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Transrotor Dark Star
I have the Rodino and its killer. Enjoy! 
two Channel equalizer recommendations
If you have to use one, get a Behringer or a DBX unit. 
Phono Stage, Cartridge, DeGritter...which one first?
The DeGritter is definitely the way to go.  I just upgraded my entire vinyl front end.  This was my order:  Turntable, phono stage, arm, degritter, cartridge.  (JR TRansrotor Rodino, Allnic H-3000, SME 5009, Airtight PC-1 Supreme - totally mind bl... 
two Channel equalizer recommendations
I would not recommend. Graphic equalizers are nothing more than glorified tone controls and just add distortion.  If EQ is truly needed (and it rarely is in 2 channel reproduction other than 250hz & lower where, in my opinion, its a requiremen... 
Best cost no object tube phono
You really have to hear Allnic. 
Remarkably better sound possible with just 1 system component change?
Get a turntable. 
Preamp or not.
I went w/o a preamp for a few years but added one back in (Jeff Rowland Criterion) and won't look back.  Its ALL in the midrange.  I really believe the only way to get that depth of midrange, woodsy tone on the wood winds and reeds, thick gooey gu... 
15 foot RCA cables out of TT with no pre amp?
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
To me its like a porn DVD as opposed to the real thing.  Digital plays music for you; vinyl immerses you in the musical experience.  Digital will give you a 3 d sonic hologram if its set up right but vinyl brings you into that hologram (if its set... 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
If you can’t hear vinyl BLOW away digital, get a better rig.  This isn't even close, guys. We don't buy a turn table that tries to reproduce that digital sound.  They sell digital trying to capture that analogue sound.  Get it?   
Anybody added a full vinyl setup to system? And?
If you have a well set up vinyl rig, there's just no comparison to digital.   
Rega Planar 3 : Heavily upgraded yet produces a sound that I don't like
That cartridge is pure CRAPOLA.  Get a Grado Gold (MM) and listen to how sweet a P3 can sound. 
A deeper more holographic soundstage.
My soundstage increased to where I wanted it upon the following:Upgraded to an incredibly good preamp (Jeff Rowland Criterion); upgraded speaker cables to the best I could afford.  That gave me the depth and then the cables shaped the rear of the ... 
New Synergistic Research Record Mat
It wasn't an improvement after all.  After completing my hours listening (tonearm was adjusted for height of mat) it took some tone out of the woodwinds on classical passages.  Not as quiet as my table without mat and current weight.  Its going ba... 
2021 audio system wish list
I just redid my vinyl rig (replaced moded vpi tnt jr/SME 310/Asthetix Rhea with JR Transrotor Rodino/SME 5012 & Allnic H3000) (huge imporvement) so now looking for an Air Tight cartridge to replace my Clearaudio Strad 2