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Sony SACD Player SCD-XA5400ES; YAY or NAY?
It is a disease that save you from other maladies.....  
How many systems do you have?
5 plus two headphones setup. Plus extra components to setup another two systems . Madness          
Audio Solutions Figaro XL speakers.
How the M compares. Looking at them for apt low vol experience near field. Thanks  
Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.
Magico A1 and dead end   
Sony SACD Player SCD-XA5400ES; YAY or NAY?
I have one and go nowhere. I agree with all you said. I bought two extra lasers unit for the future.    
Sony SACD Player SCD-XA5400ES; YAY or NAY?
I have Luxman D10x in one system  Luxman D03X in another  And the Sony 5400es in another one. I bought three extra laser units so it might Outlast me lol. Great piece of audio. I noticed that no streaming replaces a CD.      
integrated amp on a budget
Unison research único Due best of the bunch.  
Magico A5 or KEF blade 2?
Thank you. I won't play too loudly. The power needs on magicos was a good point. I have A1 with Luxman 595 and i feel i am underpowering thembut for near field very low vol in my apt do the job. .  
Magico A5 or KEF blade 2?
I had owned KEF reference 1 and 3 both to my liking.  
Magico A5 or KEF blade 2?
I had listened and owned Magico A1. A3 at shows, A5 at a dealer.  
Magico A5 or KEF blade 2?
My room is a wide open space living dining maybe 500 SQF. I don't seat that far but they have all this space to breathe. Much appreciated.      
Magico A5 or KEF blade 2?
Looking for speaker that plays all kind of music since I listen to everything. If 10 it is exaggerated. Let's say next 5 years lol. Thanks             
The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.
595 did not take long to put my 590 in the used market.Absolutely stunning with my Mágico A1 
Do you care about car audio?
I like my Toyota Rav4 18.Wish I can improve that awful sound.Any ideas?Thanks 
Esoteric K-03 or Luxman D-03x
I have D03X and D10X had D08U before.I think that the best product luxman makes is their CDP.Zero issues.