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Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
@donavabdear  The amps in powered speakers are designed for the speaker at a specific price point.  They aren’t necessarily the best amp for the speaker.  In the same way that a passive speaker with a better amp can sound better than an active ve... 
Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
Yes.  Modwright PH 150.  Above your price, but the 9X is supposed to be close to it in performance.  I too have an SME 20/2 and DV XV1S, but with SME arm.  I’m also using MWI amps.  It’s hard to argue against staying with the same brand for all am... 
Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
I had an LP12 for about 22 years with all available upgrades.  When the Keel was introduced, I demoed a similarly speced LP12 with Keel against an SME 20.  I much preferred the SME, which I have happily owned for 16 years without any upgrades.  I ... 
Where do you buy your vinyl?
Directly from record label Plaid Room Records Merchbar Acoustic Sounds Music Direct  
GIK alternatives
Just a follow up on my post...Glenn reached out to me via email, and all is good.  In my view, my issues didn't warrant replacing the bass traps, as Glenn had offered.  I'll order from GIK again.  
GIK alternatives
This week, I received the 2 Soffit bass traps I ordered back in January.  They were shipped 4.5 weeks later than originally scheduled, but I was told this 4.5 weeks ago, so I have no issue with the delay. I'm underwhelmed by the build quality.  P... 
SME Spindle Oil - Where To Buy
From the SME Importer.   Acoustic Sounds told me the same thing. Hello, Thank you for your continuing interest in SME. SME has made a policy that they sell parts directly to consumers. You can order directly from SME by calling their office at... 
Scams abound
There was a Boulder amp for auction starting very low (I don’t recall the exact price) by a user with 0 feedback.  Most bids were by another user with 0 feedback, who upped one of his bids by $4k for no apparent reason.   
GIK alternatives
I ordered a pair of bass traps from GIK 2 months ago.  The original shipping date was 3/17.  It's been pushed back 4-5 weeks.  We'll see...  
The panic selling of tube audio had begun.
@dekay You need to buy new not used.  
song recommendations for Klipsch Heresy IV's?
Bolt Thrower Grouper The Archies  
What's with website?
Can something be both unique and classic?  My advice is don’t sign with your business affiliation as to not hurt sales.  
Wilson Benesch-Great or just Okay?
Fyi, WB’s do come in blue and red.  
All caps critical.  
Any dealers have SME belts and O rings for sale?
None in the US.  You have to go through SME directly.