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Opinions on Audioengine speakers?
As my great-niece testified to 4 years ago, Audio Engine active speakers combined with an Orbit turntable with built-in preamp totally slayed her Crosley system! What more do you need to know! WOW!  
Pink Floyd’s brand new song
What roxy54 said... Look, Gilmour is a great guy, no phony. He took care of Syd for years, no publicity. That being said, this war is ripe for celebrity feel goodness, regardless of real spiritual character. IMO, Dave is 100 percent fine here...Ro... 
Any good video sites out there?
Ever since the classic, late night talk shows went all partisan politics and ceased being funny in any way, I turned to the YouTube high end audio "experts" for my late night laughs. Steve ........ among many others never cease to crack me up...  
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
No offense to @willgolf . Ted has my several thousand HFT dollars, they work, not sure the value is anywhere equal to the cost. Same with the fuses, QSA was an absolute ripoff at 713.00, Ted’s purple is better, but at the price not any better than... 
Is my power chord going bad?
My power chord is going good...Really good at a budget price.   https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002377652741.html    
How many "mcintosh "dealers does it take to change a light bulb?  
2022 Grammy Award Show?
Looking for must have classical on vinyl recommendations
All good suggestions but @ghdprentice really nails it.  
"What Is Classic Rock?"
Completely subjective, just as it’s always been. In general, give me someone’s high school graduation year and I can easily tell you what their definition of "classic rock" is.  
Do larger planar speakers produce more accurate sound?
All things being equal, yes.  
Best unplugged live
Not exactly. To be honest, and I've listened to most of his stuff beginning with The Yardbirds, the only Clapton record I ever liked was Disraeli Gears, probably helped by the fact that my original pressing just sounds so good. But I respect that ... 
Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....
As I’ve said since the first of the year, The Redditing of The Audiogon forums continues. Terminal Boredom.  
Best unplugged live
Okay, mainly talking about how trendy it became with the grunge bands...the novelty was the contrast between hard noise and soft acoustic. What if the Sex Pistols had done an acoustic version of Never Mind The Bollocks? Same thing. It would've blo... 
Best unplugged live
It got so boring after awhile because everyone felt compelled to do it. And then it just died out like anything else where sheep are following sheep are following sheep. I enjoyed Nirvana when it first aired but let's go with whoever did it first.... 
Let me explain something to you jive turkeys.
I didn't even read the thread but want to thank the OP for the laugh with "jive turkey." A popular expression for a short while but I'm pretty sure the LAST time I heard it uttered was sometime in my college years, nearly 50 years ago. Thanks agai...