How good is the new Anthem AVM60 ? Ownership feedback

Hi ,

i am just starting my foray into pre -power route for HT. 

My last AV receiver has been the marantz sr-7005 coupled with KEF -KHT 3005SE . The pair did very well until the marantz HDMI gave away 
So I disposed everything and building all over again. 

i got a deal on a lexicon GX-7 power Amp and got a Jamo D600 THX package with the sub incl 
All this in a 3000 Cu ft dedicated room. 

I am on the hunt for a AV processor for pairing the lexicon and jamo 

been hearing a lot about anthem amongst others and shortlisted the new AVM 60 ..and about to take the plunge 

Never heard anthem sound before and my previous experience has Been only with NAD , marantz and other mainstream products. 
I am not keen on marantz SQ at all .. 

Any specific AVM 60 owners feedback on the same and in terms of pairing with about equipment. 

thanks for some advise