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Parasound A21+ or Emotiva XPA-DR2
I heard a Gold Note P-1175 (?) vs the A21 and thought the Gold Note had more detail and a LOT more foot tapping (musicality) than the A21  
Anyone hear Vivid Audio Speakers? Considering Vivid Giya G1 Series 2 from Magico S5 MKII
Not that I could afford either speaker but have heard both the Magico and Vivid speakers many times and to me the Magico has a very neutral sound which is good BUT the Vivid speakers, each time I heard them, made me forget about the equipment/spea... 
Ingress Audio Engineering
Dirt cheap? This is hi-end audio NOTHING is dirt cheap! But for $125 for a set of 3 and the increase is SQ this IMO is dirt cheap, 
Ingress Audio Engineering
I bought some Ingress Audio V3 which I’m told are just a bit taller than the V2’s from a dealer close to me and use them under several components and just find them superb. I had been using the Symposium Jr’s but find these actually have a more op... 
Thoughts on mating ML ESL 11 A's to a butler TDB 2250 hybrid amp
I heard Butler amps a few years back and thought they were very good. Now the Manley 250's would be in a different class altogether IMO.Since Audiotroy doesn't sell Butler anymore I could have guessed what he would have said! Oh well I'm sure you ... 
Spatial Audio M3 Tubo S open baffle speaker review
@gochurchgo you took the words right out of my mouth I felt the Tri-Art speakers were musical and fun and in person they are stunning YMMV. 
Spatial Audio M3 Tubo S open baffle speaker review
Have any of you heard the Tri-Art audio open baffle speakers? At Axpona heard them and the Spatial Audio and Tri-Art was the best IMHO. Now this was under show conditions but still the Tri-Art was mighty impressive! 
What are important features in a listening chair
I look for 3 things.1. Comfort2. Comfort3. COMFORTI like the Erkornes chairs myself.  
The Silverline Preludes use a couple of 3.5” mid/woofer drivers so I doubt they wil play LOUD per your requirements.  
Silverline Preludes if you can find them. Last I knew they retailed at $1500 new so should be able to get them for around $1250 or under 1k used.  
Gold Note PSU10 , anyone yet get one?
I was told the same but still bought and like the improvement. Got mine from soundsofsilence dot com 
Would an Isolation TT platform further improve my TT?
Thoughts on the Vibraplane? I think it’s still considered the gold standard. Yes expensive at $2500 but less expensive than other item.  
Has Anyone Heard the New Gryphon Ethos CD Player
Also heard it at Axpona and the “system” was wonderful but as @toneranger said hard to tell what the Ethos was doing. I can tell you I was not impressed with how the top loader closed, was not very smooth for such an expensive unit. 
Speakers under $50k that rival $200k+ speakers?
I've heard and lusted after Sanders 10e speakers (only 12k including room correction). Only other speaker I'd consider is the Avant-garde Mezzo's at 70k. Nice to dream. 
spatial audio m3 or tekton perfect set
Recently at Axpona heard the Spatial Audio speakers and to be honest they did not impress. (Did not hear Zu speakers). BUT did listen to the Tri-Art Audio open baffle speakers which to my ears were one of best of show.