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Joseph Audio: Perspectives and Pearls
Makes no sense why Mr Joseph would add 2 sets of binding posts if it makes no difference. It's an added expense for the manufacturer and a larger expense for the customer.   
Joseph Audio: Perspectives and Pearls
@prof it's been almost 5 days since you unpacked your updated Prospectives so what's the verdict?   
Warm and accurate bookshelves that can handle volume
@akg_ca Harbeths really? Yes they are fine sounding BUT turn up the vol and they fall apart, at least in my experience. Local dealer sell them so have heard them many times.   
phono preamp?
Had a JC3+ awhile back found it noisy.....sold it fairly quickly and no regrets  
Marten Parker Quintet and the Marten Parker Trio Diamond version...if you could choose ?
I had enquired about the Marten Parker Duo's many months back but never heard back from anyone.....this after 4 or 5 emails. How do these companies stay in business?   
Anyone know anything about Deal Home Audio in Batam, Indonesia? Real or fake?
Scam scam run run  
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
Yeah if YOU really think that you will be able to tell how these speakers will sound in YOUR room via  YouTube video then best to you. Tell us all how this works out    
Buyer anxiety
Luckily you didn't fall for the scam  
analog upgrade suggestions needed
Soundsmith cartridges are wonderful I've heard the Paula 2 but opted for the Sussurro mk II. Yes seeing them offered for around 15% off now.   
New Cartridge
2.4 is really not that low IMHO. Usually a low output cartridge is around 0.6 or lower. But enjoy your new cartridge.  
Buying Equipment Based on Philosophy???
Nope only go on what it sounds like. Although all mentioned designers are 1st rate but have heard/owned a Parasound JC3 and 3+ and not for me.   
Anyone with experience mating a Kuzma 4Point 9 tonearm to a SME 15 turntable ?
I'm in agreement with @dover the Stabi R with a 4point9 is awesome it will be my next setup. Have heard it many times at my local dealer and so very close to the 4POINT 11" BUT and if you ever have a chance you should hear the new Safir arm by Kuz... 
Convincing your local dealer to let you try speakers at home
@lonemountain curious if companies did home demos then why need a dealer network? Are you suggesting a company that is located in CA ship a speaker to someone in FL then fly out to do the setup? I would imagine this type of scenario would raise th... 
What is the best way to clean Vinyl?
Agree US do a great job at cleaning BUT are a PITA to use. Bought a Kirmuss but after a short time it sat unused. Sold it and bought a Keith Monks and have been very happy    
Wilson to Tekton to ????
I've heard the Tekton's and they were ok, very dynamic but didn't do micro dynamics well. Hated the looks, showed my wife who told me if they ever came into our home she would be sure to use one as my coffin!