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My really dumb tube mistake(s)
@ veerossiTV-7D/U tester. It will not test the 805 Yes on the 300b, 6SN7, 6SL7 
My really dumb tube mistake(s)
My system started sounding thin and lifeless last year. I got my tube tester out and went through my gear one at a time. Found a tube in my pre amp that tested very low. Changed it out and now back to amazing music. Not sure how I would have proce... 
When did audio goners now have to pay to see the book value of equipment??
What tvad said. I usually jot down what the item asking price was  because when sold you only see the amount it sold for.  
How old are you?
I was 35 years old in 1990 when I bought my brand new pair of Klipschorns for $2800.00. I can still remember opening those boxes up and getting blasted with that smell of just being finished.  
Just ordered a vpi avenger
I wouldn't want anybody but myself setting up my turntable. Especially that table. I couldn't imagine anybody else taking the time to get all the adjustments just right. Even after the setup is done per specs you still need to fine tune with your ... 
How do I pay?
Another don't do it. You send cashier check, he ships speakers, they get damaged in transit (speakers & heavy amps take the biggest hits in shipping). You think he'll take them back?  Paypal payment,  seller is responsible for delivering item ... 
Negotiate good price
Is trying to outdo/outsmart a salesman (audio, car, house) some sort of a hobby? Yes it is. An ego boost when they score.Off the audio topic, but similar type of people. I was a home improvement contractor for 42 years and have seen a lot. I wa... 
Shipping. Hard Lesson.
Good for you.Shame on UPS. They've been using this tactic for years to try and discourage customers to give up on the claim. I've been denied a claim from them once for a heavy power amp.  They said the carton wasn't sufficient. It was shipped in ... 
Purchase breaks well within 30 days
You asked for our thoughts, but don't like the answers your getting. 
Shipping. Hard Lesson.
Any update on this issue? 
How many AudiogoNers are amateur chefs?
I love to cook. What amazes me most about a lot of folks (I'm talking about going to friends or relatives for dinner or whatever) is that almost everyone overcooks everything. Beef cooked to 180, poultry to over 200, veggies cooked to mush. You co... 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
My only costly mishap was about 30 years ago when my dbx dynamic range expander took out a woofer in my JBL L96Guess I had too much bass boost.  
My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.
Not sure this would work for your situation. I had a fried circuit board in my central AC unit a several years ago and sent the board toIndustrial Repair Service- 800-950-2349. They repair/ rebuild circuit boards. That circuit board was smallish a... 
Youngsters these days.
+1 dramatictenor I don't get it either. When I was a kid I remember the snap, crackle pops with my so so turntables, cheap cartridge's and poor cleaning methods. We've come a long way. My LP's are for the most part noise free.With that said, I ... 
Tube Tester
Nobody "needs" a tube tester. As mentioned above, there are ways to get around owning one.But, I have to say owning one is a pleasure. I happen to have one that has worked flawlessly for many, many years. Yeah, a couple calibrations by Daniel Nels...