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DAC module of a high-end integrated amplifier
Well I think I'll pop some corn and sit back and enjoy the responses. This should be entertaining. 
Wobbly XLR Connectors on Pass X250.8. What to do?
Smart move @ 
Wobbly XLR Connectors on Pass X250.8. What to do?
XLR connections should not be wobbly ask for an exchange. 
High Frequency Oscillation hurt resistors in Magico A5 crossovers
Wow very unfortunate. Sounds a bit of a lame excuse since music has LOTS of high frequency and a download? You were lucky as others have pointed out the tweeters are ok.  
Analog Lp
No matter new or old they all have to be cleaned 
Stereo Times list of the " 2020 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS"
Nothing I want!  
Can AC Outlets really make a difference?
Definitely YES 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@thezaks had the SR receptacles and didn’t like them they had an edge to them. Tried the Furutech GTX NCF rhodium duplex and boy they made a wonderful improvement but it did take hundreds of hours to break-in. YMMV 
A question to the Sound Engineers out there
Here's an interview with a sound engineer yes it's basically from a Bricasti marketing site but does give an idea of what a studio looks like and what is used. 
Recommendation for new cables
I'd tell you anything BUT Transparent. Had them and first not worth the price but more importantly took the life away from the music. 
Record Cleaner Advice?
Too many questions/concerns regarding ultrasonic cleaners. I've read pros and cons and talked to dealers. I'm saving for the new Monks Prodigy cleaner. About $1000.  
JAY'S Audio CDT-3-MK2 or PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player
I too have been wanting to hear what people think of Jay's MK2 vs MK3 
Anyone hear Jay's Audio cdt2-mk3 vs mk2?
Thanks George but that wasn't the question I asked. 
Is cartridge Demagnetizing Necessary?
Is this worth the asking price? 
Pure tube phono preamp
I've been using a NVO One-se all tubed phono for many years great unit and dead quiet.