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How rare is an audiophile
I’ve never met one.  And given that I think music has, in general, progressed over the years, disqualifies me as one, so that makes zero.  
Top two most important sound qualities
Left and right.  
Was I Expecting Too Much
@viridian My comment about internet sales was a general comment, and not a response to anything you posted.  Sorry for the confusion.  
Was I Expecting Too Much
@viridian the dealer frequently uses this forum to push product by respond to posts “I’m considered A,B,C” with I have X for sale.” Not cool, IMHO. To the argument that the dealer is protecting himself from someone auditioning a something, and th... 
Was I Expecting Too Much
According to his website, Brian @ Whetstone Audio in Austin is a Brinkmann dealer.  I had a great experience dealing with him in the past.  He’s the polar opposite of the Covina dealer.  
SME 20/2 Tonearm Ground Wire: Where in the table should be connected?
Which version of the power supply do you have? V1 is a rectangular box with a rotary dial, V2 has a beveled part with push buttons. I have V2, and there is no grounding wire from the power supply to the table. There is a grounding wire from the j... 
Absorption, Diffusion or a combination of it all?
@jpan , @audphile1 Thanks for your feedback.  
Absorption, Diffusion or a combination of it all?
Does GIK really do an assessment of your listening environment?  I modeled my room on their site, uploaded photos of my room, and uploaded REW measurements.  All I got was a generic response that did not include anything related to the specifics o... 
Linn Kans
Mine start with 042, and are from 92-93.  
Buying Pet Peeve - Pictures
There’s a dealer advertising a pair of speaker here in which the ad has about 8 photos. One image of the actual speakers, and 7 stock photos of the same model in a completely different color. Audiogon auto selects an image for the listing, and it’... 
Rockport Orion
@sounds_real_audio how could you have heard them several years ago?  The are a recent release.  Unless you’re referring to a speaker other than the Orion.  
Absolute Sound's "Reviews"
They’re not reviews.  They’re marketing material.  
Audiphile Press: Am I jaded, experienced, or has it declined?
@sfgak best thing I’ve read on this forum.  If the creative juices are still flowing, how about one ala Charles Bukowski.  
Marten Parker Quintet and the Marten Parker Trio Diamond version...if you could choose ?
@garebear I’ve never bought any thing from Paul Manos, but he helped me sell a pair of speakers by providing, free, a pair of jumpers i had lost.  Stand up guy.  
Should I buy an SME 30/12A for 15K?
@nferre66 Sorry, I guess my post was a bit cryptic.  I meant that you suggested that he pick up the TT because it might be a scam: "If you decide to buy the SME, make arrangements to pick it up in person. You know what they say- if it seems to go...