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Responses from cerrot

Who has tried "TIDAL" vs other streaming applications?
I have an Aurender N-10/Esoteric K-03 and both Tidal and Qobuz and its just super convenient and excellent sounding.  You have to get away from PCs. Routers and all that stuff doesn't matter any more with a one box streamer solution.  You still ne... 
Who is using their DAC as a preamp?
I played around w/o a [preamp for a while (Esoteric K03) but when I added a preamp, my life changed.  You really need a good preamp to have incredible midrange, depth and texture, resolution, etc.  Try it.  Game Changes.  I started with an Ayre (s... 
Separates or Integrated? What makes more sense?
I have always preferred separates. My dream since a kid and fortunate enough to have a Jeff Rowland Criterion preamp and Sanders MagTech amps. To me, I have one of the ebst pre amps and amps available and I do not believe one manufacture who makes... 
I just joined closed beta this week.  Looking forward to canceling my relationship with Jay Z.  Qobuz hires blows away my standard tidal.  I’m running tidal and Qobuz through aurender n10.  
Does a ripped cd onto a digital format sound better than the cd played on the cdp
It can sound better and I my system, my aurender sounds a tad better than cd on my K-03.  Music from ram sounds better than a laser tracking a disc. 
Electrostatic Speakers
The best stats on the planet are made by Roger Sanders. 
HEY! I'm gonna' be a billionaire
Liability issues? 
Windows XP or Windows 7?
Computer audio - lets stop calling it this soon as most of us will actually have real music servers instead of trying to juggle PC, operating system, crappy usb interface, burning software, tidal incorporation and a bunch of other things which are... 
Syncro-Mesh, Dynaco power supply combo+ digital cable
The synchro mesh is not bit perfect so, yes, it would degrade the sound. 
Aurender N10 and audiophile network devices
Not sure what your issue is.  What preamp are you using?  Maybe a setting is off.  I have the Esoteric K-03 and Aurender N10 and the N10 does sound better than the CDP so I know it is capable of besting your CDP.   
Ready to move onto next stage of streaming
I just went from my PC with ESI Soundcard (for hi res/ripped redbook) and squeezebox (for tidal) to an Aurender N10 and the sound improvement is amazing.  It now beats my cd player (Esoteric K03).  The conductor interface is wonderful as well.  Mu... 
How do you move HEAVY speakers with sharp spikes without lifting?
Invest in a motorcycle jack. 
NEEDED!!! Bi Amp Pros out there that can give me some advice
You do need an active, external crossover - and there is not much better. 
Tidal and Squeezebox
I replaced my squeezebox/computer set up with an Aurender N10 and the sound improvement is absolutely amazing.   
Finite Elemente Cerabase vs Symposium Rollerblocks
I believe that hole is if you want to insert the screw footers so you can connect to component.  I have symposium super plus platforms under my speakers and three sets of cera pucs - one set under each amp and another under my phono stage. I do be...