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Vintage ARxb turntable. Refurb or replace
You can always replace the arm If you want, but I must say properly set up that’s an excellent table.  Keep it.I use my 46 year old 1229 everyday.  It’s my favorite component.The AR is likewise excellent. N. 
Dual 1219 / Cartridge
I have been using a Dual 1229 for decades and I personally find it to be one of the best sounding turntables I’ve ever heard.  It is the same table as your 1219 but with strobe.I removed the original damaged tone arm and replaced it with a Grace 7... 
Power Amplifiers
I find myself in a pickle.  Been on a massive sell off fix lately attempting to get back down to one system.  Ha,  I know I know.Anyway, it’s a stereo receiver so I’m not sure it qualifies.  I’ve been reeling in the sensational sounds coming from ... 
Question about Tone Controls + Equalizers
Expansion and compression is done before the tape starts rolling.if it sounds right to you then that is what matters.N.  
Question about Tone Controls + Equalizers
I use tone controls.  Everyone should.  It’s silly not too.  Is your room flat?  No it isn’t which is why tone controls are nice to have.  Also, not all recordings are created equally.  I used to be a studio musician.  Trust me, you have no idea a... 
Class D vs Class AB - Looking for best used budget amplifier for Magnepan MG12
Gdnrbob,I would have to agree.  I also need to correct myself. The Crown XLI 1500 is a class AB amp.  The XLS 1500 is class D.  Clearly I need to up my caffeine intake.With that said, the Crown XLI 1500 class AB amp is a gift at its price point.  ... 
Class D vs Class AB - Looking for best used budget amplifier for Magnepan MG12
Old post but I had to jump in here.  The Crown Pro XLi1500 does not sound like a PA amplifier.  There is nothing harsh or hard sounding about this amp.  I've been using one in a basement system with a marantz 1030 as the preamp and it's not bad at... 
Shindo Labs Amps and Preamps
jperry,Clearly I need to proof read these over before I post.  =)  Also evidence that I need to "up" my caffeine intake.  To be clear;  'I am a FAN of vintage gear'.Thanks for the laugh.Best,Norman 
Mcintosh Meter color help, it's Is it faded, not blue? Is it faded?
Older Mac gear was alway Teal blue/green in color.  I liked it, munch better than the current cobalt blue. 
Shindo Labs Amps and Preamps
Being a van of vintage gear, I would look for a pristine Sansui AU-111 and call it a day. Use the 35,000 you just saved on LPs.  N 
Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?
H/K Citation 16/16a, McIntosh MC-2300 (insane power, smooth, effortless at any load.. any load), Krell KSA-50, class a, very sweet a little bass heavy.  Marantz 15, Sansui BA-5000, Mark Levinson ML-2.There are just too many to list.  Bargain with ... 
Luxman M 4000 Amp
You must have had a lemon.  Those were and are really sweet sounding, and from memory very robust..N 
Citation 19 bridge connections
You’ll need the service manual.  If it’s like my 16a, it’s nothing more than moving one wired pin connector from one post and plugging it into another.  Check hifiengine for the pdf download of the service manual.N. 
Will my Krell drive a 2 ohm load?
Too much for the that particular  Krell.  A McIntosh MC-2300, 2500, or 2600 can drive a two ohm load as they are rated safely to .5 (half ohm).I know, I had the 2300.  There wasn’t anything it couldn’t drive.N 
Ultimate Integrated amps
Sansui AU-111, is magic..