What's been your turntable ownership over the years?

Dual 1225
B&O RX with MMC5 cartridge
Denon DP-59L 
Rega Planar 3
Kenwood KD5070
Harman Kardon T45
Thorens TD-125 mk II w/Rega RB303 arm
Pro-ject Debut Carbon
Marantz TT 15s1
VPI Traveler
VPI Scout (this one stays!) 
AR, Thorens and the usual suspects for DD
Much fun over the years 🤔

1980-1983: Garrard SP-25/Shure
1983-1990: Ariston RD-40/Linn Basik LVV/Nagoka MP-11
1990-1996: Michell Gyrodec/Rega RB-300/Lyra Lydian
1997-2008: Michell Orbe/SME-IV/Lyra Atlas
2008-2016: EAR DiscMaster/TriPlanar/VII/AirTight PC1/SME-IV/Lyra Dorian Mono
2016-date: EAR DIscMaster/Durand Kairos/Acoustical Systems Palladian/Durand Talea/Miyajima Zero Mono
Technics SL1100
Rega 3
Linn Basik
Nottingham Analogue Mentor
     upgrade to Dais standard / TransFi Terminator / Miyajima Zero
DIY aerospace air bearing, panzerholst plinth, cast iron - graphite platter /
     TransFi Terminator / Koetsu Rosewood Platinum with diamond cantilever

Technics - direct drive
Dual 1215
VPI Scout
I had some type of Garrard turntable, tube amp integrated back in early mid  70's.

Some sort of CEC Japanese turntable

Pioneer  pl 10

My father bought me a Pioneer pl  512 for Xmas in 1978.

Sony psx55

Dual CS5000

Well Tempered Record Player

Highly modded Thorens TD 166

2 Highly modded Thorens TD  150's

Highly modded Thorens TD 850

Highly modded VPI HW 19 mkiii

A few more that I forgot.

Just remembered AT ES1 the table...highly modded.
Gosh, back in the days (70s and 80s) I can only remember brands--couple of Sonys (including one where the plinth/platter/arrm were in a motorized drawer, BIC, Kenwood.  

When I got serious about vinyl (late 90s), this has been the lineup:

ProJect (can't recall the model but it was in their early years and was a sprung design).

Wilson-Benesch Circle w/ACT 0.5 Arm

Currently, an Avid Volvere to SME IV, Dynavector 20x2L and Avid Pellar.
1981 - bought Rega planar II

Over the years I applied one tweak after another

Now I have this...

The only original part still left is the cover

Wouldn’t trade it for the world - it is superb :-)

I also would NOT repeat that same "exercise" if I had the time over again...

- I’d buy a VPI

Or maybe one of those cute little tables from U-Turn - very nice


Lenco in the 70's, 
transcriptor hydraulic reference,
music hall mm-7,
current is a Hanss T-60 with VPI 3D tonearm

Inexpensive Technics (college)
Harmon Kardon (?)
CJ Walker 55 w/Lustre GST-801 tonearm
Linn Axis w/Basik Plus tonearm
Project Carbon DC Esprit SB w/ Ortofon Red 

You seem to like Durand arms. Would you care to say what you like best about them?

WOW....I would say  Pioneer, Yamaha, Sony, Denon, B&O, Thornes back in the Seventies. Fast forward to 2011 (when I started spinning again) and Ive been through a Rega P3/24 (groovetracer reference upgrades) A re wired (morrow audio) Thornes TD160, a Project Xtension 10. My last table is now and will be with me forever.....A JA Michell Gyro SE w/Gen 3 Techno arm and Dynavector 20x2L. So after everything, I stayed with a classic 80’s design. it was a enjoyable progression for sure. And quite a learning experience.
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1979 - Linn LP12 ( sold stereo in 1985 to pay for college expenses )
2005 - VP! 19Jr.
2007 - Nottingham Spacedeck
2009 - Nottingham Spacedeck heavy kit, Wave mechanic and custom SRA base added as well as Benz SLR Gullwing cart. 
2013 - Sold entire collection of LP's and all analog gear as tired of the shear amount of stuff I had. Continuing to downsize but now only digital with MSB Analog DAC, Transport direct into amp. 

All said and done, LP's on a great well set up turntable and cart are really the best sounding, but at a cost of stuff. 
This is just off of the top of my head - I am pretty sure I have had other tables over the years.

1986 - vintage Audio Technica (inherited from my father)
1988 - JVC direct drive (high school table)
1998 - Oracle Delphi Mk II plus various upgrades (first real high end table)
1999 - Goldmund Studio (still a great table)
2000 - Verdier La Platine (finicky, but magical)
2008 - SME 20/a (bullet proof and high resolution)
2014 - SME 30/2 (best I've owned)

I like this Goldmund/Verdier/SME sequence. Where would you go to next?
For me it's been Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm for the last seven years. Some junk before that. I will never sell the Spacedeck even if one day I upgrade it. I could give it away to someone special though, theoretically speaking. But any real upgrade would put me in $10k category, so not going to happen any time soon, that's for sure.
1970-ish AR Turntable
1973-Technics SP-10
1980s- Well Tempered, heavily tweaked
1990s- sorry, too busy
2005  Kuzma Reference/Triplanar
2006- to date Kuzma XL/Airline arm

2017- refurbished SP 10, see 1973.
@terry9 what I like about Joel’s tonearms is their design and precision in adjustability. They do take some time to get familiar with and must be mounted with precision (like any tonearm) but once in place are supremely controlled, accurate but also musical across the full frequency spectrum. I previously owned SME and TriPlanar arms and the two Durands easily outperform them, especially in terms of control at frequency extremes. Joel is also a great person, I place high value in being able to deal directly with the designer to help you get the most out of your equipment

I started with a Dual I believe it was a CS 5000 or similar all wood plinth table with rounded edges,

from there it was a series of Oracle Delphi's I think I had 3-4 mk1over the years  and a Mk4 the most resent last year.

 I recently build a Garrard 301 system with a custom plinth and a Jelco 12" arm and a VdH MC10 low out put MC cart and i'm very happy.

You can see pics on my profile

A plastic Gerard changer;
Technics SL-3300
Benjamin linear tracking Beocard
Dual CD5005
Rega P3
VPI TNT Jr (still have, heavily modded, SME Arm)
1971-1975:  BSR 310 and Shure M
1975-1977:  BIC 980 and Grace F8E
1977-1980:  B&O Beogram 2402 and MM10
June 1980:  Sansui PD31 and Empire
1980-1981:  Revox B790 and Empire
1981-1985:  Rega Planar 2 and Ortofon OM10, then Dynavector 23 Ruby
1985-now:  Sota Sapphire, Magnepan Unitrac and DV 23 MR, upgraded to Graham Phantom Supreme and DV XX2 Mk II.

1969-1975--AR tt

1980-1990--B&O Linear Tracker

1994-1997--VPI TNT MkII--Graham 1.5t

1998-2001--Basis 2500--Graham 2.0

2001-2002--Rockport Sirius II

2002-2011--Rockport Sirius III

2008-2009--Grand Prix Audio Monaco


Dobbins Technics SP-10 Mk2

Dobbins Technics SP-10 Mk3

Dobbins Garrard 301

2010-2011--Dobbins The Beat

2013--2015--EMT 948

2011-present--Wave Kinetics NVS

lots of arms and cartridges over the years (Triplaner, Reed (3), Dynavector, Schroeder and Durand (2 besides the Telos) come to mind), my current arms are two Durand Telos tone arms; one a standard 12" Telos with composite arm wand, and the other is the 12" Telos Sapphire. my current cartridges are the Ortofon Anna MC, the Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement, and the Miyajima Labs Premium Be Mono.

Started out with a Dual don't remember which one.
Thornes TD 165
J A Michell Focus One
J A Michell Gyro Dec lost in devorce
Rega RP3

I've been listening to the same Technics SL2000 since 1978.  Been thru a few cartridges though.

The ones I recall from around '86 to present:

Sota Sapphire/Sumiko FT3

Mapleknoll Athena

Sota Star Sapphire/Eminent Tech ET-2 > Well Tempered arm

Sota Cosmos/SME IV

Versa Dynamics 1.0

Oracle Delphi II/Well Tempered arm

Well tempered Classic (table & arm)

Linn LP12/Lingo/Ekos

Systemdek IIX/Well Tempered arm

Well Tempered Record Player (entry level model)

Roksan Xerxes/Artemis

Linn LP12/Valhalla/Ittok

Rega P9/RB1000

Townshend Rock 7/RB300

VPI Classic II

VPI TNT Mk V w/ JWM 10.5 > Graham 2.2 > Graham Phantom

Immedia RPM2

Oracle Delphi Mk V/ Triplanar Mk VI

Versa Dynamics 2.0

VPI HW19 Mk IV (TNT Mk V platter) w/ Rockport 6000 'arm

2007: SOTA Star Sapphire III w/ Fidelity Research FR64fx
2013: Clearaudio Innovation w/ Graham Phantom Supreme
Soon (few weeks max): Clearaudio Innovation Master

Thank god I went for that SOTA instead of a new Pro-Ject in the 1.2K range at the time (whatever the all acrylic one was).
Thanks very much for the note. Much of what you value in the Durand, I find that I value in my more humble TransFi: adjustability and dedication of the owner. Of course, in jewel-box workmanship, there is absolutely no contest.

I find that as little as 10 minutes of azimuth arc can strongly affect sound, and the TransFi will allow about 5, maybe 4. How about the Durand? It would be wonderful to be able to do that on-the-fly.
@terry9 agree with you entirely on Azimuth -- check here (http://www.durand-tonearms.com/Support/Support/azimuth.html) for lots of advice on how to set it. Anyway all Durand tonearms feature precise mechanisms for adjusting azimuth on the fly. In the original Talea via the influence of two magnets pulling on either side of the arm -- this complex system was simplified in the Kairos to an outrigger type arrangement with adjustable weight to ensure minimal contact, the whole outrigger platform is then raised or lowered to adjust azimuth which works a treat.
Dual table with, I think, a number two slide in cartridge in the 1980s.
By about 1990 bought a Rega Panar 2. Nagoka MP-11 boron cartridge. Had the opportunity to upgrade so I bought a lRega Planar 3 with a Rega Exact cartridge. The yellow one.
Then went to a 25th anniversary Linn LP12 so I guess that was about 17 years ago. Lingo, Ekos. I use the exact at first then a Benz Ruby then an Akiva cartridge.
I recently did that core upgrade which was pretty good and the radical upgrade which was awesome. And I'm using a Lyra Skala cartridge now. I don't know how long will this stuff will last but I'm pretty well done. I love the sound of this.

Garrard SL55

Acoustic Research (original)

Thorens TD-125 Mk.II with SME Series 2 Improved arm

Thorens TD-150

Technics SL 1500

Acoustic Research (original) modified to accept Mayware Formula 4 arm

VPI HW-19 (original) with Rega RB300 arm

VPI HW-19 (original but with Mk.2 platter) with Well-Tempered Labs Black arm with Lary Pederson mod

Townshend Audio Rock Elite wth Rega RB300

Townshend Audio Rock Elite with Zeta arm

VPI HW-19 Mk.2 (acrylic plinth) with Helius Omega arm

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Cool thread!

Early high school age:  My father's old idler wheel Rek-O-Kut built into a cabinet, with Audax arm and GE mono cart.

1976 - Technics entry level manual belt drive 'table with Stanton 500E cart.

1984 - one year out of college, big purchase for me then (I was not going to re-buy all my LPs as CDs, and I figured turntables would soon dissapear - ;-), a Thorens TD-166MkII with a second arm wand.  Still own & use it today, but was modded in 2010 (new footers, damping, and leads), with Ortofon OM-30 Super and Denon DL-160 carts.

BSR McDonald

Technics SL-B2/stock

Music Hall MMF2.1/stock

Thorens TD 240-2/stock

Thorens TD 160 Super (VN refurbish)/SME M2-9R/Clearaudio Maestro V2
Saburo- Very interesting evolution there. I would be especially interested to hear about Oracle, Linn, and Immedia RPM. Anyway, here's mine:
Basis 2000/Graham 2.0
Basis 2001/Graham 2.0
Basis 2500/Graham 2.2
Basis 2500/ Went to Basis Vector III
WTL Amadeus
WTL Amadeus GTA  2014-Present
WTL Amadeus (yes- my 2nd time around) new purchase
1968  Garrard - don't remember model, but it was their entry level
1971  Dual 1219 - still going strong today
1988 Linn LP12 - first foray into "high end" TT
2014 Vinyl Nirvana (refurbished Thorens 150 with "extras")  surprisingly good TT
2016  VPI Prime - my last table

I started with ''the best ever'' LP 12 and used with the wrong tonearm

(FR-64 S) for about 10 years. Then moved to P.Lurnes Audiomeca

J1 which was a kind of ''liberation'' from kneeling under the LP 12

for spring adjustments. Then got a  ''better Audiomeca'' namely

Kuzma Stabi Reference and added SP 10, mk2 as participant

in the DD contra-revolution. So in comparison with my carts

collection  very modest TT 's number.

My TT changes also have been very modest, 7 in 30+ years; electronics and speakers get changed most often and average out to be once a season or so if you count all the changes made.
1977-1985 Kenwood KD1033
1985 - 1991 Thorens TD166 Mk IV
1991-1998 Rega Planar 3
1998 - present Linn LP12

I also had other tables I’ve owned for brief periods of time just for fun- AR XA, Philips 312, Luxman ??, Pioneer PL115D, Onkyo ?
Marantz TT 15,  Rega RP6,  VPI Classic Signature,  Technics SL 1200 mk2. 
Thorens TD125
SOTA Star Sapphire III with vacuum
Nottingham Analog Hyperspace
Technics SP10 Mk2
Denon DP80
Lenco L75
Kenwood L07D
Technics SP10 Mk3
Victor TT101

This is very rough chronological order since 1970.  The last 5 on the list are still in my possession, up and running.  None of them is bone stock (especially my very highly modified Lenco) in terms of plinths or accessories.  Lenco, Victor, Kenwood, and Mk3 in play most often.

As you might guess, until the turn of this century, I was pretty faithful to one turntable or another for long periods of time.  The internet has ruined me.

Main system
1980-1990 Ariston RD40
1993-2002 Oracle Delphi mk3
2002-present Nakamichi TX-1000 (highly tweaked up)
2017- present Techdas Air Force 3

2nd System from 2002- present
Sota Sapphire
VPI HW mk3
VPI HW mk4
Oracle Delphi mk5
Denon DP75
Technics SP10mk2
Technics SL1200mk5 (upgraded to the nth degree)
Denon DP80
Thorens TD124 (fully restored)
TW-Acustic Raven one
Garrard 301

The last 6 turntables listed above are still in my second system. The Garrard 301 waiting to be properly restored. Many other tables not listed here have come and gone in my second system and forgotten. Have many arms and cartridges to play with.

In chronological order:

1971-75 AR XA*
75-77 Philips GA212
77-82 Connoisseur BD-1 with Grace G707 tonearm*
82-present Dual CS5000*
2015 Pro-Ject Carbon DC

current (* still own an AR XA and BD-1/707 as well as the CS5000)
Vinyl Nirvana-modified Thorens TD160 Super reproduction with SME M2-9 tonearm
Technics SL1200 MKII with SME Type 2 Improved tonearm
Dual 1219 rebuilt by FixMyDual
Thorens TD160 Super with SME M2-9 tonearm
Dual 505-2
Technics SL-220
Thorens TD190


Pioneer belt drive with shure m91ed
Technics sl11
Started reading stereophile
Thorens td166 dynavector cartridge
AR turntable
Linn lp12
VPI prime scout (wow) with koetsu cartridge 
@fjn04 no evolution here I skipped around a lot. I love turntables/vinyl! and have 2-3 'tables setup at any given time. Nothing to add re Oracles and Linns that hasn't been written about, both are capable of delivering the goods. I'm a huge admirer of Allen Perkins' 'tables I owned two RPM2 set ups, they were fabulous sounding and a easy to set up, his jig for cartridge alignment is ingenious