Mirage - great customer service

I felt compelled to share this with somebody. I purchased a used pair of Mirage MRM-1 Reference Monitors about a year ago. I am the second owner. When I bought them, one of the speakers was missing one of the four rubber inserts that the posts of the speaker grill slides into. No big deal, as I don't run the speakers with the grills on anyhow. But I finally decided to order the missing part to make my speakers complete. I emailed Mirage to find out how to order one. They emailed me back requesting my shipping info and are going to send one free of charge! I realize it's just a little rubber insert, but the fact that they are just sending me one, no questions asked, not even being the original purchaser, is amazing. Kudos to the guys at Mirage. They've made a lifelong fan out of me.
I have also had excellent service from the people at Mirage, I had a subwoofer that had a developed a hum in it. I shipped the guts back to them and they tested it every which way couldn't find anything, I hooked it back up and the hum started again, so they just replaced it. NO charge.
Thank you for sharing, you help us all.
My issue was a broken binding post for a pair of Mirage 1090i speakers. When I requested 1 they sent 8 free of charge!