offer on the day it became available.
I offered $2,999 and waive the shipping fee of $129, which SkyFi accepted, resulting in a final price of $2,870.  

Those are the facts.

Was this a fair price? It was more than fair to me. 

This is the link to the original listing if it works:

PS: The D2R's sound amazing, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase, regardless of the damage.
stew tyler's proac d series with the ribbon tweeter is one hell of a great speaker line.. needs a little care in equipment matching but the sound potential is enormous, and done right, the musical presentation is sublime - tremendous detail and insight without harshness nor stridency

I’m happy that you had a good experience with your purchase from SkyFi. You found the item that you wanted, paid their asking price, and they sold it to you. It’s hard to argue with that. What bothers some on this forum about SkyFi is that their prices are high, very high, relative to what we see for the same item here and on other sites. SkyFi invites offers, but has rejected several of mine despite the offer being (IMO) reasonable. They particularly dislike it when you point out errors in their ad, or issues with their products. As I said in my previous post, if I see that the seller of any item I’m interested in is SkyFi, I just look elsewhere.

A pair of D2R's with no flaws, and free shipping just sold here, today for $2699.  I wouldn't have bought the S****i's due to the flaw, but that's just me.

SkyFi seems to be clearing out their closet on "New Today". I was alerted to their ads by their prices. I’ll admit that many of their items are classics, but so are their prices. LOL!

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It's not a Ripoff when both parties agree to a price. That is called coming to terms. Leave your negativity elsewhere, Karen🥱
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2nd note:
I do find it interesting that this business does have a knack for repairing older gear, prior, to selling. In particular, CD and SACD players. Very cool to have a supply chain.

Happy Listening!
SkyFi give you more peace of mind if you buy to them, obviously the gear goes to rigorous check. And they replaced parts if needed. Their price is a bit higher, but you are getting an equipment that is in good shape.
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The Sky Fi website is audiophile porn. I hope to buy a reel to reel deck from them in the future. Also, one of their Gerrard/Thorens rebuilds look tempting as well
Who wouldn't want a reel-to-reel, or a Garrard or Thorens turntable? The point is that if you plan to buy from SkyFi, be prepared to pay probably twice as much as you would pay for the same product elsewhere. 

Their ads and prices are always good for a chuckle because that's all their going to ever get from me......a chuckle ......one product they still have for sale now for about two years that they are asking -----.-- for is almost -x's the actual price that it cost new which I find a measuring stick for their philosophies for their business model  so it just proves to me well......I'll just stop there and say this... if you think the item and price are fair then go for it as for me...when I see SKYFI AUDIO I JUST MOVE ON WITH A CHUCKLE AND REMEMBER THE TICE CLOCK AND QUIT WONDERING  WHY HIGH END AUDIO ONLY REPRESENTS 1-2% of the marketplace....I KNOW WHY....!!!!

I think what most posters fail to realize is that you are SkyFi’s COMPETITION, not their CUSTOMERS. Exceptions do apply but come on guys, you are after the same gear as SkyFi, whereas they sell to guys who don’t hang around on used gear sites and who know what they are doing/looking for.

For the prices they charge, the service OUGHT to be beyond exceptional. I have yet to see them list anything that wasn't at least 50% higher, to well more than double average market prices. And their claims of reconditioning in many cases are just a total laugh. An example you say? They currently have a McCormack DNA1 listed for $2499!?!? that they indicated has had a "light service" that amounts to rebiasing it (20 minutes of effort or less).You can regularly buy a nice original DNA1 for $1000 or less, pay someone to thoroughly service it (including replacing the now ~30 year old electrolytics) and STILL own it for half of SkyHigh's price. So why the premium? The only answer has to be that they need to be willing to twist themselves into pretzel shapes to take care of you if you have a problem....

I wouldn’t look at any of their videos as I do not care for the company owner. 

"I wouldn’t look at any of their videos as I do not care for the company owner."

I started this discussion back in 4/21, so I'd just like to re-iterate that Elliot and Fernando could not have been more friendly or cooperative.

I don't understand why some folks will just make a statement about someone or something without backing it up with facts or more detail. I tried to explain in my opening post why I felt the way I did about SKYFI.

If you don't like their pricing structure, don't shop or buy, but that is not a reason to denegrate or slander.