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Suggestions for an integrated upgrade please
Ayon Tritons 3  
Dynaudio Confidence C1 MKI treble
Confidence mk1 does require to dial up the volume a bit to sound good. I also find that my c1/c4 have more sparkles when pairing with amps on the bright side. 
Recommendations and thoughts for end game speakers and amps
My current end game combo is Aurelic Vega DAC + Gryphon Diablo 300 + Dynaudio C4 
Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?
Love my Triton III 
Focal vs dynaudio
I had Focal 1038be before. Definitely not my cup of tea when I paired them with my Ayon tube amp. They sounded a bit better with my Ayre v1 amp but the midrange still sounded thin compared to my Dynaudio c4. I know it’s not a fair comparison. The ... 
Dynaudio Confidence 20 vrersus Kef reference 1
Thanks, ackerdo. I guess I won’t have to think of upgrading my c4 for a while :) 
Recommend a dac that contributes to system for tight bass
I think you should consider changing the amp to something like Simaudio if you want tight bass 
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
What is a CD player? ;) 
A tubed integrated amp for Joseph Audio Pulsars?
Ayon Triton III 
Best used speakers under $10000
You can have used Dynaudio C4 for under 10k too 
KEF blades 2 or Dynaudio C4?
I have the C4 but only listened the the Kef Blade at the show so it may be not fair to compare.  The Kef Blade is not my cup of tea.  It sounded thin and cold comparing to the C4 
Narrowed to 3: 802D3, Sopra 3, Reference 3
I'd suggest to also listen to Dynaudio Confidence line.  You'll get both smoothness in the high as well as the bass. 
New Dynaudio Confidence coming ...
Yeah.  I prefer the look of the old Confidence line more. 
Tekton Electon/DI compares to what?
Me too. I’d like to hear what the hype is about. Anyone in SF bay area? 
Focal Utopia Scala V2 or Persona (9H/7F)
What don't you like about your current C4, may I ask?