Quad/Taiga = Outstanding Customer Service

I wanted to share with Audiogon readers my recent experience with Taiga, the US distributor for Quad Electroacoustics.

Two months ago, I purchased a used pair of 12L Active monitor on this forum. During shipping, one of the cabinets was damaged. I contacted a professional woodworker to repair the speaker, but his cost exceeded their insured amount. I considered replacing the monitor for a bit more than the repair estimate, but it was finished in rosewood, which is not available to the US market. It seemed I was out of luck.

Not sure what to do, I contacted Jeff at Taiga. To my surprise, he said that he might be able to get me a replacement cabinet in rosewood. He wouldn't make any promises but asked that I call back in a few weeks. I called him three weeks later, and he said that the factory was sending him a replacement cabinet. On the day the shipment was to arrive, I called Jeff again. He told me that Quad actually sent him the whole unit and not just the cabinet. And he was going to send that to me. He took my information, and asked me to send my damaged unit to him when the new one arrived.

Jeff at Taiga did all of this for FREE. He sent me a complete replacement unit, covered shipping to my house, and even picked up the return shipping for the damaged monitor.

Certainly, Jeff did not have to do any of this. I bought the speakers used, so no money from my purchase went to his company. They were not under warranty or shipped from his office, so he had no responsibility to repair anything. He did what he did simply to help a Quad owner out.

I have never had a company treat me so well, not even when they had a responsibility to so. That Jeff would do this makes me a loyal Quad owner. And I suppose that he knows this. Quad speakers and electronics are excellent, as many of you already know. I can tell you that their customer service is equally excellent. And my experience demonstrates that they will do what they can to keep their consumers happy and loyal.

For the record, and it should already be clear, I am in no way affiliated with Quad or Taiga. I felt that the best way for me to thank Jeff for his outstanding customer service is to share my experience with other audio enthusiasts.

That's great! Makes me happy to be an owner of the Quad 12L actives. Hopefully I'll never need service, but I'm glad to know I will likely get great results if that day ever comes.....


Peter Walker was known for his legendary level of customer service and expected the same from his International distributors. I am very pleased to hear that the current owners are doing the same, since I just bought a Quad 99/909 for a friend.