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Excellent Speakers for Classical Music - $2,000 USD Budget
Also, where do you live? Do you have a reputable Hifi dealer by you? Have you gone out and listened/ demoe’d anything? That is half the fun!!! If you have the ability, get out there and listen. 
Excellent Speakers for Classical Music - $2,000 USD Budget
There are literally hundreds of speakers in the very competitive $2k price range market. Some of my favorites are: Vandersteen 1ci, Ohm Walsh Tall 1000, Magnepan 1.7i, and Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary.  But with you saying, "I like a nice de... 
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" MFSL vs Classic Records
I heard enough of a discernable difference to go out and buy the MFSL version after hearing this comparison. Wonderful pressing.   
SS Budget "Tone" Integrated Amplifiers
I have also heard good music come from the Rogue Sphinx. I believe I heard them with the Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary speakers. Nice pairing.  
Benchmark / Anthem / Rogue
Hi Jim,I demo'ed the Rogue RP1 and thought it was just ok. Nothing offensive, just not great. The Quicksilver line stage that I demoed at the same time was more to my liking. I have no experience with the RP 5. I owned the Anthem STR integrated an... 
SS Budget "Tone" Integrated Amplifiers
+3 Belles Aria 
Request for a recommendation on a small footprint floor standing speaker
OP,I love your original suggestion of the Ohm Walsh tall 1000's. They are a fun little speaker! I always look for them but they never come up in the used market. Have fun!Joe 
An Objective Review of the Tekton Double Impact Speakers
What the OP is probably going to realize is that he will probably not get the $3,000 he is asking, more like $2,300 - $2,500. So it will most likely be a wash between selling and eating the shipping costs sending them back. Sending them back is a ... 
Anyone's tried repairing/upgrading original Vandersteen 1 speakers?
I'm running Vandy 1ci's with Belles Aria monoblocks and preamp and they sound ridiculously good. The fact that I paid $400 for them makes them all the more sweet. The 1's when setup correctly will reward you when paired with good sources and upstr... 
Considering the Parasound A23+ amplifier
Take this opinion for what it’s worth. I’ve A/B’d the Halo Hint 6 integrated against the Rogue Pharoah and Cronus Magnum amps. The Rogue stuff embarrassed the Parasound gear. I also purchased purchased the A21+ and P6 amp and preamp combo. The P6 ... 
The Belles Aria Signature Integrated Amplifier
@jjss49 I've had the Aria integrated for a few years now. Your description is spot on.  
Ready, set, comment! Speaker cables don’t make a difference?
I used to not believe in speaker cables making a difference and now I’m not so sure. I was hanging out at Audio Connection on Saturday listening to tunes. Someone swapped out I believe Audioquest Rocket (?) for Robin Hood series cables and the dif... 
Options for integrateds for Ohm Walsh Tall 2000s?
I also demo'd the 1000's at the Ohm factory in Brooklyn. They were using VERY modest gear to drive them. Although, they're only 88db efficient I don't think they present a difficult load to the amp.  
Options for integrateds for Ohm Walsh Tall 2000s?
Nice choice of speakers and great little write up. If you can snag any Belles amp around $1500 I would jump on it. I also like the Unison Research Unico which will give you a little tube warmth. I've heard the Rogue Sphinx drive a pair of the Whar... 
Full circle and thinking about speakers
I've been in this hobby for a few years and here's a few things I've learned that may help you.- You can only get so far asking people for speaker (audio) recommendations, even if you state your listening preferences. Only you will know what you w...