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Solid State Preamp Under $8000
@teeshot nice comparison and glad you like the Christine. I'm very close to pulling the plug on one myself that's listed on the Asylum but have to sell something first.  
Sonus Faber peeling leather
+1 @elizabeth 
A21 vs McCormack?
McCormack for sure.  
RMAF 2019 PS Audio AN3 loudspeaker
I would hope they tweaked them after Axpona. When heard then they did NOTHING for involvement. Imagining was poor, tonally way off. Hope they have changed drastically. 
Phono stage for my system?
Yes no clear choice but I'll 3rd the Gold Note PH10. So very versatile as others have pointed out. 
Turntable/Tonearm choices
Just my 2cents I’d go with anything Kuzma. Love mine and several friends use different Kuzma’s and we all love them.  
Another fallacy about speakers
Seems the title of this post should have been Another fallacy of @kenjit 
Impact of phase inversion by preamp
The Wood Effect. Looks like only used copies available 
Impact of phase inversion by preamp
25 or 30 years ago Clark Johnson wrote about polarity in a book titled THE WOOD EFFECT.If I recall it had listed many LPs and what polarity they were recorded in. This came out before CDs. 
Does Goldnote have any US online dealers?
I bought a P1000 pre and the PH10 from Sounds Of Silence. (NH) Sometimes they have stock but if not they get items in fairly quickly from my experience. 
Bricasti M1 owners- a question-
@hgeifman which dac do you like better the sigma delta or ladder and why? 
Bricasti M1 owners- a question-
Thanks @hgeifman did you have a chance to compare the M21 to the M12? 
Bricasti M1 owners- a question-
@hgeifman can you say what the sonic difference is from your M1SE to the M21? 
Phono Pre Advice
Another vote for the GN & PS combo. It’s just so versatile and if you ever get a second tonearm you’d be all set. 
Audiomica Labs. Some Callisto Reference some Consequence series.