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Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i
Tried Audioquest, Pangea. Wireworld mini Stratus,  Wireworld mini Aurora and Signal Cable magic digital.The Signal cable and Wireworld Mini Aurora are both great match with the Node 2i. I kept the WW mini Aurora only because it was longer.  
Audiodesk pro with only water
I use just water most of the time. On new or precleaned vinyl it works great. Been doing this for years. I wouldn't use any other cleaning solution but the Audiodesk cleaner. 
Who needs a Preamp??
Preamp has always been better in multiple systems for me.  
What's a really great Streamer/DAC box for just streaming Tidal?
Used or close out of Auralic Altair . You can still find them (first generation) new for around 1600 or 1700 bucks. Less used.  
Rothwell SUT/ which Lundahl's?
Couldn't get any info from Rothwell, and dealer didn't know which Lundahls were in the SUT. So, I ordered the K and K premium (LL1931) SUT with 1:8 and 1:16 option.  
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
Had the Mac 601 monoblocks and moved to the Audionet AMP then Audionet MAX monoblocks. Huge improvements on all fronts. Also preferred them over Soulution when compared on my YG speakers. 
Rothwell SUT/ which Lundahl's?
slaw, K&K is my other option. If the Rothwell uses the LL1931 it'll save me a few bucks and I like the looks better too. 
Rothwell SUT/ which Lundahl's?
Thanks, totem395 
Pls Recommend Streamer Under $500 for Tidal “HiFi”
Bluesound Node 2i 
Saxaphone vs. Trumpet...Which do you prefer?
I'll give you a hint...Lee Morgan, Miles Davis, and Freddie Hubbard  
Node2i + Qutest or Yggy or Codex or something else has the Auralic Altair on sale for 1699.00. Very good dac and much better streamer than your using now. If not that, a used Auralic Vega is a great match with the node 2i. They are a steal at the 13-1500 used price range 
What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load
Those Thiels are monsters to drive. I owned the CS7.2 which was an easier, but still rough load on amps. The Parasound JC1's struggled and shut down a couple times even with them. I ended up with Krell FPB 650M monoblocks. Finding an amp that can ... 
Audiopile hyperbole, reference, SOTA, ultimate and more...
Every used cartridge has 100 hours or less on it.  
Your favorite Small Apartment Speakers
On a budget bookshelf would be Elac UniFi.No budget bookshelf would be Sonner Allegro.Best of the best would be YG Acoustics Carmel 2, small floorstander.Those would be my choices, but lots of great stuff out there. 
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