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Wilson Benesch-Great or just Okay?
Fyi, WB’s do come in blue and red.  
All caps critical.  
Any dealers have SME belts and O rings for sale?
None in the US.  You have to go through SME directly.  
Turntable and cartridge setup known for a marvelous bottom end.
I have a marvelous bottom end, and am interested in TT recommendations. SME with Dynavector cartridge has much more authoritative bass than an LP12 with same cartridge , to me, fwiw.  
Cube Audio speakers in Northern California?
12" of paradise ;)  
SME service is terrible. Can’t buy any accessories from local dealers here in USA
Here's the response I got from Acoustic Sounds a couple years ago.Hi Gordon,You will have to call SME and order the oil and dampening fluid directly from them. SME only sells directly to customers now. Thanks 
The value of embellishment?
@clearthinker. Or, from Mudd Clubin serious leather, in serious chains 
3 New UBER Decks - Is this Turntable's SwanSong? 🦢
@freediver who was the Linn dealer in Larkspur Landing in 1981?  Access To Music moved there from Mill Valley around 1993 or so.  
Audiogon thread issues
Google Chrome Helper (renderer) sucks up all my cpu, and causes pages to load very slowly when reading AG forums.  This started a few weeks ago.  I don't have the same issue browsing the classified ads, nor do I have the problem in Safari. 
Looking for my Final Pair!!
@rauliruegas Unlike you, I answered a question the was posed in this thread. 
A Word About SkyFi audio Customer Service
A pair of D2R's with no flaws, and free shipping just sold here, today for $2699.  I wouldn't have bought the S****i's due to the flaw, but that's just me. 
Looking for my Final Pair!!
@ozzy62 I think I made it about 1/2 way through the first post of his I ever read years ago.  Since then, I just scroll past them. 
Blown away by new Crimson 880 Amplifier and 710 Preamp!
As an owner of 710 and 640’s, I’m curious about the 880’s.  I can’t find anything on the internet about them. 
what amp are you using with wilson benesch speakers
I use Modwright amps (PH150/Ambrose One/KWA150) with my Vectors.  Modwright makes several integrateds.  Very happy with the sound, and I listen to mostly mediocre recordings.  E.g. Young Fresh Fellows “Toxic Youth” at the moment. 
members and their systems
They start a thread saying how great it is because they’re getting ready to list it.