Responses from cerrot

Best Phono Stage
I went with the Allnic H-3000.  I upgraded from the Rhea.  The Rhea is a bit noisy (tube rush) compared to the Allnic.  The Allnic is dead silent - never heard tubes be so quiet.    
Glare on Choral recordings, classical vocals
Paul, I couldn't help noticing those speakers are on tile floors.  I had an issue on orchestral music which just didn't sound right.  Turned out, I added symposium svelt shelves under my speakers but I didn't take the feet of the speakers off, so ... 
Favorite Preamps without phono section
Jeff Rowland.  Game Changer.  
Stillpoints Aperture 2 Panels
I added 2 panels and they are incredible. The sound like you're moving the walls of your sound room.   My soundstage expanded a few feet left and right; i have more front to back presence as well.    
How long ago did you catch the bug?
I remember walking into Stereo Exchange in the City when I was 14 and being in awe at all of the used gear they used to have in the racks along the front wall.  It was audio nirvana.  Everything you saw an ad about in the magazines was there in re... 
Would my system benefit from cable upgrades?
I do not believe that your combination of speakers/integrated will be revealing enough for you to hear any cable upgrade.  Don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in cables (I run Tara Labs 'The One' throughout) but your speakers and integrated w... 
Bose speaker
Rain Maker  
suspending monitors from the ceiling
We played around with this stuff back in the 70's.  We used a garage door opener to lift them up when we weren't listening.  We thought they sounded good.  (home made speakers by kids with passion and really good tools).  
Musical Fidelity
Just bad for me.  I spent major bucks on their kW SACD player and it just never worked properly.  It went in for service and came back "repaired" and it still couldn't play SACDs.  I will never buy another MF product EVER.  My dealer ended up maki... 
new preamp
Jeff Rowland is a definite preamp to audition. 
Recommended streamers/servers?
I went with an Aurender N10 and never looked back.  Great sound, dead quiet and LOVE IT. 
I had a sibilance issue that was driving me MAD for close to a year.  I had my system sounding excellent (Innersound Eros stats and Innersound amps in those days).  SOUNDED MAGNIFICENT so I decided to make 2 upgrades (at the same time).   The bigg... 
Are Pre-Amps necessary?
An excellent preamp is the heart of a system.  I went preampless for a while (dac direct to amps; berkley alpha dac and others).  NOTHING sounded as good as when I added a Jefff Rowland Criterion preamp.  It gave the wood winds wood wind; it gave ... 
Reel to reel , is it real the hype!
I have 2 decks and enjoy them but be careful.  You are entering a world where tapes cost $400 and up. 
I have an Aurender N10 and I have both Tidal and Qobuz.  the two catalogues do overlap a lot but there is some material that's available on one and not the other.  My hifi theory is that I want access to all of it.