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How important is it to match tubes in a preamp?
Yes, it is important to march  left/ right channel with  matched tubes. Different locations can be different brands, or tubes.   
What Is Most Important?
Disappearing act, that a well setup system does. This is most important to me.  
Tube myths
I've read this post many times, and its so revealing of what's happening on social media today. They latch on to a message, and tell its readers what the massage is trying to do, instead of just reading. Always some underlying reason, or conspirac... 
How do I buy tubes?
The reason I started this thread, long ago, was I sold some tubes, that were relevant to this. They were Siemens NOS E188CC's. They were new, unused, but were labelled something else. I used pictures and descriptions, but still the buyer initiated... 
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
Rotel RM301-Empire Gold mmThorens 166MK11- Audio Technica mcOracle Delphi MK111, w/Origin Live  motor and power supply- Koetsu Rosewood mc 
Tube recommendations
  When you say you preamp phonostage uses ecc81/12at7, and ecc83/12ax7, and ecc88/6dj8/6922, is this all the tubes in your preamp, or is this the tubes in the phonostage, with other tubes else where?     Your phono might be only one type of these ... 
RB-250 tonearm installation Systemdek iix
The JA Mitchell mod, the counterweight, for that arm, is the best. It puts that arm in another league. You definitely should try it. 
Tube Amp for Martin Logan Speakers
I used Curcio modded Dynaco MK111's, on the stat panels, and solid state on the woofers, on ML Sequel 11's, with great results. 
6550 Tung Sol
I have listened to them at length, and the bass is not as full, or powerful, as the NOS TungSol's, and the dynamics, are not as good. Overall, they are closer in sonics than any other current production 6550(IMHO). The thing about new production t... 
How to replaced slpped bely on my Oracle mk 111
I had this exact same problem with my oracle, after it came back from oracle. It turned out that the belt was not slipping, but that the set screw on the motor pulley, was not tight, and the pulley was slipping on the motor shaft. 
Good 6550/KT88 tubes
Since TungSol 6550's are about $600-$900 quad, and GEC's $1200-$2000 quad, Svetlana's KT88's are about the best I have heard, for reliability, and sonics. The ones with the wing C logo, are the ones made by the factory in St. Peterburg. The others... 
Best tonearm under $1500.00 low-mid mass
A used Graham 1.5T. Approx. $900-$1200. 
Manley Steelhead Tube Rolling
Tube rolling is the ticket. The manufacturer set the gear up to sound the way they wanted it to, which is not to say it sounds as YOU wish it to. Tube rolling modifies the sonics, to the tastes of the listener, and is easily reversible. 
What tubes for a EAR p834
The Telefunkens would be fantastic, and better yet, they probably would last a lifetime. You could retube 5 times, as opposed to once with the Tele's, which would make the tele's a much better value, and they do sound great. You should be able to ... 
What Causes Tube Noise at Start-up?
Could be a short in the tubes, could be a loose connection in the tube socket, or it even could be metal fatigue, in the tube itself, which doesn't stabilize, till the metal is heated thoroughly. Truthfully, there are so many variables, that if it...