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Cerious Technologies vs. Audience ic's
@wcheng2 , thank you. 
Whats playing on your system today?
I just ripped 3 cds of remastered early Emmylou Harris. I'm now listening to "Pieces of the Sky". 
What are your top three live concerts of all time?
Springsteen at the Oakland, CA auditorium.Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon tour.Paul Simon Graceland tour, Berkeley high school auditorium. 
How long to rebuild library on Innous Zen Mini Mk II?
I'd contact Innuous for assistance. 
Need helpful recommendations for next two purchases
I enthusiastically recommend cables from Audio Envy. I only have their power cords. They're not expensive but the sound they provide is. 30 day trial.  
Joseph audio perspectives, magico a3, ATC scm40 v2
@yuhengdu_tiger Re private messaging: I was thinking of Us Audiomart.My username there is raptorbander. 
Joseph audio perspectives, magico a3, ATC scm40 v2
@yuhengdu_tiger , I live in Berkeley and I welcome you to take a listen to my Perspectives. I hope to upgrade to the graphene model. Private message me.  
What/who do you listen to that you feel is a bit of an unknown?
Lori McKenna 
What are you streaming tonight?
Folk Alley, a 24 hour commercial free streaming radio station out of Kent , Onio. This station is the gold standard and the dream of any folk fan. 
Gender bender
Nina Simone's 'Lilac Wine' is stunning. Jeff Buckley's cover brings me to my knees. 
Female Vocals - Nora Jones new album - Pick Me Off The Floor
I'm a big Norah Jones fan. I have listened to about half the songs. Yawn! I'll finish listening but I don't imagine liking those songs any more than I did the ones I've heard.   
Recommended Speaker Design for Corner / Near-Wall Placement?
Check out Totem Acoustics. Designed for corners, near wall. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Keith Jarrett,  The Koln concert. 
Non Analytical Sounding DAC Upgrade- Budget $1,500 or less
I can also recommend the Chord Qutest. I had it in my system briefly as a loaner and was mightily impressed. A friend of mine  who has had or heard a multitude of DACS hhas said that the Qutest is the best he's heard under $5000.00. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Jennifer Warnes. She's among the best.