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Merlin Battery Bam
Speak to Rich Brkich @ Signature Sound. He's the prevailing expert on all things Merlin. 
Help Upgrading My Phono Chain
Love Rega products in general but have never been a fan of their cartridges. Replace that Elys with a Dynavector 20X2 H or a Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 Ebony. A significant sonic improvement. 
Am I getting old and grumpy?
"As mentioned above it is true that many audiophiles have gone to other websites for buying and selling but still use this website for the forums"Guilty. Although just for laughs, I occasionally hit Browse and peruse the listings. It's frickin'... 
Which is the most important part of a stereo system?
Your Ears. 
Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...
Many people also think "flat response" is best because the term sounds good. Fact is, any significant exposure to real, unamplified live music will tell you there is no correlation between "flat response" and "real." 
Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...
Can I get those with Amazon Prime? Gotta have that free shipping. 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Doe you enjoy your listening to music and your system more with others or alone?
I Doe my listening with a deer, a female deer. 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
I always found the Acoustat Model Sixes to be very nice looking and unobtrusive. Could never understand why a succession of ladies vehemently disagreed. 
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
What a load of crap. 
Can you live with your current speaker until you die?
Your first “high end” system
millercarbon wrote:                                                                               "Right. Its been many years since I read Robert Harley's Complete Guide to High End Audio. But I could swear he says in there that high end is def... 
Your first “high end” system
Acoustat Model 6. VPI Junior with Grado TMZ cartridge. Conrad Johnson PV-7. 2 Adcom 555 Amps. This was around 1988. Currently living out my years in a 10X10 listening room and will never have that quality of sound again. Great memories, though. 
Sandy Gross is retiring.
RIP Albert von Schweikert  March 13, 1945 - May 29, 2020 
Anyone remember Cramolin Red?
I have both the Red & Blue and still use them. Work fine.