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DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
@ddafoe you stated you had the Bricasti M3 did you find it lean? I'm using a M1 and it's anything but lean. Just curious.  
External phono stage for Luxman 509x
Sorry saying DON'T do a JC3+ nothing special IMO. Now a Gold Note PH-10 sounds great and VERY versatile.  
Paid for UPS shipping and the package was immediately sent to the US Post Office.
Go immediately back to that UPS store and get an explanation and your $$$ back for the difference. Then fike a claim with the BBB  
External phono stage for Luxman 509x
JC3+ no way.   
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Yup every time viber6 posts here I never even read them anymore just skip over. Sad they take so much room  even after so many ask him to stop posting  
Smart buying buying a preamp with tubes anot avail except as made by preamp manuf?
@emergingsoul please cut to the chase and tell all who's the manufacturer and what tube.  
ASR Emmiter battery unit
Maybe just try it and listen  
TTW Audio (TTWeights)
+1 @mulveling  +1@stereo5  
TTW Audio (TTWeights)
Bought one of TTW tables many yrs ago thru my dealer. Had many issues that dealer tried his best to help resolve but dealer had much difficulty with TTW. Turntable sits in boxes.   
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Second Kharma   
Best streamers WITHOUT a DAC
@verdantaudio wouldn't the OP just need the Bricasti M5 for what he is asking about? Why the Antipodes S40? Just curious.  
Selling on Audiogon
Not a tax accountant but I would suspect if you keep good records and can show what you initially paid including taxes then you would just that initial amt from the current selling price and owe the IRS only based on the difference. Still don't ag... 
After this joke of a thread "Prima Luma fires back against Raven" I'd NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a PL anything!  
Lyra Delos or Hana ML
Yes mr_m systems and ones preferences are highly different.  
Lyra Delos or Hana ML
Listened to Hana vs SoundSmith Zephyr and no contest SoundSmith was clearly better. Haven't heard Delos in a very long time.