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Furutech 's Project V1 Power Cord.....question.
Dealer brought one of these Furutech V1 cords to my home just to hear (told him I could not afford) but just a wow experience. Bass was tighter and fuller with a blacker background. Heard even more detail throughout most songs. Wonderful experience.  
Turntable setup NYC area
What table/cartridge did you buy?  
Back to the DAC
@jmeyers the M21 would be my end game DAC. Currently own the M3 and it's perfect for me but if I had the funds I'd get the M21. I've tried different ac cords so do experiment they will improve the M21 just make sure the M21 has some hours on it. A... 
Back to the DAC
1st serial number is on back of M3 so no need to plug in. Firmware has to be powered to see version.  
Audiogon Seller Communication
Sounds like a big red flag. I'd cancel the transaction and get your funds returned ASAP.  
Marantz SA10 sacd player
@audphile1 ​It’s not very hard to beat the SA-10 sonically.  I'm assuming​​​​​​ you have compared other options to the SA-10? Please elaborate.  
Klaudio KD-CLN-LP200 Owners
I've seen one in action NOT normal.   
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
Love my Bricasti M3. Wish I could afford their M21.  
40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem
@pani try and have a listen to the new Airtight ATM-1 2024 model. Heard it over the the weekend at Axpona driving some Franco Serblin speakers that I found very enjoyable. Lovely sound with good bass control and very open and transparent sound. We... 
Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
Alta Audio Alyssa ($5K)—a stand mount speaker, ... These are speakers one needs to hear to understand.  I heard them there and they did nothing for me. Yes YMMV  
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! No Eric shot himself in BOTH feet! Sad but I predict Tekton will be no more by years end. 😔   Hope he can survive.  
Meeting up with members even where there is no sale
I'm an old man with white hair. It's like where's Waldo!   
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
+1 @roadcykler   
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
Wow if this is true regarding Tekton threatening legal action about a bad review well that just is low. Tekton is off my to hear list at Axpona.   
PayPal, Zele, Venmo - Which is preferred For Selling on Audiogon
Either Zelle or Venmo. There are no fees with either