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Acora speakers at Axpona
Still looking for actual people who use these speakers and in what size rooms and with what equipment. Anyone?  
Axpona 2022
@fuzztone agree as I said previously in this thread they didn't do anything to impress so hard to tell what the new Atmasphere class d amps are about  
Axpona 2022
I heard them but room was small and speakers didn't do anything for me YMMV  
Is a separate phono pre really necessary?
For 2k the Gold Note PH-10 is an amazing, very flexible phono pre. Should work with almost any cartridge MM or MC because of its flexibility. Do a search you will find over a dozen reviews online. Sound wise I love it!  
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@daveyf spot on!  
OCD audio guy naming shady Audiogon dealers by name
@fittebd +2 when was the last time this dud showered? Or got a haircut?   
Question Regarding New Item Damaged in Shipping
Lots of good questions have been asked but no response from the OP! Hello @gthirteen   
Question Regarding New Item Damaged in Shipping
@deludedaudiophile really a sales contract regarding shipping? Over 35 years of having equipment shipped to me and me shipming to others I've NEVER had a separate contract just for shipping unless taking out extra insurance from fedex or ups which... 
Question Regarding New Item Damaged in Shipping
I'm assuming you pd close to full msrp so make sure your dealer covers all shipping back to manufacture. Also make sure you get a NIB mono returned which is what you pd for! If not let us know the dealer. I'm sure we can change his tune.  
Tubes becoming hard to get?
25% price increase at upscale Another company taking advantage of the situation  
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
I had the Audioquest outlets and yes good but then replaced with Furutech GTX NCF outlets and while it took 2-3:weeks to break-in the Furutech are simply superior IMO.  
SME Spindle Oil - Where To Buy
SME has made a policy that they sell parts directly to consumers. You can order directly from SME by calling their office at 011-44-1903-814-321. It's this that I would never consider a SME table  
Every day I see another turntable recommendation...
@pindac can I ask where are you located?  
Every day I see another turntable recommendation...
@laoman @pindac Kuzna tables are wonderful! I've been using the Stabi S for a while and it's a great performer only thing is that it requires a solid, sturdy support. I've recently listened to the Stabi R which is in another league sound wise. Bet... 
Any good video sites out there?
I agree with you @mahgister but still I feel that the original post that was removed was wrong for being taken down. The OP only stated facts no untruths yes just maybe in a mocking way but it was clever and it did make a point. It was too bad som...