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EAT E-Glo Petit vs. Rogue Ares
I had great luck with the E-Glo petite. It was quiet, had body, fast, and IMO a step up from the more $$$ "S" model. For a fairly cheap but substantial upgrade try the new issue TungSol tubes. For a little more the Telefunken smooth plates or ribb... 
Warm, rich but detailed SS preamp (made you give up tubes)
BAT VK-42SE or VK-43SE 
SVS vs REL and experiences with both: your comments and preferences...
@klh007  Yes 2-channel only.  
SVS vs REL and experiences with both: your comments and preferences...
I've had the REL R505, and REL R528 in the past and about a year ago moved off a REL G1 mkII  to a pair of SVS SB4O00's.I'm  stunned how great the SVS subs are. Easy to set up, the app is very good. No way would I go back to RELs.The SVS have more... 
Can flexible power cables sound good?
The Kubal Sosna power cables (although some are very thick) are pretty easy to work with. Sound excellent too. 
Tidal vs Quobuz
I keep them both. Don't see that changing.  
Can Static Destroy Electronics?
Absolutely yes it can X 2I always mute my preamp, and touch something metal nearby before changing records this time of year.  
Streamer's without built in DAC options?
It doesn't matter to me whether suggestions offered need or don't need the Nucleus in the system. I have it if needed. Or like the ZENith mkIII I can demo without it. So, suggestions are not limited to whether or not it needs the Nucleus in the ch... 
Streamer's without built in DAC options?
The two I'm  looking at right now to start are the Innuos ZENith MKIII, and W4S MS. 
Streamer's without built in DAC options?
herman, Not that vague. Streamer without built in DAC. I mentioned the DAC I'm using now, and that I have a Nucleus.  All the answers but yours have given me options that I can use either added to my current system or with my dac and not need the ... 
What is the best audiophile speaker for a tiny square room?
YG Acoustics Carmel or Carmel 2Magico S1 
Schiit CD Transport on the way soon.
I'll pick one up for sure.  
cost no object integrated amps
Audionet Humboldt is an excellent integrated. As good as it gets as far as any integrated I've heard. And better than most separates out there.  
Good entry level cables
The entry level Kubala-Sosna are very affordable and sound great. They're for some reason overlooked but much better than AQ type products for same money.If on an even tighter budget, go all Signal Cable. 
Most organic / real / analogue sounding DAC (ideally with Volume Control) for $1500??????
Schiit Audio Yggdrasil GS. 1600.00 new.Been using one for quite awhile. Slight warmth, lots of resolution, BIG sound.My system details are posted here. In this system zero complaints.