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ethernet from a power outlet
Doug, if you're out there:-  what USB cable are you using?-  Have you been tempted to try and clean-up the signal to the Sonore and  between the Sonore and the DAC)?  I'm looking at the Ifi products and thought for the price might be a good invest... 
Amps I Like
"Lush" is not an adjective I would use to describe Ayre but I haven't heard the 20 series.  I'm wondering if that comment is limited to the upper end of Ayre's line.   
Ultimate Integrated amps
eric:  Good point.  I'm wondering how middle ground integrateds would fair in that list:  Ayre AX-5 twenty, Gryphon Diablo, AudioNet Watt, T&A, Ypsilon Phaeton.  None of these are in the $30K to $50K class but within some of our means (used pr... 
To Roon or not to Roon
I have a Sonore UltraRendu that I'm using with a Linn Kazoo app.  I'm streaming Qobuz.  I'm not a big fan of Kazoo but won't bore you with the details.  I really don't have a music library to speak of.  My question is whether it is realistic to ex... 
Is integrated the future for 2 channel audiophiles?
Everyone seems to be making logical arguments on this thread but this is a hobby which defies logic and reason.  You could almost make an argument that we are heading in the opposite direction.  How many amps and preamps in the $10K and up categor... 
Yet another Qobuz vs. Tidal debate
Ahofer, I listen mostly to Jazz and electronic music so Tidal seems to have the edge there.  Grannyring, I'm using the Sonore Ultrarendu for streaming.  I will look into Roon but last time I looked it was fairly pricey.   
If you're not seeking the ultimate in sound quality, I would suggest an Audioengine B1 Bluetooth receiver.  Very simple set-up and the sound quality is pretty good for the money, in my opinion.  To make it even sweeter, mine was purchased under $2... 
Used Pre under $8K with lowest nosie floor(?)
ozzy3:  the ayre combo is a little lean in my opinion and I'm not sure that the KX-5 would be any different.     
Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one
denon1:  Keep us informed of the progress of your search.  Perhaps you could take a step (funds permitting of course) up to an "uber integrated" the likes of Ypsilon, Absolare, Vitus (SIA-30), Soulution, Dartzeel, and of course, T&A.   
ethernet from a power outlet
Doug, this is a somewhat belated thank you but I did want to say thanks for your feedback,.  I purchased an UltraRendu, netgear 1200 and am in the process of ordering a power supply from SGC.  One thing is that I noticed Sonore did not include an ... 
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
I like the early MFSL releases, particularly those that were mastered by Stan Ricker: 
Is there a difference in sound quality when streaming TIDAL Vs CD player
Great question.I have the "CD quality" package with Tidal but I swear that I am hearing a difference.  I will look into the "loudness normalization" button.Part of the problem may be that I'm steaming tidal via Bluetooth with an Audioengine B1.  I... 
Looking for the best Preamp with a phono circuit built in
I've never understood this penchant for designers for treating phono as a separate and distinct entity..  Somehow we got on this train and still, in 2019,  can't get off (with rare exceptions).  Besides the added cost there is the insult of adding... 
Need DAC/Streaming Advice
I'm taking a hard look at the Lumin U1 mini.  No internal DAC (which is what I want)  but I'm not sure I have the infrastructure to run it.  I just wish I could find something under $1500.  MSRP for the Lumin is $2000. 
Best audio companies and dealers
I have quite a bit of concern with Cary AudioAlexgla:  I agree with you.  Cary does not belong on the list of great companies.  They're not a bad company but I certainly would not put them on a great company to deal with list. at least from my exp...