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Why don’t tube amps sound like tubes anymore?
I’m wasn’t  talking about overly warm, slow, tubby sound of vintage designs of yesterday, when I asked the question in the original post. What I said I wasn’t hearing when listening to modern tube designs is the life and breath that tubes are know... 
TriangleArt Electronics
I’ve a friend who’s running all their equipment. Build quality is second to none. Their equipment is very neutral sounding with no emphasis in any one area. I’m only speaking about their tube equipment. 
Audio reviews: too many analogies, never simple, but most of all, never clear.
There are a lot of things that most reviewers miss when evaluating a component.Most critical are how components interact with others down and up stream. Also I find it totally ridiculous when a reviewer gives a component a bad review based on only... 
Audio reviews: too many analogies, never simple, but most of all, never clear.
I’ve learned to just go to the conclusion and take it with a grain of salt. They never give you information that truly matters like: room size, cables, and associated equipment. If they do it’s never clear. 
Pass X150.5 or Odyssey Stratos monos?
I owned Kismet extremes for 3 years. Never really enjoyed them that much. Very smooth sounding but when it came to musicality they never really cut the cake.Besides they’re very quirky amps: Need to be biased to each speaker to sound their best, m... 
Audio Research D400 mk2
Might be time to have those caps replaced before you run into a serious problem.20 years is were you start to see them fail. I actual believe D400 mk2 was discontinued in 96 that would make your unit at least 24 years old. 
Ayre V-1 power amplifier
Maybe it’s burned out. Does it work? 
What are the best speakers in the world?
This is a no brainer all you have to do is put these words in the search column: Tekton double impact and read. By reading their posts you’ll gain insight into the mind of the greatest speaker designer who has ever lived and his greatest invention... 
Tekton Double Impacts
To call me a fool because I have an opinion based on what I’ve read and seen seems to say a lot of the people who feel threatened by my post. As I’ve strolled through various post’s relating to the OP it’s apparent there’s a certain number of memb... 
Loud popping noise with Classe Audio SIX pre-amp in phono MC mode
Sounds like a cap is going bad.  
Odyssey Kismet Reference series.
Yes, Klaus does ask you to measure your voltage and sets the amps to your voltage, but he also sets current bias to your speakers. The range for that is 18-28 millivolts. I owned them for 3 years and glad they’re gone. 
The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance
With cables the real price to performance is based on what you’re willing to pay.Let say you have a $1000. Power cable and you really like it. Most people would say you’re crazy to pay that much for a power cable. For yourself you know to get what... 
Odyssey Kismet Reference series.
Just to add my 2 cents worth, I owned them ( Kismet Extremes) for 3 years. They’re very quirky amps. Need to be biased to each speakers sonic signature. Even when this is done there’s no guarantee they’ll perform at their best. Here’s the kicker, ... 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
Lowtubes, i’ve Been in the hobby for many years and yes removing the grills is quite elementary for any audiophile. My point was to the impact this made to the overall sonic improvements. I’ve owned over 50 hi-end speakers and have probably remove... 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
Focal Maestro 111 have a tweeter grill that’s magnetically attached. It can be easily removed, but I have serious concerns doing this. It seems so fragile and exposed when it’s removed.