2013 Wish List

What's on your 2013 (audio related) wish list?

Anyone done for a while?
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I would like to upgrade my power amp from PS Audio Trio-A100 to maybe a CJ MF-2250 Or 2500A other than that Im good for now.
I may try one of the more expensive moving magnet cartridges for my Scout and may get an interconnect for my Esoteric player that can exploit the sound quality from the player.
New speaker cable
Looking at
Sablon Pantella
Auditorium 23
Hidiamond 7
Clearday double shotgon
Telurium Q Ultra Black
Problem is when I ask for opinions here or on Audio Asylum I get very few replies except for the clearday cable
Lots of good vinyl

Upgrade in speaker wire

Want to upgrade my DV 10x5 on my rega p5 for something more refine that match the rest of my system.
Happy new year everyone
A dedicated listening room would be very nice, indeed :-)
Maybe a Clones 25i.

All the best,
Demo the C-J ART3 pre amp.
Happy New Year!
I am hoping to upgrade my Nad 326Bee to an integrated tube amp to power my Psb B6's... Then possibly upgrading my speakers...
My short list includes acquiring an Audio Magic Noise Disruptor, an Arye Amp, and an Audience AU24 power cord with PowerCon connectorÂ… and possibly replacing my Kubala Emotion XLR and Nordost Frey RCA interconnects with yet to be determined interconnects (possibly Audience). I'm excited about attending the Chicago audio show.
Reduce system to simple, bare bones equipment and sell off all the rest. Recently, when someone looked at the array of equipment they said I was a 'collector', the kindest words they could come up with. So, I need to shed the label, quickly.
I want to get everything up and running.

Right now my Shelter 901 is recovering from a housekeeper accident.

The Rouge 99 preamp is in for an update.

Waiting for the new to me Michell Gyrodec to arrive.

So in 2013 it will hopefully all come together.
Primarily, I want to get more music.
Just more music. System is done and just where I want it.
Well, my first wish is to sell all of my unused equipment so I can free up some cash to move forward. :)

I want to try the Coincident line stage. I really love my Promethius Signature and have been a fan of passives for years, but in all fairness I need to see what a top notch active will do in my system.

I have been wanting to start a computer audio set up for a couple years. I had planned to sent my ModWright Sony back for the digital in mod, but I am thinking about going with a new ModWright Oppo 105, which comes with the digital in capability.

I also plan on bringing in some amps to compare with my Cary 500.1's. Again, I love the cary amps, but I want to see how comparably priced amps from ModWright, Pass, Plinius, etc would compare.

I'm excited about these potential upgrades. I'm at the point where the hurdle is pretty high for swapping out components that offer more than just a marginal improvement. I fear, though, that the current economic climate is going to make resale of current components slow. However, its not like I can't live with what I have. If I'm sitting here next year planning the same activities so be it.
A NVO SPA all tubed phono unit. Heard it compared to others and I want one.
Would like to try atmasphere's ma2 to drive my soundlab m2's and a high quality d/a or cd player then I maybe done for sometime.
subwoofer for office system, maybe new amp/pre for my main system if I can swing some shindo gear.
I want to upgrade my preamp. Been using a Doge 8 with great results but am ready to move on.
More hi-end manufacturers that understand a phono section is an integral part of a preamp. How did we get on this path anyway?
More time to play records.
Boulder amp : )
To very reluctantly sell some current gear to assemble a computer based music server. Thinking of going with the mac mini as the core.
New life for discontinued logitech Squeezebox line somewhere or other new products that offer similar price/performance/features.
Instead of the mac mini, now considering the Olive One to form the basis of a music server. Hoping for the advantage of not having to tie up my computer as much and lower overall cost.
Glefihi I hate to rain on your parade, but I heard 2 of the more expensive Olive systems in a good high end system, Krell electronics and Kef Blades. I am afraid I was very disappointed. I thought the sound poor, flat in dynamics and stage depth, no life at all. I went for a MacMini into an Ayre QB9 and could'nt be more pleased
Move up from YGA Carmels to Kipod II signatures
1) Ray Samuels XR-10B phono stage
2) Well Tempered Amadeus turntable
3) Lots of vinyl
4) Not sure which cartridge to try yet
Upgrading headphones (planars) power amp, and possibly a new dac.
Accuphase C-2420 preamp

Accuphase A-46 amp

new interconnects from amp to preamp (Accuphase)

new speaker cables (not sure which brand, probably Neotech)

that's it for now. I've been thinking about upgrading the turntable and cd player too, but both of those run with the big boys.
Higher quality for music stream service
Recently acquired a Chord QuteHD DAC so I'm content (for now).

Always need more music.
Get done with CRNA school and pass boards,
Them probbably I can afford to keep on with the hobby once I find a job.
Meantime enjoy what I own.
I have The Taralabs Zereo Gold I/C and The Tara Cobalt,Top of the line A/c power cable,,,My wish would to be able to get The Tara Omega Gold speaker cable that cost so much!,so every thing will match perfomance wise! cheers!