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Using paypal for local pickup
What about getting a signed and dated document from the buyer that he picked up and accepted the item. 
Mastersound Tube amp
You simply turn it COUNTERCLOCKWISE and turn it about a 1/4 turn and it will release. Do not wiggle and pull as mentioned above. 
Nakamich Service Info
cleeds, please share your experience with NJ Factory Service as I had nothing but great service on my R2R. 
Nakamich Service Info
In addition to Willie Herman (for my Nak Dragon) I've used Russel from New Jersey Factory Service to keep my R2R tape deck in tip top condition over the years. Good, reasonable and fast. He's in Emerson, NJ.    201-967-0060Willie Herman is THE Nak... 
What was your first system? When was that?
1973 or 1974. Dynaco SCA-80 integrated, Dynaco FM5 tuner, AR (something) turntable, Large Advents. Wow was that an awesome system.  
what is it in audio that you dislike most?
+1 on the poor sound quality of most recordings. Some thrive on the pursuit of finding those quality recordings. Not me.  
What's your definition of analog smell?
I had an old converted Baldwin organ amp that had that old smell. It wasn't pretty to look at either, buy boy did that thing make my Klipschorns sing!  
Caster Wheels vs. Spikes
I don't get the caster thing. And to me, they're ugly. Yeah setup is a pita with heavy speakers. I get it. So is turntable setup. Why would you need or want casters after they're dialed in?  
Anyone else notice rating scales are getting inflated?
I notice it more with newbies, 0 ratings.  
"You cannot handle the truth"
I bought several components nearly new with no issues at all. Even a couple of phono cartridges. Got the best deals compared to buying new. I always buy only from near perfect feedback. A negative because "the buyer decided not to go forward with ... 
Bought some `Vintage Gear`
You have some great vintage gear, enjoy it. And get that R2R (and TT), you'll have a blast.  
Cassette tape
Does anyone have a functioning cassette deck in their car?I do in my 03 Lexus. And I use it regularly as I do my Dragon and my R2R at home. Loads of fun and pleasure.I say go for it and enjoy. 
Trouble setting up Grado wood body cartridge
What a great idea. I was having that same problem a few years back with my Benz cartridge. I ended up moving  to a Dynavector where the stylus projects outward of the body. Much easier to set up with these aging eyes. Good luck with your setup thi... 
Ugrade-itis - is there a cure?
Ugrade-itis - is there a cure?yes, retire 
What do you drive and why?
A 2003 Lexus ES300. I bought it about 5 years ago for $10,000.00 with 47k miles on it. has 79k miles on it now and it still looks brand new. Boring car from a person who raced (not pro, fun racing) a Porsche 911? YesWhy, because I wanted a car tha...